November, 2005

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Winning the Complex Sales Cycle with Thought leading Content

B2B Lead Generation Blog

David Meerman Scott shares some great ideas on how to leverage your thought leading content on your website. I agree. For lead generation, the concept of thought leading content should go beyond the website. This is where lead nurturing

Bad Photography Gone Good

Smashmouth Marketing

Bad Photography Gone Good Take the time to view this slide show of toy camera photographs. The defects of cheap manufacturing causing Light Leaks that are treasured for their dreamy application to the photos. As photographer Theresa Manzanares puts it." bad photography gone good." Since I'm on the topic of photography. Gotta love Spencer Tunick.

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Follow-Through is Critical to Online Marketing Efforts


In Web marketing, just as in hitting a golf ball, swinging a baseball bat or kicking a football, the importance of follow-through can't be overstated. In sports, failing to complete the motion means a shorter drive, hit or kick – in other words, you won't achieve the desired result. The same holds true for marketing. Launching a campaign or activity without the proper follow-through can mean poor results and/or unnecessary cost.

To Bluff or Not to Bluff

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Late in a tournament, I am in 30th place out of 85 with 50% more than average chips. Sitting in the button, the cutoff miserably limps. I don't care what I have for cards, I'm raising. The Big Blind decides to defend with a rediculous A9x after my raise. He goes all in for 3x my raise, which is now about 15% of my stack. The cutoff flat calls. What does the cutoff have? He has to have a monster and is trying to limp/call to nail us.

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Day After Turkey Day

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Spent yesterday at my Uncle Tommy's. Provided the candied carrots and pork stuffing the way my grandmother, Mere, used to make. It was a nice time, albiet the first holiday I spent without my kids :( They are arriving here in an hour or so and staying the night.well 2 of em will probably stay over. Big family gathering on my Mother's side to eat all the leftover deserts from yesterday. It usually climaxes with the women of the family stuffing grapes in their mouths in a god-awful look of apes.


Fruit Cake.NO!

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Made 18 loaves of Fruit Cake today. No, not the green, yellow and bright red, stinky fruit bread your grandmother would break out months after the holidays as a supposed treat. This is the real McCoy! I'll share 6 or so loaves for Thanksgiving, the rest I'll be spritzing with brandy for holiday gifts. A tasty treat created by Alton favorite Food Network star.

My Daily Reads

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A family member asked me last week, "Who do you write the blog for?" My answer was, "for anyone who wants to read it." That got me thinking. I wonder if the people I read know who reads their blogs? Not that they will see this post and see that I read their stuff, but maybe I can turn a couple of my readers onto some good stuff elsewhere. Yes, I read alot of poker stuff, but I also read some other interesting blogs on a regular basis.


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I think I put back the two holes in my belt that I stopped using because I was sick a couple weeks ago. New York City sported the most expensive food I've eaten in ages, but it was unbelievably good. Luckily I was being backed in a private tourney and camped out in someone else's hotel room, so I basically had an all-expenses-paid weekend in the big apple. To top it off, I cashed in the tourney, so after paying the backers and buying some nice T-Shirts for the girls, I made a small profit.

Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

A framework comprising of best practices to consider and red flags to avoid.

Lobotomy and a Bonehead

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What a story yesterday on NPR. Howard Dully shares the story of his life after having a lobotomy at the age of 12. It was tragic, interesting, and disturbing at the same time. Courage awards to Howard for telling his story, confronting his father, and living a strong life. Thankfully, today we have medications. I broke my self-imposed poker vacation last night around midnight. It felt good, but because I did so well, I ended up not finishing until 4:30 and missed my alarm.

$100 Laptop for Children Everywhere

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Nicholas Negroponte of MIT's Media Lab introduced in Tunis today a working prototype of a $100 Laptop.The device is stripped-down, with an power-generating crank and seven-inch screen, for basic word-processing, Internet and communications. It has flash memory instead of a hard drive, and an AMD processor running at 500 Mhz. Networking will be via Wi-Fi so they can share a network connection. The units are targeted to developing countries, and orders are being taken for lots of 1 Million or more.

Congrats to Vinny Lambiase

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I was there the night Vinny Lambiase took his winning Act 1 ticket to win an Act 2. He was at my 10-20 table and had gotten up to go play it leaving $1k on the table. They eventually picked up his chips and bagged em. Then just a few weeks ago I was at the same (or nearby) 10-20 table when Vinny walked up beaming.he had just won his Act 3 to get his $10k seat into the World Poker Finals main event. All for a total investment of $60. He played, and he played well.


Wave Farms - Renewable Energy

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For years I had been a big believer in using the rising and falling tides to generate energy. This new technology, wave farms , are going to installed off the shore of Portugal - the first commercial wave farm will use the movement of the sea to generate 2.25 megawatts of electricity—enough to meet the energy needs of more than 1,500 homes—from three 459-foot-long Pelamis Wave Energy Converters.

The AdRoll Guide to Account-Based Marketing

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City Lights Still Burning

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Just watched the Palm Pictures documentary Ferlinghetti a bipoic of beat poet and artist Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Along with Peter Martin, Ferlinghetti started City Lights magazine and later, City Lights Books , famous for publishing Allen Ginsberg 's Howl. His interesting take over the decades of political, social and cultural issues are intricately documented in this film, made up mostly from videos of Ferlinghetti himself.


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I saw the movie Jarhead tonight. I had known it wasn't an action filled war movie going in, it was about characters. Dissapointingly though, I found it shallow. I'm sure the book was better. Quote that summarizes it all: "Four days, four hours, one minute. That was my war," the Marine sniper Tony Swofford tells us. "I I never shot my rifle." There were some good scenes, but all-in-all, I wasn't impressed. Cost of dissapointment: $9.75 for the ticket. for popcorn. for spring water. total.

I Love Fall Days

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Have the girls over today. Reorganized the appartment. Listening to them tell me how they "don't have any homework!" Why is it that I know they are full of it? What a day though. 60F Sunny. Last of the leaves coming down (they bright yellow ones). Pats beat Miami and satisfied the -3 spread. I'm only in a cheap weekly/season pool. Sports betting is not my thing, although I have been in 1'st place until last week. Maybe this week I'll take 1'st back. 1950DA.

Cooking, Poker and a Ibiza

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Today was a winner! I spent the afternoon working on Pies. I made 2 Steak Pies , stick to your ribs-comfort food. I made 2 quiches. Then I played a little poker (kind of pokered out this week with WPF winding down and all). I've imposed a poker-break on myself. Capped off the night watching an eclectic movie. It's All Gone Pete Tong. It took me a while to like it, then I loved it. Like other viewers I had to focus on the story and the characters.

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

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NYC Next Weekend

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Next weekend I'll be staying at the W in Times Square. It's nice to be sponsored, I'm being treated to the whole gig (spoiled) to play in a big game. I've got saturday afternoon free, so I'm trying to find a museum to visit. I stumbled on the museum mile. Looks like that would be a worthy expedition. Lord knows I am not a shopper. My buddy is opening a new poker club. Might stop by to see how it's coming. He thinks it will be ready in early December.


30 Years.Solid Lyrics

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The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound And a wave broke over the railing And every man knew, as the captain did too, T'was the witch of November come stealin'. From the lyrics of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald , by Gordon Lilghtfoot It's been 30 years since the wreck , and the lyrics reach the deepest feelings of humanity. They tell a story while invoke feeling and pain. It was already on my iPod playlist. Want to rip your vinyl records into your iPod? Check out this solution.


Preparing for another Holiday with Melissa

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Melissa is always looking for something to hang on my fridge to keep me in the mood. Gobble Gobble. Playing cash satellites is getting old. The only good structure is for the $500 buy in or higher, but then you get some decent players so the edge is removed from the initial equity. I got to buy Sam Grizzle a $6 soup and then see him drop $2k in the 75/150 stud game while he ate it and tried to establish his "table image". Sam, we all watch ESPN. You're better off paying attention to your cards.

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Damn Cold

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I gave up and decided to go home and get healthy. A miserable cold during a major tourney is not +EV. Slept for a few days. Might be better tomorrow.


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Bigfoot Rises from the Ashes

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Where has he been? Everywhere there is a poker room. AC, Vegas, CA, Europe. Probably left a trail of intrigued people in his wake. He is a character.a lovable character. Type of guy that loves action. Grew up in the pool halls of New Bedford/Fall River. Always making a deal. He is the one guy I know that can get knocked out of a tourney on the first hand and make more money than the guy that came in 15th. He always has a piece of everyone.

Long hours these Tourneys

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Yesterday turned into another experience of Bubble time. It was the $500 Limit HE, at one point I was down to T400 with blinds of T200-400, and I came back to last until 47th. Seven out of the money. I'm not sure I can put that many hours into poker without a return. Two days, almost 20 hours, two bubbles. No time to earn the buy-ins back. Playing well too. After struggling back to a chip position, I got a table change and took a positional seat.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: E-Mail Marketing Relevance Tips And Resources For B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Blog

universally, marketers love to use e-mail marketing for nurturing and cultivating future opportunities with their target audiences. on the other side, i've heard numerous speakers and bloggers declare e-mail marketing dead

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Getting your sales channel to really follow-up on sales leads

B2B Lead Generation Blog

b2b marketers know getting field sales people to follow-up on sales leads is tough but getting channel partners (vars, resellers and distributors) to follow-up and close-the-loop seems down right impossible

Customer Success and Marketing Alignment: The Key to Unlocking Customer Advocacy

Most B2B companies say the customer experience is a priority, but their teams are not prepared or coordinated enough to make this a reality.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Embattled CMOs share strategies to improve marketing influence

B2B Lead Generation Blog

i liked today's article by kate maddox, "embattled cmos share strategies," which gives highlights from the cmo summit last month. during the summit, senior marketing executives were challenged to improve the influence of marketing by

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Prediction: Lead generation dashboards will likely be a hot topic

B2B Lead Generation Blog

as marketing performance management (mpm) continues to evolve, i anticipate that marketing and lead generation dashboards will become a hotter topic. many crm providers, database gurus and a few agencies have developed preset forms to

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Google Makes Web Analytics Free but will it help your lead generation?

B2B Lead Generation Blog

google (web) analytics is now free for websites that have less than 5-million page views. if you don't have a analytics tool already, you should check it out. research shows that the number one priority for b2b websites is lead

B2B Lead Generation Blog: B2B Lead Generation Blog Adds FeedBlitz for Email Notification

B2B Lead Generation Blog

i have an announcement for readers who use bloglet to get email notification for the b2b lead generation blog. i switched to a new service called feedblitz to provide a more reliable way to keep you updated. all bloglet subscribers have

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

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