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Top-10 B2B Marketing Topics of 2010

Everything Technology Marketing

With 2010 coming to an end, it is time for a quick review of the most popular B2B marketing posts on the Everything Technology Marketing blog. The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts (by number of re-tweets) 1 - 5 Steps to B2B Marketing Success (100) 2 - The Brave New World of B2B Marketing - Are You Ready?

The five elements of a perfect blog post

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

“How do I create the perfect blog post?&#. That question by a young student stopped me in my tracks. After all, is there such a thing? I had to dig deep on this question and turned to the qualities of my favorite bloggers to find some common themes.

Internet Trends From The Web 2.0 Summit

B2B Marketing Insider

The 7th Annual Web 2.0 Summit was held on November 15th, 16th and 17th. While I was not able to attend, I was able to view some of the amazing presentations and videos on their website. I suggest you spend the time to watch the videos

12 Social Media Tools for B2B Pre-Event Marketing

delicious b2bmarketing

Customer Success and Marketing Alignment: The Key to Unlocking Customer Advocacy

Most B2B companies say the customer experience is a priority, but their teams are not prepared or coordinated enough to make this a reality.

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FOUND the ROI of Social Media for B2B Marketers!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I think it is fair to say that Social Media has hit the mainstream these days but the big concern on every B2B Marketers mind has been where is the ROI?

WOM 28

Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

Tom Pisello

Interactive Smart Content™ and Dynamic Sales Tools Required to Meet Changing Buyer Needs. Marketing of B2B solutions has clearly become more difficult over the past several years, evident in research from IDC indicating that

2011 B2B Marketing Trends


MarketingSherpa recently released its 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. You can download the executive summary for free (or pay $400 for the full report ).

Event Marketing Works, but ONLY if Vendors Add Value

Smashmouth Marketing

I've recently been on the conference circuit, speaking and tweeting whatever sales and marketing goodness I can find. One topic that came up at each conference was the quality of the content presented by the various speakers. Some sessions were brilliant; some were nothing more than veiled commercials. The key as an attendee is to be able to pull the brilliant content out of the commercials. The key as a presenter is to avoid the commercials and present brilliant content. Simple, right?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Search Engine Optimization: Keys to Higher Rankings | Marketri


An Introduction to Lead Scoring


Lead Scoring for B2B companies can be a very valuable method to ensure that sales people in your organization are spending time with quality sales-ready leads. As potential buyers navigate through their own personal purchase funnels, their level of engagement typically increases as they get closer to their first contact with your sales people.

Five Lessons From the Web 2.0 Summit

Paul Gillin

I had a chance to attend the recent Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco and hear from some of the business leaders of the new Internet, including the CEOs of Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and Twitter. Here are five key insights I took away.

Google and Bing reveal that social influence bumps search engine results

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Last week I authored a post suggesting that social scoring – determining your influence based on numbers of followers and other criteria — may have a growing impact on your personal effectiveness, your career, and how companies treat you as a customer in the future.

7 B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

As B2B marketers, we know that our buyers' needs are ever-evolving, but it's not just our buyers that are changing.

Social Media Helps Us Honor and Share War Stories

Marketing Edge

Time 18:17 No, I don’t mean social media war stories. Sometimes the social media world gets caught up in its own world of GAP logo changes and Old Spice YouTube ads to remember there are wars going. Hitting on a single topic in marketing, social media and business communications. Quick and to the point. Time 18:17 No, I don’t mean social media war stories.

12 Social Media Tools for B2B Pre-Event Marketing

Social Media B2B

Social media has enabled B2B marketers with a wide range of opportunities for promoting their events. Whether it’s a webinar or a multi-day conference, leveraging social media can help event organizers extend an event’s visibility, attendance and pre-event conversations.

What Is a Landing Page and Why Should You Care


If you could do one thing to dramatically improve your marketing ROI today, it would be to use landing pages on your website. What is a landing page? A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead form.

Content Marketing and the Forgotten Sales Professional

Tom Pisello

Each week the Content Marketing Institute poses a new question to help drive content marketing best practices. This weeks question: What other areas of the organization can help build loyalty/buy-in to the content marketing program

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

The Power of Negative Attention

eMarketing Strategist

I’ve been writing a lot of “cautionary tale” blog posts recently. This was not my plan at all but I keep coming across stories I think we can learn a lot from.

Avoid the B-Word (Budget)

Sales Lead Dynamics

Your initial phone call with Ms. Prospect is going well. She has a problem. You’ve convinced her that you can solve it. Now it’s time to see if she is really serious. You ask “What is your budget for this?”. Silence……… Then she says “I don’t have one.”. Prospect is flummoxed. So are you.


Twitter Proven to Impact Search Engine Rankings


Over the past 3 years most of us involved with marketing have heard of Twitter. At the same time businesses have prioritized their adoption of Twitter differently. Some business have made it a core part of their inbound marketing strategy, while others have delayed adoption in favor of other tactics.

6 Skills You Must Learn Today to Write Kick-Butt Copy for Your Website

Content Marketing Today

Why You Don’t Need to be an SEO Pro to Crank Out Great Copy. By Heather Lloyd-Martin. We’re delighted to share this guest post from Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO of who makes great writing look easy. Learn these skills and your website results will kick-butt.

Flip My Funnel - Guide To B2B Account Based Marketing

As modern B2B marketers, we have been lucky enough to witness some of the most dramatic shifts in marketing strategies and technologies.

The Power of Negative Attention

eMarketing Strategist

I’ve been writing a lot of “cautionary tale” blog posts recently. This was not my plan at all but I keep coming across stories I think we can learn a lot from.

10 Ways to Use Facebook as a List Building Tool

Writing on the Web

( Annalaura Brown is guest blogging this week, while Patsi’s on vacation.). Facebook can be a powerful list building tool if you know how to use it properly as such. Here are ten ways you can use FB to build your email list and increase your online business income. Share your blog posts.

The 3 Can’t-Miss Pieces of Any Consulting Case Study

Stories that Sell

In the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz , Dorothy and the group finally arrive at Oz only to learn that the great Wizard is only a man running controls behind a curtain. It’s not any sort of magic afterall.

2011 Virtual Event Predictions

PR Meets Marketing

A few weeks ago, Dennis Shiao of It’s All Virtual queried me on my top predictions for virtual events in 2011. And then this same question appeared on Focus, a

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

Savvy Speaks: How To Choose a Marketing Provider

Savvy B2B Marketing

Before the Thanksgiving holiday, we talked about what we look for in the perfect client. Today's follow up question is: What tips would you give to a B2B brand trying to find the perfect marketing provider. Jamie Tip #1: Google is your friend. Google the candidate's name to see what's out there in the press, blogs, etc. Tip #2: Let social media work for you. You can learn a lot about a person by cruising her Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn profiles. Does she seem knowledgeable?

7 Mistakes Speakers Make with Presentations

Writing on the Web

We’ve often heard the brain can only hold seven things in mind. The brain research behind this is valid, and in everyday life we experience it with 7-digit phone numbers.

More Ways to Connect B2B Sales Team with Social Media

Social Media B2B

With the coverage B2B social media has received in 2010, many salespeople have continued to hear more about social media from customers and trade media, and realized its marketing potential has become more than a passing fad. In a previous post I addressed the gap between B2B social media marketers and the B2B sales teams.