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How to Make Content More Engaging: 10 Tips

Writing on the Web

The Content Marketing Institute hit a home-run with their question to content experts, “ How do you make content more engaging? &# This is an important post to read for anyone blogging and posting content to connect with readers.

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The five stages of social media grief—have you passed through them yet?

Chris Koch

Image via Wikipedia. Social media (along with skimpy marketing budgets) are causing a transformation in marketing to a degree that we haven’t seen for a lifetime. But in our rush to embrace the new, we haven’t taken adequate time to honor the painful transition we are experiencing.

Savvy Survey - Do you repurpose content from other blogs?

Savvy B2B Marketing

Coming up with orginal content for a blog 5 days a week is hard! We at Savvy know because there are 6 of us and even with the strength of numbers we often recruit guest posters, crowdsourced posts and our Friday Wrap Up to give our blog readers new information each day.

Case study: Is Facebook Screwing Your Brand?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Facebook is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. And sometimes, it’s not even sweet.

Customer Success and Marketing Alignment: The Key to Unlocking Customer Advocacy

Most B2B companies say the customer experience is a priority, but their teams are not prepared or coordinated enough to make this a reality.

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Savvy Week in Review - June 17

Savvy B2B Marketing

School may be out for summer for the kids, but there is no lack of idea sharing from the B2B marketing community! Here are some of our favorite posts from the week. And if you're a Dad in the US, enjoy your Father's Day weekend! The Problem with Content Marketing [infographic] by @juntajoe.

Three Principles for the Future of Marketing

Digital B2B Marketing

In the future, marketing must be valuable. But that isn’t enough. Earlier this week, Michael Brenner outlined the future of marketing , drawing from last fall’s future of advertising article in Fast Company. It is a great perspective. The question is, how do you accomplish it?

Why Industrial Companies and Manufacturers Struggle with Content Marketing

Industrial Marketing Today

Many industrial companies and manufacturers struggle with content marketing. It is not because marketers and decision-makers in these organizations don’t understand the value of inbound marketing but implementing an effective content marketing strategy is proving to be quite a challenge for them. Usually the problem stems from three possible scenarios that I’ve come across.

Chart: Greatest Challenges for CMO’s

Fearless Competitor

Lead Generation Companies | Biggest Challenges for CMOs. A few months ago, MarketingSherpa asked this question of 287 Chief Marketing Officers. “Which of the following marketing challenges are currently most pertinent for your organization?&#.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Savvy Toolkit - SEO Periodic Table of Ranking Factors

Savvy B2B Marketing

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land sums up my feelings about SEO calculations perfectly when he refers to it as a "dark art" I feel like I need to sit through 7 years at Hogwarts to begin to understand it.

B2B Marketers – Has Your Online Content Been Copied?

B2B Marketing Traction

Tweet. Marketers need to understand their rights – and how to take action – when their online content gets copied. During a discussion about copyrighted material on websites, one of my clients – an attorney – told me about a program called


Content marketing is not enough — The fulfillment gap

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Community Week Post by Natasha Gabriel. Sigh … yes … BIG sigh. I have had quite an interesting experience with a vendor — [note I am being generous by using the adjective interesting].

Social Media Lead Generation


Wondering how you can generate leads from social media? Hubspot has this nice little presentation to give you some ideas. Remember it’s all in the execution, part of which is analyzing what went well and what didn’t so you can improve (or stop). Social Media Lead Generation [5 Steps].

7 B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

As B2B marketers, we know that our buyers' needs are ever-evolving, but it's not just our buyers that are changing.

5 Things I Learned About Content Marketing from a Kitchen Remodel

Savvy B2B Marketing

Since moving into our 1940's bungalow, my husband and I regularly discussed, “What should we do with our small, original kitchen?” ” Some things had to be fixed, such as the white ceramic title floor that turned into an ice rink whenever it got wet.

A New Way to Understand Your Social Media Audience

Digital B2B Marketing

Audience research is invaluable and well developed personas provide a broad array of insights into the lives and minds of your target audience, insights that form the basis for your social media plans. Then, you put your social media plan in place, including sharing great content from others and creating your own. And you hit a fundamental disconnect. Your planning is based on your target audience, but you are measuring activity from everyone. Here are two questions that are difficult to answer.

Harness it in YOUR business – the power of B2B demand generation

Fearless Competitor

B2B Demand Generation | Many need our free B2B lead generation content. That’s right. It’s all FREE! Need to learn B2B lead nurturing? Download our totally free and no registration needed cheat sheet, 7 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing.

Providing Content Your Customers Want


No one likes that pushy salesperson that keeps giving you more and more reasons why you should buy their product. Because the information usually isn’t something you asked for, and often, it’s not really pertinent to your particular buying decision.

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

Google Analytics Part 2: How To Set Up Google Analytics To Grow.

PWB Marketing Blog

How to Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle

Great B2B Marketing

If there is one thing that aggravates the modern B2B company, it is the constantly lengthening sales cycle. Everyone, from CEO to sales VP to sales rep, suffers from this problem and wants to know what to do about it.

Marketo Email Campaign Keeps It Short & Sweet

The Point

A client confessed recently that one of the reasons his company had selected Marketo as a marketing automation provider was because he was so impressed by their marketing.

Special Sunday post | Happy Birthday Matt!

Fearless Competitor

Matt Ogden, our eldest son. Monday to Saturday – we discuss B2B lead generation and marketing. On Sundays. we’re different. While we subscribe to David Meerman Scott’s adage “No one cares about your products or services but you.&# I stay away from family.

Flip My Funnel - Guide To B2B Account Based Marketing

As modern B2B marketers, we have been lucky enough to witness some of the most dramatic shifts in marketing strategies and technologies.

Research shows Facebook emotional boost is like marriage

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Do social media technologies isolate people and promote false relationships? Or are there important benefits associated with being connected to others in this way?

Measuring Correctly By Asking the Right Questions


Getting data and metrics for online campaigns is fairly easy. If anything, there’s probably too much information (yah, right, says the analyst). But having a lot of information is not the same as having the right information.

MarketingProfs 10 Imperatives To Chart A New Course In B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

For those of you who followed my live-tweeting during Marketing Profs B2B Marketing Forum , I hope it was helpful. And for those of you who unfollowed me, I understand…My output has caused another Social Media Hangover.

It’s Time to Embrace Editorial as a Profit Center

B2B Memes

Early this week, Steve Yelvington made a comment on Twitter that reminded me of something I’ve been mulling over for some time. Our newsrooms (or whatever we choose to call them) should be engines of success,” he said , “not cost centers.”. He’s right, but I prefer stronger phrasing. If the people who hold the pursestrings are to pay attention, we need to call editorial what it is: a profit center.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

Influencer Marketing: Facts and Miscomprehensions


The fact that consumers rely on opinions of peers, so-called influencers and (often unfortunately) celebs offers opportunities for marketers but threats for them and for consumers. The importance given by people to the opinions of others is well known by now. We pay a great deal of attention to what complete strangers say and think. [.]. Blog Connected marketing Social media marketing influencer marketing peer reviews word-of-mouth marketing

Top Internet Strategy, Marketing & Technology Links – Week of June 11, 2011


Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of June 11, 2011… Twitter’s Importance to SEO Seen As Growing (CIO). Twitter as Media: What Happens When Anyone Can Publish? NYTimes). Google: PR is Now an SEO Ranking Factor (Steve Rubel).

When social media and genitals meet. A {growtoon}

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