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Is Digital Marketing the Only Form of Marketing in 2023?

Marketing Insider Group

Digital marketing is the keystone of any modern-day marketing campaign. With the emergence of SEO and social media, there’s never been a better time to be in the B2B space online.

The Three Main Pillars for B2B Brand Messaging

Launch Marketing

Messaging is another core component of B2B marketing and is one of the most important things, along with buyer personas (which clearly define your target audiences), to formalize. Clear messaging helps all aspects of marketing remain focused on key value points and benefits.


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Should Content Marketers View Web3 as More Than the Internet’s Next Version?

Content Marketing Institute

No matter what you think about Web3, it will be part of the marketing conversation for a while. So take the time to reflect on these 10 thoughts. Continue reading → Company News

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How the Nuances of Vertical vs. Niche Market Approaches Impact Your Growth Strategy

Vision Edge Marketing

It is our general belief that an organization’s long-term growth is best achieved by pursuing a strategy rather than simply following whatever opportunities arise. Being strategic means carefully seeking and selecting only those opportunities that support your business outcomes and vision.

6 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies and How to Use Them

Bold tactics. Innovative ideas. Thriving revenue growth. Behind every great B2B marketing campaign is an amazing story. Learn the strategies behind six winning B2B marketing campaigns — directly from the marketers that made them. Read the stories now!

Report: Marketers Still Challenged to Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

KoMarketing Associates

Although marketers are continuing to make the customer experience (CX) a top priority, new research indicates that they are still facing challenges when it comes to delivering in this area.

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Reciprocal Links: Do They Help Or Hurt Your SEO? via @sejournal, @JuliaEMcCoy

Search Engine Journal

Link-building strategies should enhance your customer’s experience on your site. Find out whether reciprocal links are good for SEO. The post Reciprocal Links: Do They Help Or Hurt Your SEO? appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Link Building SEO

6 Email Newsletter Examples to Keep Prospects Engaged


Newsletters—recurring roundups of news, tips, or product updates—are the most popular type of emails that marketers send. In fact, more than 80% of respondents from our 2021 State of Email survey use them in their email marketing programs.

Customer Retention: What it Takes

Navigate the Channel

For B2B companies, customer retention strategies are critical for growing profitability and sales. Losing a customer who required a significant investment to acquire could mean losing money and might even affect your reputation.

Report: Artificial Intelligence Grows in Importance to Email Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

Some marketers are struggling to increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of their email marketing strategy. As a result, new research suggests that they will be turning to artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming months.

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Content Creation & Curation: The Missing Link Between Sales & Marketing

Speaker: Pam Didner - B2B and Tech Marketing Consultant

Content plays a vital role in creating a symbiotic –– and successful –– relationship and alignment between your sales and marketing teams. Join Pam Didner to learn how to create and curate great content to support your sales and revenue goals!

12 Ecommerce Email Marketing Trends In 2022


According to data, marketers who use segmented email campaigns saw an increase of 760% in the brand’s revenue. Additionally, brands that focus on adding value through their newsletters and have a visually appealing email design are the ones that enjoy higher open rates. Ecommerce email marketing

How to Interpret Web Engagement Data to Elevate Your Website

Marketing Insider Group

Your website is a mission-critical marketing and engagement tool for your organization, whether you’re a large nonprofit seeking support for cancer research or a small retail business.

10 Ideas To Help Your Content Marketing Team Achieve Business Goals

Content Marketing Institute

Teamwork makes the dream work. But how does your team do that? Ten experts share how to make your content marketing teams achieve your brand’s goals. Continue reading → Company News

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Four Professional Services Findings from our Inside the Buyer’s Brain Research

Hinge Marketing

For many firms, the last two years have been the best of times. For others, they have been the worst of times. No matter where your firm ended up, you need to prepare for the next two years. You need answers to questions. How are our buyers behaving now compared to a couple of years ago?

B2B Distribution Roundtable: The Challenges & Solutions of Buying and Selling

Speaker: Jonathan Meyer, Kyle Mitzner & Jacobi Zakrzewski

Join Hawksearch’s Jonathan Meyer as he moderates a roundtable discussion with Bridgeline’s Kyle Mitzner and Luminos Labs’ Jacobi Zakrzewski, where they highlight the challenges and solutions surrounding B2B distribution.

How to Redefine Your Customer Journey with Content


In most industries, the customer journey isn't as straightforward as it once was.

4 Keys to Successful Business Leadership

Marketing Insider Group

All businesses need quality leadership. Someone or a group of people with a vision and the work ethic to make it reality. Without a presence at the helm, the ship could crash and sink into the sea of commerce as quickly as it set sail.

Introducing B2B SaaS: Business Solution

Only B2B

Introducing B2B SaaS: Business Solutions. The B2B SaaS market is rising, so it’s obvious why the benefits are difficult to overlook. There are many benefits to switching to SaaS, including decreased expenses and improved flexibility.

5 Ways To Curate Content Like a Pro & Keep Your Blog Fresh?!

Let’s face it: many bloggers, brand executives, and small business owners find it tough to constantly churn out new, high-quality content for their readers.

New Ways to Reach, Influence, and Close More Deals with Intent Data

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

How to Craft Digital Content for Baby Boomers and Older Adults


With baby boomers holding such a large share of buying power, it would be silly not to design your digital content properties and experiences with that generation in mind.

Market Got You Down? Why Content Marketing Is Even More Important Now

Marketing Insider Group

Marketing during a pandemic? You did it! Your reward? Record inflation and the challenge of marketing in a down economy that feels as uncertain as ever. If you’re a frustrated marketer or business owner — you’re not alone. We’ve all felt the squeeze of the past few years.

Insider Interview With Ed Locher: Driving Efficiency With Technology Intelligence

HG Data

In this edition of Insider Interviews, HG Insights’ EVP Marketing, Ed Locher shares his experience in the data science industry and his insights into how quality data-driven insights—fuelled by technology intelligence—are driving modern businesses.

Where Psychology Fits into an Employee Advocacy Launch


Listen to the podcast: Or catch us on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or YouTube. Want to hear more from renowned B2B marketing leaders? Catch all episodes here. Episode Summary. How do you mobilize an entire organization to market for your brand?

Your Ultimate Guide to the Trends Shaping Marketing Data

In Salesforce’s latest Marketing Intelligence Report, hear from 2,500+ global marketers on how they are leading with their data, from business growth to customer satisfaction, data privacy, and more. Get the report now!

How to Create an Effective Email Outreach Strategy


Creating an effective email outreach strategy is something any business investing in digital marketing will have to face. Whether it’s for lead generation or nurturing, or for influencer marketing and link building, reaching out to people via email is an integral part of any marketing strategy.

Sales Automation and Its Role in a Holistic Marketing Strategy


Sales and marketing misalignment is the big black hole your hot leads are falling into, with 50% of marketing leads being ignored by sales reps and 79% of marketing leads never converting into sales. If you’re a business owner or of managerial level these stats should shake you to your core. .

HG Insights Named as SaaS Award Finalist

HG Data

HG Insights is happy to announce we’ve been named a finalist for the 2022 SaaS Awards as one of the ‘Best SaaS Product for Business Intel or Analytics’ for our Technology Intelligence solution.

Fluid Media Budgets That Flow Month-to-Month Like Magic!


Using Excel to track fluid media spending in digital advertising is a nightmare. Here’s how to automate tracking and flowing your media budgets with Bionic. Key Takeaways.

The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future

The ultimate value proposition is an impactful buying experience that guides people to the best possible decision. But how do you prepare your sales teams to do that? Read "The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future" to find out how to empower your customer-facing teams and thrive in modern selling environments.

How these 5 creators use newsletter referrals to grow their business


Your newsletter is the gateway to growing your creator business. As your subscriber count grows, you can make more money from your paid newsletter, charge sponsors, and sell a higher number of your products or services.

Core Web Vitals: Google’s Top 3 Metrics For Evaluating User Experience via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Search Engine Journal

Learn what Core Web Vitals are and the different ways to measure these metrics. The post Core Web Vitals: Google’s Top 3 Metrics For Evaluating User Experience appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Digital Experience Technical SEO

A Practitioner’s Guide to ABM

Full Circle Insights

Save this eBook for later. A Practitioner's Guide to ABM . Explore the benefits of ABM, learn how to measure and engage key accounts, and identify top intent providers to enhance your ABM strategy. Download eBook.