December, 2006

List of Marketing and Branding Blogs

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Here is list of marketing and branding blogs, courtesy of Chris Brown at Branding and Marketing. This is part of project to increase traffic for less-well-known blogs in the area. See The Viral Garden for more information. I haven't looked at every blog on this list but did remove quite a few from the original that didn't seem relevant. Being Peter Kim Pow! Right Between The Eyes!

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Budget Wars: Sales & Finance vs Marketing

B2B Lead Generation

i look at the challenge that marketers often face when it comes to getting their budgets approved by finance and i wonder why does it have to be so hard? many financial executives still view marketing as an expense, aka cost center

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Does Your Business do Podcasts? It Should

Anything Goes Marketing

I'll admit that I don't regularly download podcasts via an RSS feed but I do listen to them the odd time. It looks like I'm not the only one.

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Tech marketing spending is on the rise again and will increase by 7.5%, the highest growth rate in four years, according to a report from IDC. While tech marketing investment will climb this year, it will also outpace global IT spending

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (as if you care)


Ardath Albee at the Marketing Interactions blog tagged me , so in the Christmas spirit, I'll play the game. I biked to Canada with my oldest brother when I was 15. That's biked in as 10-speed, not motorcycle. 920 miles in eight days.

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Smartphones Are Yet Another Reason for Customer Experience Management

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Yesterday I wrote about the opportunities presented by smartphones for radically new business intelligence applications. The December 11 issue of eWeek had a special advertising section sponsored by VeriSign Inc. that frames the topic more elegantly with a notion of “three screens”: television, computer and smartphone. (“New New Opportunities for Three Screens & Beyond”, eWeek , December 11, 2006. In a presumably unintended irony, I could not find a copy online.)

Business Intelligence on Smart Phones: Not Just Humbug

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I’m a bit behind on my reading so I just spotted a piece in the December 11, 2006 issue of InformationWeek about accessing business intelligence software on a mobile phone. See “Power Of A Data Warehouse In The Palm Of Your Hand” available here.) The author is highly skeptical of the notion: “It remains to be seen how many mobile professionals actually need to slice and dice data from handheld devices.

Onyx Reinvents Itself as a Process Manager

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Onyx Software ( ) is a veteran player in mid-market CRM. It’s been years since I looked at their software. When they were purchased earlier this year by M2M Holdings, which already owned mid-market ERP vendor Made2Manage Systems, it seemed like still further evidence that traditional on-premise CRM software is a dying breed.

Tools to Measure Buzz and Distinguishing Customer Centric Marketing from Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Matrix

Sunday’s The New York Times had a long article on buzz measurement vendor Nielsen BuzzMetrics ( ) (“Brands For the Chattering Masses”, Sunday Business , December 17, 2006, page 1). Naturally this caught my eye since I had been pondering how to measure buzz for Customer Experience Management (see entry for December 8). I haven’t decided whether to do a detailed examination of this particular topic, but did take a quick pass through the Web sites of the major vendors.

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The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

Customer Centricity Isn't Marketers' Major Concern--Yet

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Reality can be so annoying. Contrary to my initial impression that “customer centricity” was the major topic at the National Center for Database Marketing conference this week, a close look at the program shows just four of the 45 sessions had this as their focus. The most common topic by far was data analysis and modeling—based on descriptions, I classify 15 sessions in that group. This includes three related to multi-variate testing (e.g.

Making the Change to Customer Centricity

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When I raised the question yesterday of how to apply customer-centric principles in a product-centric company, you may have thought I was being cute and already had an answer. Sorry. Even after thinking about it on the long trip home, I haven’t come up with a solution. The best I can give is some thoughts that seem promising. I suppose there’s a preliminary question of whether customer-centricity is a goal worth pursuing. It’s surely not a goal in itself.

Shocking Thought: Maybe Customer Centricity Isn't for Everyone

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I’ve been at the National Center for Database Marketing conference these past few days. As usual, I’ve spent most of my time in the exhibit hall gossiping with friends…I mean, doing research. This doesn’t leave much time for attending the sessions. But from what I see on the conference schedule, the buzzword of the moment is “customer-centric”. Given what we do at Client X Client, I thought this was good news.

Random Notes on Building Business Intelligence Systems

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I sat in a three-hour presentation on business intelligence systems and took exactly three lines of notes. These were: - brand metrics vs. database marketing metrics. This is an interesting point: brand marketers traditionally look at things like awareness levels, while database marketers look at things like retention rates. Per my comments last week on the role of brands in customer experience management, we need to incorporate brand-style measures into our customer value models.

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7 Marketing and Sales Strategies to Grow Your Revenue Fast

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Many companies have the core marketing and sales elements to take their revenue to the next level, but are still missing out on some key opportunities. Join Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners and writer of the recent book "The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook," to discover seven steps that you can immediately take to grow your company’s revenue quickly and consistently!

Making the Case for Customer Experience Management

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I’m still pondering the question of what it would take for Customer Experience Management to be the Next Big Thing. Clearly it comes down to becoming a “do this or die” proposition: as in, “your company must adopt Customer Experience Management or it will be overtaken by others who do”.

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Reading the Hype Meter for Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Matrix

Dale Wolf’s comment on my Wednesday post suggests hopefully “it could be that CEM recognition is about to get its due” based on the increasing frequency of “customer experience manager” as a job title. This got me to wondering how you would really measure the progress of a concept towards a buzzword tipping point, or whatever you want to call it. My initial benchmark, which I still think is a good one, is a cover on BusinessWeek. The thought here is that represents mainstream business reporting.

Interactions are for Companies, Experiences are for Brands

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Yesterday’s Webinar seemed to go well, based on the little feedback available. In case you missed it, my slides are available here on the Client X Client Web site. The gist was that there are too many products and channels today for the traditional product manager / channel manager organization to function. Instead, companies have to organize around the customer.

Customer Experience Management Needs More Hype (I'm Serious)

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The phrase “customer experience” pops up more and more often in vendor promotions and other business discussions. But somehow “customer experience management” (CEM) doesn’t seem to have reached the status of a truly hot buzzword. By that, I mean there is little hype suggesting that CEM is the solution to all your problems, or that your company must adopt CEM or fall hopelessly behind its competitors. This may or may not be a good thing.

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

Surado White Paper: Small Print, Big Heart

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I suppose it’s petty to complain about the size of the type used in a white paper, but you would think something called “The CEO’s Guide to CRM Success” would recognize that senior managers might struggle with a six point font. Yet somehow that tiny type—presumably chosen to keep the paper small enough for busy readers—fits with the general feel of this document, available here from Surado Solutions ( ).

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Channel Partners for Hosted Software: Help or Hurt?

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Last Friday I listed the competitive strengths of different types of CRM vendors. Turns out that eWeek ( ) had something similar on its mind. SaaS: More, not less, channel” (eWeek, November 27, 2006), available here , argues that hosted systems will move beyond their current advantages of low cost and rapid implementation.

Building a Complete List of CRM Selection Criteria (or, Learning to Love Vendor White Papers)

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Yesterday’s entry about Sage Software’s paper “17 Rules of the Road for CRM” may have given an overly positive impression. In stating that the points in the paper were all valid, I didn’t mean that the paper itself is a fair treatment of the subject. There are other, equally valid points that the paper leaves out. What are these points? Let's invert Sage’s own approach, which was to highlight the weaknesses of its competitors. Start with a list of the competitors’ strengths.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Podcast: Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way

B2B Lead Generation

It's been well documented that quality of collaboration between sales and marketing directly impacts ROI. The challenge that many organizations face is that their sales process is a black box. No one except the sales team knows what is

A Crash Course in B2B Email Creative

Speaker: Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group

Too often, email campaigns are seen as something that "just anyone" on your team can put together. But in today's attention economy, strong creative can be the defining factor that gets your email to stand out in the inbox. Join Howard Sewell of Spear Marketing Group, a leading B2B agency, as he uses real-world examples to highlight tips, techniques and key principles that can make or break your campaigns.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Where do Your Email Newsletters go?

B2B Lead Generation

so i finally got a chance to catch my breath a bit and read some of the content on my "blogs i read" list. i've often talked about how marketers can reuse content for lead nurturing. if you currently are sending e-newsletters

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

A KnowledgeStorm survey of more than 4500 IT professionals found that more than 80% read blogs, with 18% saying they read them daily and 33% weekly! Moreover, 53% of respondents said blogs influence their purchase decisions

Learning About Web Analytics: Part I

Anything Goes Marketing

If you're a true marketer or a hard-core blogger (or both) you have to be into web analytics. Ok, you don't but you should and I have found some good resources. Bloggers for the most part write because they want to be heard and your analytics justify the time that you sit at your keyboard (for the most part although my wife still needs convincing and web stats, well they just don't do it).

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

WebTrends, LiveStats, WebSideStory – are all software vendors with no standards for calculating hits, views and more. Competing methods of measuring traffic online leave advertisers and marketers almost flying blind

The Rise of the Customer Marketer

From marketing backwater to starring role, this eBook by Influitive explores the changes taking place in customer marketing from the perspective of customer marketers themselves (and explains just why it’s so crucial to customer engagement).