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4 B2B Marketing Hurdles – And How to Jump Right Over Them


Today’s post comes courtesy of Sean Callahan , Senior Manager, Content Marketing at LinkedIn. These days, B2B marketers are running hard just to stand still. They must run to stay up on new marketing technologies, and they hustle to stay ahead of their competitors – all the while trying to leap over the new hurdles that stand in their way. 1: Embrace full funnel marketing. 2: Too many marketers overemphasize the bottom of the funnel.

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Content Marketing for Higher Education


Here’s a secret you can take back to the board room, Successful content marketing needs two things: 1) Content. 2) Marketing. Digital marketing is a complex field, but content marketing is really as simple as the name implies – It’s taking what your school does best and developing content around these strengths to cultivate interest in your ideal audience. What is content marketing you say?


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4 Things the Viral Photo of a Crying Doctor Taught Me about Healthcare Content Marketing


And what can we, as healthcare content marketers, learn from it? Content marketers: take notice of this and make sure you’re incorporating empathy into your digital content. Talk to your audience like they’re real people. In healthcare content marketing, empathy is crucial. Without empathy, medical organizations may struggle building a connection with their audiences. Use this to your advantage in your healthcare content marketing.

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Leveraging YouTube as a Manufacturer


Manufacturing, like many other industries, is continuously searching for the best ways to engage its audience. Content Marketing is a popular focus for this reason. It is designed to help companies make content that will not only engage and educate, but also entertain audience members. It was the top listed tactic in this year’s B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report by Content Marketing Institute , with 87% of manufacturers creating them.

Management Consulting Firms: When Does a Prospect Turn Into a Lead?

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That’s natural – these audiences will nonetheless help contribute to your reputation and visibility in the marketplace by sharing or talking about your expert content. The clients of management consulting firms are in the market for solid, actionable advice. Yet many firms take a scattershot approach to marketing. When it comes to your own marketing and lead curating efforts, take your own best advice.

Is Marketing’s Content Dead On Your Desktop or is it a Part of Your Sales Process?


By Megan Tonzi , Director of Marketing, QuotaFactory. We all know that sales and marketing departments haven’t always been the best of friends. Marketing puts in a lot of time and effort to create content for their salespeople to use while selling. However, the content never sees the light of day or an open from a prospect because the salesperson chooses not to send it. How is marketing’s content going to help educate prospects if it cannot be found?

Creating Curiosity Through Personalized Content (It Killed the Cat, Not the Content Marketer)

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Sometimes, content marketers are straightforward. We explain why your mobile content strategy will change because of the ad-block apocalypse. We break down the differences between hosting content on microsites, subdomains, and subfolders. We describe why content marketing is hurting enterprise businesses. These stories are actionable, easy to digest by overworked, content-laden brains, and delivered neatly through personalized content.

How to Find the Perfect Influencer for Your Video Content Strategy

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” Over 60,000 subscribers, 700 videos and 40 million views later, the Ringside Collectibles YouTube channel expanded beyond product showcases to exclusive feature videos, holiday-themed special videos, in-depth Comic-Con coverage, and even weekly episodic content featuring wrestling world celebrities and guest stars, all while being in no way officially affiliated with WWE, Mattel, or Jakks Pacific. A memorable personality will set your content apart and create a trusted voice.

7 Reasons You're Not Getting ROI From Your Content


Content as a marketing strategy is reliable and cost-effective, but only if it generates high-quality leads. To succeed, you must not only create and promote content, but also analyze and optimize the content. If your content marketing results are falling flat, here are 7 reasons why it might be happening and what you can do about it. 1) You Don’t Know Your Content’s ROI. Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO.

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