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Solve digital transformation challenges using Oracle Cloud

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Digital transformation is an omnipresent topic today, providing a lot of challenges as well as chances. Due to that, customers are asking about how to deal with those challenges and how to leverage from the provided chances.

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A Positive Guide to Determining Negative Keywords in AdWords


We run several AdWords campaigns for clients and we understand the key task of optimizing keywords in order to insure quality clicks are all they are paying for. But that all depends on your campaign goals, especially when it comes to driving clicks from competitors.

When Screen Scraping became API calling – Gathering Oracle OpenWorld Session Catalog with.

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A dataset with all sessions of the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld 2017 conference is nice to have – for experiments and demonstrations with many technologies. The session catalog is exposed at a website here. With searching, filtering and scrolling, all available sessions can be inspected.

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The Missing Pieces of the Sales-Marketing Alignment Puzzle

B2B Marketing Directions

Research continues to show that marketing-sales alignment remains a significant challenge for many companies. Earlier this year, for example, InsideView published The State of Sales & Marketing Alignment in 2018 , which was based on a survey of more than 500 sales and marketing professionals.

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How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.


Modern Marketing

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The paradox of simultaneous martech consolidation and expansion, illustrated


Man, people sure do find anecdotes more persuasive than data. (As As an aside, this is why machine learning can be so helpful in applying true data-driven marketing — our human biases really skew our perception of reality.).

Modern B2B Technology Worth Trying in 2018


Digital technology has changed the way B2B businesses reach out to their buyers. In the past, B2B companies relied on personal relationships, industry events, or cold-calling to build their brands. The human element was vital to lead generation strategies and overall business growth. However, since then, modern advancements have drastically changed the way we use B2B technology in the business landscape.

Ethical Marketing & Your B2B Business

The Lead Agency

Businesses who endorse and practice ethical marketing create a strong reputation of social responsibility and cultural sensitivity. This is often looked upon favourably by clients and prospective clients, and may even be the deciding factor in their decision to buy from one business over another. As such, ethical marketing isn’t just a moral and legal necessity; it also makes good business sense. What is Ethical Marketing?

Matt’s App of the Week: One More Story

Heinz Marketing

This is for the parents out there. I have three young kids at home and we’re working hard to make them eager and lifelong learners and readers. We read to them nightly but also encourage them to read books on their own, even our two younger boys who can’t yet read much but can certainly “read the pictures” and start to correlate images with words. There are some amazing apps out there to support new readers and One More Story is among my favorites.

Best Practices for Selling to Government Agencies

The US government spends over $235 billion on goods and services each year. Because of this, selling your product or service to a government agency can be a great way to increase profits. A government buyer also offers consistency, at least for the duration of your contract. However, there are key differences between selling to a customer or business and selling to the government. MarketJoy VP of Customer Success, Curtis Bendt, has used his vast experience in sales industry to craft a list of best practices for selling to government agencies to give you a more specific idea of what the process involves. MarketJoy also provides you with several tips on how to increase your chances of success.

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