Mon.May 10, 2021

Vision to vocabulary: What to include in your brand messaging playbook

Tomorrow People

We break down 12 essentials of messaging and positioning to help you build a strong and consistent brand. A distinctive and compelling brand needs to be supported by a set of essential messaging, recorded in a playbook.

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Is Content Marketing Right for My Industry?

Marketing Insider Group

Every year, I have tons of prospects who ask me, “Is content marketing right for my industry?”. Their industries range from local firms, established brands, small businesses, and highly technical companies who make stuff many of us would have trouble understanding.


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Buyer Aligned Sales Processes Are In Need Of A Redesign To Succeed In A New Era For B2B

Tony Zambito

B2B Organizations Must Reinvent To Accomplish Buyer-Aligned Strategies Post-Pandemic. In the lexicon of business, especially B2B, words and phrases can take on so many different meanings. That they, in effect, lose their intended purpose after a while.

How to become a bureaucracy buster in a data-driven marketing world

Tomorrow People

Why it’s time to add speed to your marketing team with data-driven processes. When people talk about bureaucracy they are typically using the word in a negative sense. Bureaucracy is often used to describe a series of rigid processes and formalities that cause delay.

11 Email Deliverability Strategies to Reach the Inbox

With nearly 1 in 5 emails from U.S. senders failing to reach the inbox, deliverability challenges still plague senders and prevent email campaign success. Check out this deliverability guide for actionable strategies and real-world examples of companies applying smart inboxing tactics.

How to Be an SEO Difference Maker

Content Marketing Institute

Explore these key tactics, tools, and time savers to make putting together the SEO puzzle easier and help you shine when it comes to sharing your performance data. Continue reading → The post How to Be an SEO Difference Maker appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. Company News

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3 steps to find the best email automation tool for you [+ Free Evaluation Template]


If you want to propel your email program to the next level, email automation is an excellent place to start. Statistics show that automated emails have a 70.5% higher open rate than regular emails. What’s more, automated campaigns have been shown to drive 21% of marketing revenue.

5 Smart Steps To Build Your B2B Contact List Quickly

Only B2B

What if you didn’t have an email contact list, you would be clueless right! You would not know who to target, who you have contacted and who all are your prospects and so on.

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How to Use SEO Tools to Qualify Sites Before the Pitch (for Non-Link Builders)


Learn how link building tools help you find quality sites and weed out low-quality ones, so that you can focus on outreach to help your site grow

Best White Label SEO Software Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

As digital marketing continues to grow in popularity, the demand for SEO has also increased exponentially.

Re-Thinking Translation for Business Growth in a Digital-First World

Effective localization is critical to business expansion. But traditional translation processes can't keep pace with today's agile, omnichannel realities. Read our eBook to discover the limitless possibilities uncovered by agile translation management.

JavaScript for Optimizers: Adding a DateTime Picker


We’ve all been there: the frustrating task of manually adding the date in a form. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for the date format, my brain goes into overdrive. Are you going for MM/DD/YYYY? What if we want YYYY-MM-DD instead? How many days does February have again?

Social Media for Big Companies: 10+ Inspiring Examples


Social media for big companies has become about as commonplace as human resource departments. Unless you’re Apple, you’re on social media.

A day in the life of a deliverability expert


Do you really understand deliverability? Is a career in deliverability right for you? Deliverability is a niche topic and it’s sometimes hard for friends, family, and curious ears to understand.

How to Make & Optimize an Instagram Landing Page (WordPress)


Do you want to learn how to make an Instagram landing page for your website, but you’re not sure how to get started? An Instagram landing page is a dedicated page on your site where you send traffic from your Instagram account.

Developing Your Training Content So That It Actually Moves the Needle

Speaker: Bryan Naas, VP of Sales Productivity at Braze

Getting reps & marketers to engage in your content is half the battle of providing value that can ultimately impact the bottom line. How do we break through the noise? In this session, Bryan Naas will detail what it takes to build training and content resources that reps will actually take the time to engage with so you can help them reach their goals.

Stop it Before it Happens: 8 Tactics to Avoid Declining Sales

Benchmark Email

Summer is great for a lot of things, including long days at the pool or beach, boisterous backyard barbecues, and catching up on all the sunshine you missed over the winter months. What summer is not so great for, unfortunately, is sales.

5 New MindFire OptiChannel Features Every Printer & Agency Needs to Know


In this LIVE session, join me and Kushal Dutta, EVP of Product, as we cover several important updates, including new features like: Easy and powerful form-field branching (allows you to ask questions contextualized by the respondent’s previous answers).

How Does HubSpot's New Custom Objects Feature Impact Integrations?

SmartBug Media

HubSpot’s custom objects feature allows enterprise customers to extend their customer relationship management (CRM) platform to define objects outside of HubSpot’s standard objects.

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Selling in 2021


Whether you call it “virtual selling”, “remote selling”, or “trying to close sales through a computer screen”, you already know that COVID-19 changed online selling from a novelty to a necessity.

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The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

YouTube Shorts Launches 4 New Creation Tools via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Search Engine Journal

YouTube is rolling out its in-app creation tools for Shorts videos to all US users, and adding four all-new features. The post YouTube Shorts Launches 4 New Creation Tools appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News YouTube

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Content Marketing Agency


Are you looking to hire a content marketing agency? To help you find the right resource, we’ve identified 6 key questions you should ask. Continue reading to check out our list and learn why they will help you choose the right resource.

Content Delivery Network (CDN): What It Is & How It Works via @sejournal, @_kevinrowe

Search Engine Journal

What is a content delivery network (CDN), how does it work, and what are the implications of CDNs on SEO? Learn more here. The post Content Delivery Network (CDN): What It Is & How It Works appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Digital Experience SEO

The Square 2 Playbook For Using Video To Generate Leads

Square 2 Marketing

There Is A New Content Playbook, And It Starts With Video. As you think about and start to plan your content strategy for the rest of the year, you have to think video first. We’ve been teasing this since the middle of last year, when we all were put out of our offices and forced to work from home.

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The Revenue Leader's Guide to Prospecting

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Sales & Marketing departments that work together guarantee higher acquisition, better nurturing, and more effective sales. Join Christopher Ryan for this insightful webinar, presenting the wide funnel lead nurturing model. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your teams working together and your revenue performance optimized.

Does Google Gives Preference to Content Above the Fold? via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

John Mueller answers what Google's preferences are with regard to content that's above the fold The post Does Google Gives Preference to Content Above the Fold? appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News SEO

How Does HubSpot's New Custom Objects Feature Impact Integrations?

SmartBug Media

HubSpot’s custom objects feature allows enterprise customers to extend their customer relationship management (CRM) platform to define objects outside of HubSpot’s standard objects.

An Up-to-Date Guide on Good SEO Content vs. Bad SEO Content via @sejournal, @JuliaEMcCoy

Search Engine Journal

SEO is constantly changing. Stay up to date with best SEO practices — and avoid bad ones — to help your brand thrive online. The post An Up-to-Date Guide on Good SEO Content vs. Bad SEO Content appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Content Marketing SEO

Scared to monetize your email newsletters? Here’s why you shouldn’t be.


Companies spend countless resources carefully crafting and building out their brand identity. Everything from typography to colors, and of course, brand voice is taken into account. The brand identity of a business is like its fingerprint.

5 Key Elements for Building a Successful Data-Driven Product

When selecting data providers, companies must ensure they’re tapping into comprehensive, high-quality streams of fresh information which can be easily integrated into their products in a privacy-compliant manner.