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The Ultimate Guide to Email Design


In 2018, there were over 3.7 billion email users around the world. By 2022, this number is expected to increase to 4.3 billion. A group within that large number of users includes your business’s target audience, the people you want to market your brand, products, and services to via email.

It’s time to rethink your lead scoring model

Marketing Advisory Network

I wrote this for the FlipMyFunnel LinkedIn Community – are you a member? If not, and ABM is your jam I recommend you join. A critical part of any account-based strategy is strategically defining which accounts we are going to pursue.

3 Content Hacks to Move Prospects Down the Funnel Faster


Content is an essential tool in every B2B marketer’s arsenal. But in a world where buyers spend 48% of their journey researching solutions independently, content has to work double time to take over the role that, in the past, was filled by a skilled salesperson. . Successful marketers know that content should be a catalyst to move prospects further down the marketing funnel.

Marketers Still Have Progress to Make When it Comes to Implementing Personalization Efforts

KoMarketing Associates

Although some marketers are already seeing positive results from focusing on personalization efforts, new research suggests that many of them are still in the developmental stages of making personalization a top priority within their company.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.

Exploring IT Audiences: Real-time, Custom Content Consumption Insights

Marketing Insider Group

Leveraging data to give your content marketing strategy a competitive edge is gaining attention in the B2B marketing world. While analyzing real-world data points is becoming a must-do, it’s challenging to find the right information or tools to gain meaningful insights.

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An Opportunity-Based Marketing Framework for ABM

The Point

How to Grow Your Email Marketing List


In this blog, we discuss three proven methods for growing an email marketing list organically — as well as the most costly mistake you can make. Demand and Lead Generation Email Marketing

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How to Use Video Content to Generate Leads and Drive Sales


You can blend a Rubik’s Cube. Seriously, you can put a Rubik’s Cube in a Blendtec blender, and it’ll shred the toy to pieces of sharp confetti. Same with golf balls, glow sticks, and iPhones.

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Opportunities and Gaps in MarTech


Last week I was asked what the biggest opportunities and gaps are in the MarTech stack. It’s an interesting question when one considers all the technology that’s available in the market.

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The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

6 Examples of Incredible Content Marketing From Technology Companies


What exactly is a technology company in 2019? Just as every class offered at a women’s college is partially a gender studies course, every company making money today is likely, at least in part, a technology company—unless you’re Dunder Mifflin. But that makes sense.

Making Choices About Choices

Carla Johnson

September 12, 2019 Making lists is one of my favorite things to do because I like to check things off. At the end of crazy days when I’ve had no control, I’ll make a list and check off what I got done so I don’t feel like I wasted my day. I grew up living near my grandmothers, with whom.

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The Most Important Lesson Learned at Content Marketing World

Content Marketing Institute

The motivation for Content Marketing World’s headliner keynotes – Henry Rollins and Mindy Kaling – are vastly different. But these two high-profile, highly successful creatives possess the same essential ingredient for success.

There are No Diamonds Without Pressure- Making the Performance Journey

Measure Up Marketing

The Pressure to Prove Marketing Performance Persists. There is a lot of pressure when you delve 100 miles or so below the Earth’s surface. The weight of the overlying rock combined with the high temperature enables carbon atoms to bond and create diamonds.

7 Marketing and Sales Strategies to Grow Your Revenue Fast

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Many companies have the core marketing and sales elements to take their revenue to the next level, but are still missing out on some key opportunities. Join Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners and writer of the recent book "The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook," to discover seven steps that you can immediately take to grow your company’s revenue quickly and consistently!

Optimizely speeds up site testing with new Performance Edge


Optimization platform Optimizely is out today with Performance Edge , which it says improves the speed at which user tests run in browsers. In a typical use case, a web site might want to test on its home page user responses to different discounts, Director of Product Jon Noronha told me.

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How to Grow Your Business With Influencer Marketing and Brand Partnerships

Single Grain

NOW UPDATED! This post was expanded for 2019 with new tactics for growing your business with influencer marketing. Enjoy! What Is Influencer Marketing? The Growth of Brand Influencer Partnerships. Why Brands Rely on Influencer Marketing. How to Work With Brand Advocates and Influencers.

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Content Marketing Ideas for Each Stage of the Sales Funnel


These days, it’s relationships that define and sustain a brand. Countless research studies have proven that businesses who connect with their customers on a more personal level are much more successful than competitors that don’t.

Why You Should You Care About the Google Answer Box


By Toni Boger, Content Strategist. . The days of stuffing a page full of keywords and having it rank in search results are long gone. As search engines have evolved to incorporate advanced technologies and produce better results, content is more important than ever in SEO.

A Crash Course in B2B Email Creative

Speaker: Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group

Too often, email campaigns are seen as something that "just anyone" on your team can put together. But in today's attention economy, strong creative can be the defining factor that gets your email to stand out in the inbox. Join Howard Sewell of Spear Marketing Group, a leading B2B agency, as he uses real-world examples to highlight tips, techniques and key principles that can make or break your campaigns.

Clean-Up Time: Eliminating Data Pollution in the Marketing Organization

Martech Advisor

Improperly managed data can be more detrimental to marketing efforts than a wholesale lack of data. Infogroup's Andrew Bloom describes the most common challenges contributing to today’s marketing data pollution crisis, says, Andrew Bloom, President, Enterprise Solutions, Infogroup.

8 Exceptional Examples of Customer-Led Storytelling


Customer-led storytelling is a creative strategy that’s buzzing in industry blogs as a top trend , but though it can be deployed to great effect, it’s hardly new.

Maintaining Your WordPress Website: What Marketers Need to Know

Circle Studio

WordPress has evolved into a powerful content management system and currently powers nearly 35% of the world’s content-managed websites. And much like a house, once it’s built, a WordPress website requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and securely.

How to Use Original Content to Gain More Clients

FMG Suite

If you’re looking for ways to set your financial advisory apart from the competition and reach new leads, content marketing is the answer. Marketing’ doesn’t mean simply pitching your products or services.

5 Imperatives of a Rockstar ABM Program

Speaker: Danny Nail, Sr. Director, Head of Global Account Based Marketing, SAP

Want to get started with ABM, but not sure where to begin? It's all about understanding: understanding your customers, understanding on an organizational level what your definitions, approaches, and ideal outcomes are, and having the understanding - and support - of your stakeholders. Join Danny Nail, Head of Global Account Based Marketing at SAP and SAP Marketer of the Year, as he explains five concrete steps your organization can take to achieve ABM excellence.

What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Data on Pocket Sizes


When Apple announced the 2014 versions of the iPhone, the shift toward larger screens and devices became the norm. It didn’t take long for people to realize that there was something wrong.

Dash For the Exit: CDP Acquisitions Rattle MarTech Firms


How much is that Customer Data Platform in the window? . It’s been a rough year for martech firm Radius Intelligence. Last year, three months after the customer data platform company announcing a merger with competitor Leadspace , the deal was canceled without fanfare.

How S’well uses Curalate to drive sales with AI + user-generated content


User-generated content (UGC) produced by customers who support specific brands is a growing trend thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices and social media.

Demystifying the Customer Data Platform: 5 Things Your CDP Should Do


Forget about the marketing technologies you currently use or plan to use for a moment and just think about your customer experience.

Customer-Centric Websites: Successful Strategies to Engage B2B Buyers

Speaker: Kellie de Leon, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, The Mx Group

Chances are, you’re under the gun to convert more leads from your website. To increase conversion, your site needs high-quality content, user-friendly navigation paths, and calls to action that appeal to your target customers. But how do you go about this? And wouldn’t it be great to see some real-world examples from B2B companies that are doing it successfully? Kellie de Leon, VP of marketing and strategy at B2B agency The Mx Group, works with marketers every day to help them create and execute customer-centric strategies and content that increase web engagement and conversion. In this webinar, she'll discuss how to make your website more customer-centric.