August, 2012

How IntraLinks Used Social Media to Generate Twice as Many Sales-ready Leads as Any Other Channel

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Do you think social media is better for researching prospects than for attaining face-to-face meetings where deals are won and contracts are signed? If so, think again, and pay attention to the experience of Gari Johnson, Vice President Australia & New Zealand, IntraLinks. If you hear about a merger, acquisition or IPO in the news, chances are IntraLinks was involved.

Journalism is Dead: Welcome to the Era of Content Marketing

Tomorrow People

Content marketing is here to stay and the good news is it's a damned sight more reliable than firing out endless press releases to indifferent journos, in the hope one sticks. Mainstream journalism has always skirted at the seamier edges of life. The dumbing down of the national press by agenda-driven media barons has seen an ever-increasing slew of scandal and sleaze clogging the front pages of low-rent publications.


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Industrial Content Marketing is Not Just for SEO

Industrial Marketing Today

Content marketing is a central topic in most of my recent conversations with industrial companies. The primary goal is to generate better quality leads from their websites. That is the good news. The not so good news is that they have a mistaken belief that content marketing is for search engine optimization (SEO). They’ve heard/read that Google loves fresh content, therefore all they need to do is publish lots of content and they’ll be on the first page of Google’s search results.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing Insider Group

Let’s face it, to the average business person, marketing equals promotion. Marketing is what you say and how you say it when you want to explain how awesome your product is and why people should buy it. Marketing is an ad. Marketing is a brochure. Marketing is a press release. And more recently, Marketing is a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Marketing, to many business people, is simply selling at a larger scale.

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Your New Schematic for Next-Level Sales Coaching & Enablement

Speaker: Matthew Hawk, President of B2bTrainers

The term “sales enablement” applies to a dizzying array of best practices and technologies. In addition, there is tremendous competitive pressure not to fall behind. No matter where you are in your current sales enablement strategy, one thing is key: success ultimately rides on the habits of your sales managers & marketers. In this webinar, Matthew Hawk will lay out an in-depth schematic for your next-level sales coaching, demonstrate the key activities that comprise success, and walk you through several examples of sales coaching cadences that apply to all salesforce sizes.

5 B2B Brands That “Get” Storytelling


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Corporate storytelling is nothing new. Presentations and books on telling a great story – opposed to shilling product – are abundant. But examples of brands doing it well are harder to find. That seems to be changing, though. As content marketing and brand journalism takes hold, better corporate storytelling examples have emerged, especially in B2B marketing where sales cycles are long and the need to engage an audience is pivotal. Seeing is learning.

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B2B Social Media Marketing: Focus on leads, not likes

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet It’s time to generate revenue. Do you know where your social media is contributing? Unless you can provide an unequivocal “yes” and the figures to prove it, keep reading. Nichole Kelly, President of SME Digital , a digital marketing agency, and Chris Baggott, Chairman and Cofounder, Compendium , a content marketing software company, have helped hundreds of clients move from counting “likes” and “shares” to counting what executives care about: sales volume, revenue and cost.

The Key to Online Digital Marketing is Achieving Higher Grades

Tomorrow People

It’s no longer enough to base your inbound marketing strategy around your dazzling website. The world has changed; your performance in social media , blogs and email marketing must also be better than your competitors’ But it’s often difficult to assess what you’re getting right and what needs to improve. There are so many things to think about: How well are you using networking sites such as Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn ? How does your website compare?

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Digital Marketing Can Increase Industrial Sales

Industrial Marketing Today

Call it digital marketing or inbound marketing with content , the fact is marketing is now playing a much more active role in complex industrial sales. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to it as digital marketing in this post and state that content is what drives this engine for generating qualified leads and creating sales opportunities.

The Top 9 Social Networks For Businesses

Marketing Insider Group

Are you always wondering which social network is hot and which is not? Which one should be a priority for your personal branding efforts and which one should be a focus for your business? And how many social networks can your business really continue to pay attention to? Well here you will see the search growth rates of the 9 major social networks that I think are most important to businesses and our social media marketing efforts.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Going Public is a Mile Marker, Not a Finish Line


by Joe Payne | Tweet this There’s a common temptation in the technology world to declare “going public” a victory. At Eloqua, we consider an IPO to be a mile marker, not a finish line. Today, when we began selling shares of Eloqua (ELOQ) to the public on the NASDAQ stock exchange, we crossed just another mile marker on our journey to become a company that changes the way others do business.

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How B2B Marketers Can Use Lead Scoring to Better Arm Sales

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B marketers who use lead scoring can improve the quality of leads passed to sales, and help increase close rates and revenues. Many marketers are still evaluated based on the number of leads provided to sales. Most of the time, the leads are handed off to sales with the expectation that all the leads will be called. However, after a few lead follow up calls, sales often determines that many of the leads are "junk" (i.e.

Why 75% of Marketers Are Experiencing Lead Generation Pain and How to Stop It Before It’s Too Late

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet The precursor of change is always pain. For most of us over the past four years, our marketplace has inflicted varying levels of it as we have slogged through the most challenging economic climate since the Great Depression.

Inbound Marketing – out with the Old, in with the New

Tomorrow People

Remember the days when marketing consisted of: Print advertising. Internet advertising. Press releases. Mailshots. Cold calling. Wait a minute. What do you mean you're still using them? The success of the above techniques relies on a single common denominator: hitting the right person at the right time. And by that, we don't mean landing them with a right hook (that's not marketing – assault possibly, but not marketing).

The Revenue Leader's Guide to Prospecting

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Sales & Marketing departments that work together guarantee higher acquisition, better nurturing, and more effective sales. Join Christopher Ryan for this insightful webinar, presenting the wide funnel lead nurturing model. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your teams working together and your revenue performance optimized.

The More Industrial Marketing Changes, the More it Stays the Same

Industrial Marketing Today

I’m not trying to be clever or facetious with my headline. 67 percent of manufacturers, industrial and engineering companies stated that customer acquisition or lead generation is their primary industrial marketing goal in 2012, the same top two marketing goals for the past six years. That’s one of the findings from a survey done by GlobalSpec during the first quarter of 2012.

4 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand

Marketing Insider Group

So what do I know about personal branding? I have only been blogging for a little more than 2 years, and tweeting for just over three years. Well, that is actually part of my story… This is why I updated my slides on personal branding and challenge everyone in business to wake up and get social and to realize that there is no separation between our work and personal lives. It’s time to start telling your story and growing your network.

How to Write the Perfect B2B Blog Post


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this By now, blogging is far from a fringe marketing activity. 65% of B2B marketers used blogging last year , the third most popular tactic, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Blogging may be a preferred means of communicating with and engaging leads through the entire – often lengthy – sales cycle, but many in the B2B space struggle with it. They struggle with how to write a good post, one that will get read. As a result, the world gets another abandoned blog.

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Corporate Blog for Lead Generation


Do You Have a Corporate Blog? . There are numerous benefits to blog as a company. It’s an essential internet marketing tactic. If managed right, blogging will drive website traffic, expose your thoughts to prospects, and contribute to conversions. When companies hesitate implementing a corporate blog program, they can be left behind the eight-ball when prospects determine which firms they wish to do business with. . So I decided to do a blog post on blogs!

How to Redirect Your Indirect Channels by Enabling the Right People

Speaker: Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems

We are in the middle of a major transformation of how companies go to market – in fact, 76% of global CEOs feel that their current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 3 years. Join Jay McBain from Forrester as he unpacks these future trends.

List Buying: 3 reasons why this tactic can be deadly for marketers

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Editor’s Note: Buy, build or both? This is the eternal quandary for many marketers and salespeople looking for a reliable list to contact. We’ve asked Andrea Johnson, Senior Editorial Analyst, MECLABS, to cover both sides of this debate. Today, she explores the downsides of list buying. It’s the start of a three-part series. The next two posts will focus on how to build a list and then on how to use a purchased list if you choose to go that route.

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The Pain of Marketing Explained (and how Inbound Marketing can relieve it)

Tomorrow People

Despite the obvious glamour associated with promoting a new brand of mildew-resistant paint (available in any colour, so long as it's battleship grey), the world of marketing isn't one endless champagne reception. There's a lot of hard graft involved, along with the occasional, well aimed kick to the Google analytics. Read on, for five issues guaranteed to ruin the day of anybody marketing a business: Communication. Or lack thereof.

Industrial Marketing is not Disconnected Tactics

Industrial Marketing Today

Many manufacturers and industrial companies are learning some hard lessons these days. Business as usual is not working – referrals are trickling in, if at all and the pipeline of leads is running dry. The old way of hiring away salespeople from the competition with their “ready book of business” is not producing the quick sales they had expected. Next, they try a series of marketing tactics without a strategy or a plan, hoping something will produce results.

8 Marketing Strategy Articles You Missed Because You Were Too Busy

Marketing Insider Group

We’re winding down the summer and sending the kids back to school. Businesses around the world are starting to think about 2013 and what plans they need to put in place to grow their business, add new product lines, acquire more customers and make more money. So for the next 2 weeks, I will publish my top articles of the year, that you may have missed because you were just too darned busy. And I think it makes sense to start with B2B Marketing Strategy. What is Marketing?

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

5 Surprising Uses for Marketing Automation


by Christina Pappas | Tweet this What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the words ‘ marketing automation ’? For me, it’s email campaigns, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead generation and lead management. But there are so many other ways to get more out of your marketing automation investment, from smoothing out the recruiting process to pushing real-time info to sales. Let’s take a look at five less common uses for marketing automation. Onboarding New Hires.

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Corporate Blog for Lead Generation


Do You Have a Corporate Blog? . There are numerous benefits to blog as a company. It’s an essential internet marketing tactic. If managed right, blogging will drive website traffic, expose your thoughts to prospects, and contribute to conversions. When companies hesitate implementing a corporate blog program, they can be left behind the eight-ball when prospects determine which firms they wish to do business with. . So I decided to do a blog post on blogs!

5 Simple Ways to Take Your Lead Nurturing Program to the Next Level

The Point

We need to talk. You know that monthly newsletter you blast to your entire database under the guise of “lead nurturing”? And those Webinar invitations that you broadcast to every trade show lead you’ve generated since 2005? You can do a lot better. There was a time when lead nurturing was synonymous with simply staying in front of prospects. Call it “calendar-based” nurturing: a series of regularly scheduled emails, promoting different content, all to the same list.

Five Ideas for Getting People to Your Website

Tomorrow People

Creating a good website alone is not enough to increase the traffic to your website. Getting more traffic to your site involves lots of hard work which cannot be done overnight. A good digital media agency can help you in increasing your site’s traffic by applying the best strategies and practices. Besides getting help from the digital media agency you should also use these tips to reach your target audience and to increase traffic.

How to Drive Revenue Through Retention Marketing & Sales Enablement

Speaker: Ruth Stevens, President of eMarketing Strategy

In a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to focus on retaining and expanding current customers. So, how can sales and marketing support the retention effort? Join Ruth Stevens as she dives into this fast-paced session and reviews the 7 key strategies for current customer marketing, to enable sales and expand customer value.