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What Will the Future of Remote Work Mean for B2B Organizations?


Guest post by Dylan Berger. The pandemic sent millions of employees home to work in March of 2020, and in the two years since, remote jobs have become the new normal.

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4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business

Content Marketing Institute

Too often, content marketers set goals that their business leaders don’t care a lot about. Brand awareness, anyone?) Here’s how to speak their language and set goals better connected to the business. Continue reading → Company News

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How to Write the Perfect Page Title for SEO

Marketing Insider Group

What’s in a page title? As it turns out, quite a lot. Your page titles not only tell the world what your page is about, they’re a key factor in whether anyone ever actually visits it. There’s more to page titles, too, than simply writing a perfunctory description about the content on your page.

Lead Generation Automation: Tips + Tools


Are you looking for ways to automate your lead generation processes? If yes, then this article is for you. In this post, We’ll share some valuable tools and techniques that can help you generate leads faster and easier. lead generation automation

Roadblocks to Delivering a Competitive Buying Experience

Why are buyer-facing teams struggling and what can be done about it? Bigtincan teamed up with Heinz Marketing in a recent research study to discover the roadblocks revenue-generating teams encounter in preparing buyer-facing teams for today’s market. Click here to learn what you can do today to prepare!

Be More Effective with Attribution Models AND Performance Management Dashboards

Vision Edge Marketing

Both Marketing Attribution Models and Marketing Performance Management Dashboards visualize important information with the purpose of identifying what is , and isn’t , working and facilitating decisions.

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The 5 Essential Marketing Lessons From The Sharing Economy

Marketing Insider Group

The sharing economy, simply put, is a new economic model based on a peer-to-peer network system. The concept itself is pretty simple: just strangers sharing everyday goods and services with each other on ye olde internet.

Top 6 Crypto Marketing Agencies


Due to stiff competition in the bitcoin market, marketing is an essential component of launching a successful crypto company.

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68% of B2B Marketers Saw Their Budget Rise Between 2021 and 2022

KoMarketing Associates

As B2B marketers expand their list of goals, new research indicates that they are seeing their budgets increase to help them achieve these key objectives.

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6 Essential Elements of a Budding Advocacy Program


Written By: Jeni Asaba May 20, 2022 A few weeks back, I chatted with Influitive’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Cote, about greenhouses — kind of.

7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Growth

As B2B companies pivot to keep pace with a quickly changing marketplace, a data-centric approach to lead generation can be the difference between remaining competitive or being left behind. Get real-world examples and inspiration from leading B2B businesses in this whitepaper.

5 Ways to Adhere to Web Accessibility Guidelines

Marketing Insider Group

Maintaining a strong SEO marketing strategy requires you to be flexible and open to adapting to new best practices that help you provide more value to your audience.

B2B Sales Cycles Require 27 Interactions both Digital and Human [Study]

Sword and the Script

Deals in B2B are increasingly complicated and more likely to be scrutinized by top executives and the finance department. Buyers now exercise more due diligence than ever before, conducting more research and engaging in more conversations with vendors and third parties,” according to Forrester.

Report: Marketers Still See Room for Improvement with Data and Analytics

KoMarketing Associates

Even though data and analytics are continuing to grow in importance to marketers, new research suggests that many still see room for improvement in this area.

How To Choose the Best Distribution Channels for Your Content

Content Marketing Institute

Thoughtful distribution gives your content its best chance of achieving success. But how do you know which channels and platforms to use? Follow this guide to ensure your choices align with your marketing goals and audience needs. Continue reading → Company News

New Ways to Reach, Influence, and Close More Deals with Intent Data

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

7 Best Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You in 2022


Do you want to learn from the best marketing campaigns that are already proven to work? It’s so frustrating to spend lots of time and energy creating a marketing campaign that doesn’t convert.

Best Practices to optimise your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

The Lead Agency

After the lockdowns and the growth of using virtual mediums for interaction, video has taken over our screens and absolutely revolutionised our day-to -day processes.

Key Marketer Takeaways for Workplace Communications Trends in 2022 and Beyond


Enterprises are looking for unified and more secure communications solutions. Know what’s next in the evolution of workplace communications with these key takeaways for marketers. Blogs B2B Marketing workplace communications

How to Stop Selling B2B Tech Widgets and Start Selling Unique Solutions to Problems


If you’re a B2B technology marketer, you probably have a little crush on your products. Of course, it’s not a job requirement to believe in the technology you market. But if you’re not enthused about your solutions, it would be tough to convince a customer about their value.

Do You Have an Immediate Need for Skilled Offshore Staffing?

Using talent from overseas is creating new challenges for managers. Here’s a closer look at common offshoring complications for HR managers and best practices for overcoming them. Download this comprehensive guide, "Overcoming Human Resource Management Challenges in Offshoring Teams," to learn more!

4 Ways To Build A Content Marketing Dashboard


Content Marketing

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Content Optimization: Should I Update an Existing Page, Create New Content or Both?


This three-step content optimization process helps determine whether to update an existing page, create new content, or both. Often, one page isn’t enough. Here's how to determine if that’s the case. Content Optimization

What Programmatic Advertising Can Do for Businesses in 2022


The programmatic advertising industry has experienced a meteoric rise and swift adoption in 2022, becoming the most prominent digital advertising ad display method. At the end of 2021, programmatic ads expenditure reached over $150 billion, constituting about 71% of the entire digital ad spending.

How to Make Customer Experience More Flexible and Versatile

Content Science Review

Learn what a headless content management system is and how it benefits content authors

Connecting the Consultative Experience

Many B2B businesses have come to believe that there is an asymmetric relationship between the company and its buyers. But what research has discovered is that many of today’s B2B buyers are NOT empowered and they have little interest in being so. Download the eBook to find out why.

Avoiding Burnout as a Social Media Manager (With Advice From Our Very Own Social Media Manager)

Buffer Marketing

Social media has seen rapid growth in the past decade and along with it has grown the role of the Social Media Manager. Even though it seems glamorous from the outside, the job can be exhausting.

More Than a Name: 10 Ways Marketers Personalize Emails


At the heart of email marketing’s boom is personalization. More emails mean more competition in the inbox, making it harder for marketers to catch their audience’s attention. One way to stand out? Personalization.

Are You Overselling the Power of Data? [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Content Marketing Institute

Content marketers often oversell the power of data. Then, when you need buy-in for an innovative endeavor, executives want to know what the data says. Think about how to change from a data-driven model to one that allows for new ideas, too. Continue reading → Company News

Three Focus Areas for Outstanding Appointment Setting

Only B2B

If you search for “appointment setting tips” on Google, you’ll receive approximately 3.5 million results! A variety of coaches, gurus, and experts have written pieces about how to enhance your appointment setting talents in 9 ways, 5 ways, 46 ways, and an endless number of ways.

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Management Techniques for Offshore Employees

This whitepaper looks at the changes and challenges that stem from remote hiring and current HR trends that address them. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!

From Rhetoric to Revenue: the Rebirth of Social Media as a B2B Growth Engine


“We’re using social media for brand awareness.”. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re not using social media to drive real revenue to your brand, you’re leaving money on the table. So, how do you use social media to actually earn revenue for B2B?

Experts Share: Why Emails Go to Spam Instead of the Inbox


Email marketing doesn’t end once an email has been written, designed, developed, tested—or even sent. In fact, all that hard work is for nothing if an email never makes its way to the intended recipient.

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5 Tips To Engage Your Overlooked Content Creation Force

Content Marketing Institute

Need to increase your content output? Employee-generated content could be a win-win solution. Use these tips to activate their interest, overcome common objections, and strengthen your supply of engaging stories. Continue reading → Company News