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Influencer Marketing: How to Measure Your Success and ROI

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Measuring the success and ROI (return on investment) of marketing in general has been notoriously difficult. The whole point of marketing is to evoke action in your target audience.

Digital marketing requires millennial marketers


I have been talking to more and more clients lately who are up in arms about these entitled millennials that are so hard to work with. Yeah, the complainers are baby boomers like me, or maybe Gen Xers. How did you know?)

Three Marketing Automation Strategies You Need to Implement Today


Guest post by Kimberly Maceda. Automation is the future of marketing. The market is still in its growth phase, and highly fragmented among more than 200 software providers. With its high potential and the impressive results it can deliver, it’s no surprise that more businesses are implementing these platforms to beef up their performance. For now, a study revealed that 49% of companies are currently using marketing automation tools , with 55% of B2B companies adopting this technology.

Content marketing en MaaS: 8 reasons why your content marketing agency is your new competitive advantage

Tomorrow People

How to build meaningful competitive advantage with your content marketing agency to differentiate your offering and stand out from the crowd. Remember 2010?

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How a CMS Enables B2B Marketing Success

A CMS lies at the heart of a B2B marketing framework

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B2B Marketing Tactics & Goals: How to Focus on Fundamentals


We hear it every weekend during football season: “The losing team did not execute the fundamentals.” But oddly, we don’t hear it all the time in marketing. Strategic Marketing Plans B2B Strategy Strategic Marketing Consulting B2B Marketing Best Practices

Content Marketing for Startups: Let’s Get Started

Marketing Insider Group

With a fledgling startup to manage, you likely don’t have a huge pool of resources to tap into for your marketing. This includes budget, manpower and the most valuable and limited resource of all: time. But, you can start your journey towards content marketing brilliance and the business growth it can bring, with: An understanding […]. The post Content Marketing for Startups: Let’s Get Started appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing

3 Secrets Behind Top-Performing Reps’ Sales Videos


Here at Vidyard, we’ve seen a sales video or two. Or three. Or honestly, tens of thousands. With over 23,000 sales reps using Vidyard GoVideo (formerly ViewedIt) around the world, we’ve had a chance to analyze everything about how sales reps record videos.

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Are You Making These 5 Critical Landing Page Mistakes?


Find out if you’re making these 5 critical landing page mistakes and how to fix them. Forms & Landing Pages Landing Page Marketing Strategy SEO Website Visitor Tracking Act-On landing pages call to action CTA forms and landing pages landing page

2018 B2B Marketing Mix Report

B2B marketers like you contributed their insights to Sagefrog’s annual B2B Marketing Mix Report, a valuable asset in planning your marketing strategy for the year ahead.

Blog2Social makes bloggers a marketing one-man band


I have been using my sports blog, , as both a writing meditation towards health, fitness, and weight loss and also an SEO and blogging laboratory (pronounced la-bore-ah-tory ).

How to Boost Word-of-Mouth and Sales for Your Ecommerce Business This Fall

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For many ecommerce business owners, fall is the biggest and most profitable time of year. As consumers approach big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and others, and start marking their calendars for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a great time for ecommerce businesses to start thinking about how to get the most […]. The post How to Boost Word-of-Mouth and Sales for Your Ecommerce Business This Fall appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketin

3 Lessons on How to Use Video to Drive Business Value


Video is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing tactics. However, many organizations waste loads of time and money creating videos that fail to deliver results. Here’s our secret formula for producing videos that drive business ROI.

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Crafting an Exceptional Statement to Keep You on Mission


Mission statements - why you need one, and how to create them. Brand Marketing Digital Marketing Strategies Marketing Life Act-On Mission statement brand brand awareness brand marketing mission mission statement

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Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

B2B buyers are self-guiding their purchase journey, consuming more content along their purchase path and involving more stakeholders in the final decision. Therefore, it is necessary for B2B marketing teams to align to this purchase path and to the buying committees. This is not accomplished by creating more content or sending more communication, the key to success is establishing a conversation with your buyers that engages them in a meaningful dialogue and ultimately converts them to a customer.

7 reasons why you need a social media marketing consultant


It’s launch day for your business. You are ready to start implementing all those techniques you discovered from those social media gurus. They make it sound so easy. They also assume you have a few hours a day to devote solely to marketing your business.

Marketing ROI: Big Bucks or a Total Bust?

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Connecting the Data Dots to Improve Marketing ROI Are your campaigns driving big bucks or are they a total bust? That’s probably the most important question we have to answer as marketers. To determine this, you have to connect the dots and unlock the value of the data. However, depending on the current state of […]. The post Marketing ROI: Big Bucks or a Total Bust? appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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How to Do ABM at Scale with Account-Based Demand


As B2B marketers, we look for frameworks and models to help improve how we run marketing. Unfortunately, frameworks often fall short of our needs. Frameworks usually come in two flavors, they are either based purely on inbound strategies, or they are based purely on outbound strategies.

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5 Techniques For Successful Sales Prospecting


Prospecting is critical to any sales team’s success. Without prospects, the pipeline and sales whither. Unfortunately, many people spend their valuable sales time on contacting bad leads, or even worse, cold calling.

7 Common Marketing Mistakes and strategies to avoid them

This white paper addresses the 7 most common challenges marketers hit when marketing products, solutions, or services and offers proven advice on how to avoid these missteps and improve the success of your marketing efforts.

Should you stop (organic) social media activity?


Is your boss wondering why engagement is down and people don’t share your posts? Do you feel disappointed when your carefully-crafted article doesn’t get many (or any) likes?

Weekend Reading: “The New Way to Market for Manufacturing” by Bruce McDuffee

Marketing Insider Group

For the 143rd episode of The Marketing Book Podcast (and Manufacturing Day), I interviewed Bruce McDuffee, author of The New Way to Market for Manufacturing: Innovation That Grows Your Business. When it comes to marketing and sales, the biggest problem manufacturers have is their product. The product itself is not a problem. The problem is […]. The post Weekend Reading: “The New Way to Market for Manufacturing” by Bruce McDuffee appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

8 Use Cases for Enriched Data


Data enrichment plays a central role in today’s fast-paced, data-driven marketing landscape. As you know, there is no shortage of customer data available to your business.

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The Biggest Barriers to Brand Consistency and How to Fix Them

Type A Communications

October 3, 2017 by Carla Johnson When we think of branding, we think of companies that pull out the big guns. The ones that put money behind Super Bowl ads. read more.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

If you are a marketer who needs to generate more high-quality leads that will turn into sales opportunities and revenue, register now for this special event that will show you how to get started and moving in a profitable direction.

4 Ways to Enhance Broadcast Email Campaigns with User-Generated Content

Modern Marketing

When used correctly, broadcast email campaigns can help you reach customers at scale. Furthermore, if segmented, they can help you reach specific subsets of potential customers with engaging content. And yet, broadcast emails often feel impersonal and poorly targeted.

Why Net Promoter Score Is the Best Metric for Long-term Growth

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It’s easy to get caught up in website traffic numbers, conversion rates, and that essential ROI of your marketing campaigns. These metrics are useful for demonstrating where you are now and the quality and effectiveness of the strategies you used to get to this point. But, they can’t show you everything. What they’re failing to illuminate […]. The post Why Net Promoter Score Is the Best Metric for Long-term Growth appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing

Are You Properly Using Intent Data?

Navigate the Channel

Your sales and marketing departments should be constantly on the lookout for the most cutting edge revenue driving innovations. One idea that is gaining an enormous amount of traction – with good reason – is intent data.

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The Need to Empower Employees for Customer Experience

Type A Communications

October 5, 2017 by Carlos Hidalgo What does it mean to “empower employees” and why is it so important to delivering customer experience? Why should organizations go beyond enabling and. read more.

9 Experts Rethinking Demand Generation

How to strategically target your content and lead generation campaigns to disrupt the status quo and facilitate the sale.

Lookalike Modeling: An Effective Tool in Your B2B Marketing Stack


Whether you realize it or not, chances are good that you have been a target of lookalike modeling in the past. You log into Facebook or read an article on The New York Times only to find ads on the right-hand side of the screen that are a little too pinpoint accurate for something you […].

B2B Marketing Trends and What They Really Mean

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2017 is flying by. It’s time to review the key B2B marketing trends that have popped up so that you can evaluate the success of your B2B strategy. Remember, it’s all about context. It’s nearly useless to know about the trends if you’re not fully aware of what they mean for you and your company. […]. The post B2B Marketing Trends and What They Really Mean appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing

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The 2017 State of Pipeline Marketing Report [Infographic]


How are B2B Marketers driving revenue? That’s the ultimate question we answered in the 3rd annual State of Pipeline Marketing Report , through a variety of questions surrounding Marketing in 2017.

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Emerging SEO Trends that Affect Your Content Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing field due to upgrades in search engine technology and operational changes at Google. Although Google isn’t the only search engine, the company drives most of the rules and practices that SEOs follow.

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Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.