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How to Give Yourself Profit-Building Clout with Blog Posts

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“I should write a book,” said one exasperated pediatrician whose patients’ after-hours questions kept her up practically all night.

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More Marketers are Standing Out from the Pack with Visual Content

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers look for new ways to resonate with their target audiences, new research suggests that using visual content marketing is paying off. Venngage recently published an infographic depicting visual marketing statistics to know for 2019.

Make the Most of the Holiday Marketing Season (and Beyond)

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By Steve Olenski In the middle of this holiday shopping season, there are some strong indications that it could be record-breaking for many companies. Amazon reported a Cyber Monday shopping record, surpassing its own previous record earlier this year on Prime Day.

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The ties that bind us: content marketing proven to foster trust and comfort with customers

Tomorrow People

When content marketing is done well, successful companies will build trust and comfort with an audience — without the hard-sell treatment. This infographic puts in the numbers, but successful marketers agree it’s all about the relationship.

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Humans and Bots: How to blend human skills and AI to build customer intimacy and drive growth

Join Genesys for this webinar to learn how leading companies are using blended AI to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth.

6 Ways Marketing Automation Is Evolving for CMOs

Modern Marketing

As a CMO, your job is to be ready for every marketing development. You’re never allowed to stand still, because the moment you do, something in your industry will change, and you’ll fall behind the competition. Unfortunately, turnover for marketing jobs is increasing.

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12 Expert Ideas to Improve Your Content Marketing for Better Leads

Content Marketing Institute

Many brands leverage content marketing to generate qualified leads and boost sales. In fact, content marketing generates over three times more leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

A Marketer’s Guide to Decoding Social Media Algorithms in 2019


Social media algorithms play a very important role in the ability for marketers and business owners to make an impact online. And although algorithms are often difficult to understand, we need to learn to work with them and not against them if we want to find success.

Acquisition Addiction’s Impact on Customer Experience ROI

Fusion Marketing Partners

Addiction to acquisition of customers is taking a toll on customer experience ROI. Did you know that 1.8 trillion dollars […]. Guest Expert Contributor

Customer-Powered Success: Why Advocates Play a Crucial Role in the Post-Sale Journey


Modern B2B enterprises must provide a flawless post-sale customers experience to drive high customer satisfaction and growth. Instead of only focusing on internal metrics like churn, retention, and NPS,” says Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, “the most sophisticated companies are looking from the outside in, starting with the customer’s experience and desired outcomes and working.

The SaaS Guide to Customer Engagement, Retention, and Advocacy

After onboarding, most SaaS customers have to find their own way to success. This ebook by Influitive is a compilation of some of the best examples of programs designed to drive customer retention and advocacy, with examples from some of the world’s largest and most innovative SaaS vendors.

6 Mistakes Employers Make Around the Holidays


Companies have their collective hands full come December. They may be balancing increasing demands on their business with the various needs of their employees, who may want time off to travel , spend time with family, or simply decompress.

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How to create performance marketing KPIs

Velocity Partners

How to create performance marketing KPIs in seven steps. B2B marketing teams don’t work with KPIs nearly enough. And that’s crazy because they are – as the title suggests – key. So why do so many marketing teams skip this utterly vital stage of any marketing process? It’s a head-scratcher.

The Top 13 Tips to Optimize Your Lead Capture Page


Follow these proven landing page strategies to optimize lead capture conversions. The post The Top 13 Tips to Optimize Your Lead Capture Page appeared first on The ONTRAPORT Blog. Landing Pages

7 Research Tips to Know Your Target Audience on a Deeper Level


A cursory look at any number of blog articles on improving your marketing will make one thing clear—you need to understand your customers to provide messaging that resonates with them.

Lead Generation Companies: How to Pick a Right One

Have you ever had a bad experience using a lead generation company? If the answer is yes, you are certainly not alone; fortunately, MarketJoy has put together 4 simple questions that you can use to judge your next potential lead gen partner.

Top ten external traffic referral sources of November 2018

Where were readers discovering articles and what were some of the top stories of the month? Here’s your quick traffic recap based on network data for November 2018. November 2018: Google Discover joins the top ten. There were 4.7

SEO Changes in 2018

EMagine B2B Blog

It’s no secret that SEO is an ever-evolving industry and will continue to be for years to come. Believe it or not, 2018 happened to be one of the most active years for SEO changes. I simply cannot remember a more active year and I’ve been working with SEO for over fifteen years.

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Using Instagram Marketing to Drive Your Brand


Instagram has established itself as one of the most popular social media platforms. It boasts one billion users, 500 million of whom use it every day. It began as a platform that appealed to younger generations, and its younger audience has stuck around while also expanding into other demogrpahics.

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We Asked, You Answered: The Data Behind the Changing Customer Journey


As marketers, we are so busy creating content, generating leads, or putting out the proverbial fire, that we don’t take time to look around and get a sense of the market. This article, and others this week, illustrate how you can collect and use data to escape the echo chamber of marketing.

The Rise of the Customer Marketer

From marketing backwater to starring role, this eBook by Influitive explores the changes taking place in customer marketing from the perspective of customer marketers themselves (and explains just why it’s so crucial to customer engagement).

The Impact of Bad B2B Marketing Data


There’s no way around it – prospect and customer data is one of the most valuable assets a B2B organization has access to. Think about it: without accurate information, how can you market, sell, or provide customer service to your target audience?

The Rosé Effect

Crimson Hexagon

Rose wine has become incredibly popular and rose flavors have begun popping up in other alcohols, like champagnes, ciders, and vodkas. Marketing alcohol consumer packaged goods CPG industry analysis rose wine wine wine trends

SEO Changes in 2018

EMagine B2B Blog

It’s no secret that SEO is an ever-evolving industry and will continue to be for years to come. Believe it or not, 2018 happened to be one of the most active years for SEO changes. I simply cannot remember a more active year and I’ve been working with SEO for over fifteen years.

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5 Ways to Create Remarkable Value With Financial Content Marketing


When it comes to innovative content marketing, financial services companies sometimes fall short. Whether it’s heavy compliance or legacy workflows, many financial sector brands are years, if not decades, behind the curve.

7 Cold Calling Tactics You Aren't Using but Should Be

Cold calling isn‘t dead; neither is it on its deathbed. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to increase sales and drive revenue. Learn 7 preperation strategies to lessen your stress, and to become a better closer!

Feature Launch: Mobile App for iOS

Outbound Engine

We know how important it is to stay connected. As a small business owner, it’s a necessity for your business to thrive. Communication is crucial to keeping your customers and finding new ones. Knowing this, we’ve been working hard on an exciting update for OutboundEngine customers.

Marketing Predictability: Flip Your Marketing Funnel On Its Head

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Thanks to Leadsift for having me contribute to their 1-Minute Learning Series. The original video interview with Alex Field highlighting how to reverse engineer your marketing funnel lives on Leadsift’s Linkedin page. Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Funnel.

Career Recipe:  Season to Taste with Salt and Pepper

Heinz Marketing

By Sheena McKinney , Executive Assistant to President Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing. I recently had the honor of speaking on a panel with top Seattle Executive Assistants during Seattle Start Up Week. I was introduced as having 30+ years of experience. It made me sound so old!

9 Tips For Brand Building Through Web Design

Altitude Branding

Websites have gained much popularity in the marketing industry today. Brands are keener on building their name and growing their audience through websites. They’re even more popular because of social media, where its links can be attached.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.

Technology Adoption for Financial Advisors

FMG Suite

Technology adoption has become a sink or swim situation for financial advisors. Innovations are shaking up many of the traditional […]. General Marketing Marketing Tips Technology Marketing Marketing Technology Marketing Tools technology

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The Definitive Guide to Holiday Conversations About Your Job

Modern B2B Marketing

It happens every year. After going back to the kitchen for thirds, you return to the dinner table. You top off your glass of wine, and prepare to eat like you haven’t tasted food in a week.

The Beginner's Guide to Design Patterns


To fully understand the importance of design patterns, let's start with an example -- when a user uses your product, how do they save their landing page, blog post, template, etc.? Do their projects auto-save, or do they need to press a "Save" button? Let's say you choose auto-save. Great.