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News Feed Optimization (NFO) is the new SEO!

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One of the big mistakes I often see with companies when they are setting up a Page on Facebook is they spend more time planning “the wedding than they do the marriage” as I like to say.

36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010


It’s hard to overstate the impact of Facebook. Having long ago passed MySpace as the most popular social network, Facebook recently replaced Google as the most-visited website in the U.S. It started 2010 with roughly 350 million users and is now on its way to 600 million.

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Content Marketing with Stories: Better than Facts

Writing on the Web

Good stories are what make a blog interesting and fun to read. More importantly, if you’re trying to influence people to buy into your ideas and ultimately your business, there is evidence that stories work better than facts.

Calculating the ROI of B2B Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation


I’ve written consistently and have spoken on the benefits of b2b lead nurturing and marketing automation with regard to ROI. Since this is a blog post rather than a white paper, you can read my blog archives as well as the NuSpark Marketing website on the power of marketing automation. This post will go into my views on how to measure the ROI of lead nurturing.

The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts.

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12 B2B Marketing/Lead Generation Assessments; Is Your Firm Optimized?


Sometimes it’s good to step back and assess your eMarketing and lead generation strategy and tactics. All of our initial engagements begin with a 12-step lead management assessment. Before recommending any changes to a strategy or tactic, it’s ideal to review our checklists in order to optimize. After we do our assessments, we put together a detailed strategic plan designed to optimize each specific element of your marketing strategy.

Social Sharing Might Get You Sued: Social Media And Copyright Law

Marketing Insider Group

. That’s right, you better watch what you share on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, because you could end up getting into trouble. You could even get sued. And the penalty might be more than a little slap on the wrist.

16 FREE Ideas for Spreading Your News – B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #308


We’ve got some big news coming up in the next few weeks here at ReachForce. So as we’re writing and editing our announcements we’re also putting together a list of places and ways we can get the news out. Here’s a list of 17 ways we came up with to get

Is Social Media Really Living Up to Expectations?

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Over the holidays, I had some time to really dive into the LinkedIn B2B LeadGen Roundtable discussions. One started by Ann Thornley-Brown , President & CEO, Executive Oasis International, Toronto, caught my attention. She started the discussion in August, yet members continue to provide feedback. Ann wanted to know how happy the group was with the lead generation results of their social media campaigns. Are your efforts on LinkedIn and Twitter paying off?” she queried.

Make No Mistake: How Worst-Practices Derail Successful ABM Efforts

This Quick Study Slide Show from Node identifies the common mistakes of ABM executions and offers practical advice to help teams avoid them.

Content Marketing with Stories: Why We Tell Lies…

Writing on the Web

Telling stories is a fundamental part of good content marketing. Stories have so much marketing clout, they make it possible for little businesses to compete with the big guys. Since stories are fundamental to the way our brains work, why don’t we tell more stories? Why doesn’t every piece of online content we write use narrative to give a specific example of real people using our products and services or whatever it is we want to influence?

How To Create Killer Content: Speak To A Customer

Marketing Insider Group

One of my favorite questions when I speak to marketers about social media, content marketing , demand generation or sales alignment is also one of the most frequently asked: I am a small business and cannot afford to pay tons of money to create content. Any advice for small business marketers? I write a lot about social media but we all know it all really comes down to the quality of our content.

Another Estimate of B2B Marketing Automation Revenue

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: Here's a closer look at revenue per employee and marketing automation revenue in general. I get the same answers as before but now have more detail to back it up.

The Yin and Yang of Content Economics

B2B Memes

It has the look of two trends hurtling toward a head-on collision. Content is getting ever cheaper, but to be effective, content has to get ever better. Sooner or later, one of these trends is bound to falter–but which will it be?

Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

B2B buyers are self-guiding their purchase journey, consuming more content along their purchase path and involving more stakeholders in the final decision. Therefore, it is necessary for B2B marketing teams to align to this purchase path and to the buying committees. This is not accomplished by creating more content or sending more communication, the key to success is establishing a conversation with your buyers that engages them in a meaningful dialogue and ultimately converts them to a customer.

Aberdeen Shows How to Do Email Marketing Right

The Effective Marketer

The new research report from Aberdeen Group “Email Marketing: Customers Take it Personally” has some very interesting insights. They talk about how the increase in the number of available marketing channels coupled with the resource

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How to Approach Business Social Media Strategically


A big part of the appeal of social media is its simplicity. Any teenager can set up a Facebook page and start sharing status updates with their friends. Any mom or dad can set one up to share pictures of their kids (and keep tabs on their teenagers).

Why Buyer Experience Matters to Get B2B Buyers to Stick Around

Tony Zambito

Image by racoles via Flickr. Two of the most compelling issues facing B2B marketers today is how to not only reach buyers but how to get buyers engaged. 

How Important is Appending Data in a CRM? – B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #308


How important is appending data in a CRM? If you know the contact and company, does the rest really matter? This question was asked last week on Focus and I shared my thoughts (see below). I wanted to see what The B2B Lead readers thought on appending

7 Common Marketing Mistakes and strategies to avoid them

This white paper addresses the 7 most common challenges marketers hit when marketing products, solutions, or services and offers proven advice on how to avoid these missteps and improve the success of your marketing efforts.

Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher, Act Like an Investor

Industrial Marketing Today

Thriving in today’s content-driven online marketing world, demands that you think like a publisher. That’s the battle cry among content marketers. Just as publishers start by learning everything about their target audience and what information they want, content marketers must realize it is not about them but about their customers.

LinkedIn Tip 6: Responding to "Invitations to Connect" | Marketri


LinkedIn is Facebook With a Tie

Sales Intelligence View

I ran across an interesting quote as I was working on the InsideView guide for Social Selling with LinkedIn. As soon as I heard it, an image popped into my head and I went to Photoshop to create it. The thought that LinkedIn is Facebook with a Tie is a great differentiators between the two [.]. Social Media Tips Social Selling Technology B2B b2b sales customer 2.0 facebook Inbound Marketing linkedin Sales Sales 2.0

Foursquare Launches Business Pages for Small Businesses and Brands


Today, location-based social network Foursquare launched business pages for brick-and-mortar small businesses as well as for large brands who may not have a store-front but want to engage Foursquare's userbase.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

If you are a marketer who needs to generate more high-quality leads that will turn into sales opportunities and revenue, register now for this special event that will show you how to get started and moving in a profitable direction.

“Content Rules” Is a Desktop Reference for Social Marketers

Paul Gillin

My mother used to justify her massive collection of cookbooks by saying that a volume was worth buying if there was just one outstanding recipe in it. By that metric, pages 157-168 of Content Rules are worth the cover price alone. I thought I was pretty savvy about creating content, but authors C.C.

Fail to the Redskins - A Premium Brand Gone Awry | Marketri


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10 tips for Driving Sales Productivity: Tip #1

Sales Intelligence View

During my now 3+ year engagement with InsideView, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with dozens of InsideView customers, explore their business drivers for selecting a sales intelligence solution and discover benefits realized. As I listened to success story after success story from both large and small organizations, trends began to emerge on what is [.]. Sales 2.0 Sales Data Sales Intelligence Social CRM Social Selling B2B b2b sales crm 2.0 customer 2.0

8 Ways to Use the Web to Write Amazing Headlines


If links are the currency of the Web, then headlines set the exchange rate. Headlines influence click-through rates for emails, search engine optimization for website pages, and social sharing and inbound links for blog posts. Yet writing great headlines is hard. I mean really hard.

30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

Trust, support, and transparency: that's what your target buyer really wants. These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win.

Social media writes your biography in real time


Image via Wikipedia. by Aaron Kim. As Twitter and Facebook have come to the front row of the Web in the last few years, a few have hinted that, by posting frequent status updates, in practice people were writing their autobiographies in real time.

More Manufacturers Are Using Videos For Content Marketing

Industrial Marketing Today

According to a new report released by the Content Marketing Institute, manufacturers have some of the highest adoption rates for content marketing tactics as compared to other industries. Videos (48%) are the preferred content format over other digital tactics (podcasts, virtual conferences and e-books) by a wide margin.

CODiE Finalist – Best Content and Solution Categories

Sales Intelligence View

We appreciate making it through the rounds and becoming a finalist for the 2011 CODiE Awards. InsideView is a finalist in two categories. Best Content Management Solution Recognizes the best software or platform that enables the creation, management and modification of information on the web, intranet, or other information resource. Includes content creation, categorization, [.]. Software Tools Technology awards B2B b2b sales codie insideview Sales Data Sales Intelligence sales productivity SII

3 Meta Description Mistakes You Might Be Making


If you’ve ever been to one of my Website Optimization Webinars you’ll be pretty familiar with the advice we give companies on how to get their website to rank better on the search engine results pages.

9 Experts Rethinking Demand Generation

How to strategically target your content and lead generation campaigns to disrupt the status quo and facilitate the sale.