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The Dos and Don’ts of SEO for Building Material Websites

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Growing your building materials brand online is a whole lot easier if you’re showing up on search engines like Google and Bing. However, the process of making this happen and increasing your overall organic traffic starts with one key ingredient: search engine optimization (SEO). What is SEO?

Five Fixes for Broken Digital Marketing Engagement

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Virtually every business has curated, edited and uploaded content for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms. Still, much of this content gets only a few likes and little engagement.

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Content Marketing Metrics: 4 Key Groups to Measure Your Content Performance


To figure out the effectiveness of your efforts, you need to regularly measure and analyze your content performance. In this article, you‘ll find 30+ essential content metrics and learn how you can capture and interpret them. Content Marketing

The Insider Guide to Increasing Your Email Subscribers

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It’s 2021, so it’s a fair bet we all know that email marketing is important. Even more important? Increasing email subscribers. Brands with large subscriber lists ultimately see more marketing ROI and convert more paying customers. Let’s talk about how you can build yours. Quick Takeaways.

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The Retailer’s Guide to Marketing Data

Retailers are faced with extraordinary challenges – from changing consumer needs to unpredictable twists & turns in the economy. Learn how innovative retailers use zero-, first-, second-, and third-party data to find their best customers and drive repeat purchases.

Introducing ZoomInfo +


Business leaders depend on the conversations that sales reps are having with prospects to grow their pipeline and stoke their go-to-market engine.

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12 Fascinating Facts About Global Internet Use in 2021


Two-thirds of all the people on earth own a mobile phone. 60% have Internet access. And 54% (4.2 billion) are active social media users. Those are just a few of the findings from the just-released Digital 2021 Global Overview Report , compiled by We Are Social and Hootsuite.

Digital Marketing’s Three Largest Shifts

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Digital marketing is a revolutionary way for companies, big and small, to market their wares to consumers. From endless options to scalable budgets, digital marketing has transformed the way companies present themselves to consumers. .

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Only 36% of Marketers are ‘Very Successful’ with Their Retargeting Strategy

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Retargeting gives marketers the chance to reconnect with customers and prospects while boosting their revenue. However, many are still struggling to reap the benefits.

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Building a Sales Tech Stack? Start with Good Data


When it’s time to build a technology stack, sales teams are faced with hundreds of solutions that offer lofty promises of automation, efficiency, and higher revenue.

Going to Market Smarter in the New Economy

In 2021, as companies continue to move more functions online, employees will take a more virtual -- and flexible -- mindset and lifestyle in parallel to the digitization of businesses. To succeed, you must change the way you conceive and build new products as a digital business. Download the report today to discover more!

The importance of accurate keyword difficulty scores


30-second summary: Keyword difficulty (KD) scores help digital marketers understand potential search engine performance. KD scores are useful in building SEO strategies, filtering out ineffective keywords. Low competition keywords give an advantage in attracting traffic.

Use But Don’t Abuse: 5 Tips for Content Creators

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Every minute, about five hours of content makes its way to YouTube. And within the next few years, the Internet is expected to expand considerably from a usage standpoint. In light of this reality, plenty of entrepreneurs have become full-blown content creators. Their roles vary.

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69% of Marketers Intend on Boosting Their Martech Spend

KoMarketing Associates

Investing in marketing technology, also known as martech, has not always been a top priority for companies. However, as their marketing teams continue to evolve, there is an increasing interest in this resource to drive revenue and achieve key objectives.

How to Use ZoomInfo Webhooks to Enrich Customer Data


Imagine this scenario: a marketing campaign you develop ends up going to the wrong audience, or a segmentation analysis yields incorrect results because the data wasn’t updated. Fresh, up-to-date data leads to better business outcomes by ensuring that opportunities aren’t missed.

The Definitive Guide to Remote Sales Coaching

Have you struggled to onboard, train, and provide continuous learning opportunities to your salespeople due to the abrupt shift to remote work? If so, you’re not alone. Sellers are relying on virtual selling more than ever. With in-person sessions no longer feasible, many organizations are looking for alternative methods to support their salespeople.

Success in Hybrid Work Environments


As companies begin to (or plan to in the coming months) re-open their physical offices, a range of questions and concerns will need to be addressed. Hybrid workplaces look, at least initially with the clients I work with, to be a favored approach.

10 Podcasts That Will Foster Innovation and Growth in Marketers

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Marketers rely on creativity as much as they do data sets. What happens, then, when you’re a marketer whose marketing juices have dried up? Or whose leadership skills seem to have lost their edge?

Integrate for Success: 3 Sweet Results of AMS Integrations

Higher Logic

The post Integrate for Success: 3 Sweet Results of AMS Integrations appeared first on Higher Logic. Why integrate? If your association management software (AMS) can talk to the engagement tools in your tech stack, you can power a much more personalized experience for your members.

Why, When, and How to Bring in Your CEO to Close a Deal


Imagine your sales team is extremely close to signing an important deal with a prospect. Everyone’s anxious to get the contract signed and the gong in the corner of the office is ready to bang. But then, unexpectedly, the buyer pushes back, not sure if this is the best time.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q2 2021

In our 24-criterion evaluation of B2B marketing data providers, we identified the 11 most significant vendors — Data Axle, Dun & Bradstreet, Enlyft, Global Database, InsideView, Leadspace, Oracle, SMARTe, Spiceworks Ziff Davis, TechTarget, and ZoomInfo Technologies — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps B2B marketing professionals select the right one for their needs.

9 Promotional Email Examples (And How to Write Your Own)


Are you looking for the best promotional email examples that you can use for your own business? Whether you need a promotional email template or you just need a bit of inspiration, you’re in the right place.

On-Line Events on Twitter: Long-Live the Tweetchat

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By some accounts, the last year has seen digital transformation accelerate by anywhere from 7 to 10 years from where we were in early 2020 at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ethical Dilemma of Paying the Ransomware Crooks


I got a really uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach recently as news broke that meatpacking giant JBS paid $11 million to cybercriminals following a ransomware attack that halted operations at most of its plants and threatened to disrupt a large portion of the food supply chain.

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How ZoomInfo Engage Helps Accelerate Sales through Automation


Ask any sales rep, and they’ll tell you too much of their time is spent on non-selling activities, like manual data entry, looking up prospects in siloed systems, and pushing data around spreadsheets.

11 Email Deliverability Strategies to Reach the Inbox

With nearly 1 in 5 emails from U.S. senders failing to reach the inbox, deliverability challenges still plague senders and prevent email campaign success. Check out this deliverability guide for actionable strategies and real-world examples of companies applying smart inboxing tactics.

Your Guide to Building a Strong Customer Engagement Strategy

Higher Logic

The post Your Guide to Building a Strong Customer Engagement Strategy appeared first on Higher Logic. Find out how to build a strong customer engagement strategy for your business. Hint: It all starts with adopting a customer-centric mentality.

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Carla Johnson on How To Rethink Innovation For CMOs and Businesses Today

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A few days ago, I interviewed Carla Johnson about her new book, Re:Think Innovation. One of the topics we covered is how to rethink the CMO’s role for today’s businesses.

Data Privacy Compliance as Competitive Advantage


It wasn’t all that long ago that compliance issues that were even remotely digital in nature were the domain of the same teams that worried about server configurations and RAM requirements. These were technology issues, not business issues.

Jill Murray on Cultivating a People-First Culture


Jill Murray, CMO of Arcadis, takes the hot seat today. Listen to the podcast: For more thought leadership on cultivating a people-first culture, check out our Radically Transparent podcast on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , YouTube or LinkedIn.

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The Ultimate Sales Coaching Guide

Sales coaching is a training format that allows the leaders in your organization to share their valuable experience with the rest of your sales teams. It’s an interactive approach to sales training where sellers get to practice what they’re taught and use information in real-life scenarios.