Wed.Feb 15, 2017

25 B2B Engagement Tactics For All Marketing Funnel Stages


With the myriad of available B2B marketing engagement opportunities, which strategies should marketers use, and at what point in the buying journey? At which of the marketing funnel stages are prospects prepared for various types of outreach?

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Five Tips to Help You Write Outstanding Content For Your Blog


Content is king, and blogs often make the best castles. Unfortunately, many people struggle to consistently write the type of high-quality content that attracts and holds readers, and stands out in search. These five tips can help you more dependably write outstanding content for your blog.

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The Need to Prioritize ROI Isn’t Going Away: 5 Digital Marketing Metrics to Master

Marketing Insider Group

Social media trends and popular content marketing techniques may come and go, but the need for numbers will never change. You will always be able to count on the importance of ROI. In fact, demonstrating your return on investment may be more important now than it ever was.

How A CMO Uses Storytelling To Engage Audiences

Modern Marketing

Jeremy Duerksen is CMO at Peaksware. In his spare time he rides horses and dual sport motos - presumably not at the same time and races bikes.

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The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts.

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4 Internal Struggles Great Leaders Must Overcome


Some leadership challenges are predictable: inspiring your team, guiding organizational change, prioritizing the right things at the right time. Other challenges are less expected, and don't always become apparent until you're forced to face them head-on.

What promotional products are on your desk? [survey results]


When it comes to promotional products, there is one thing for sure, this marketing method and advertising tool has stood the test of time.

Watch this Video: Volvo’s Live Fully Now


Every so often we come across a really amazing example of video marketing and we just need to share it with you. Volvo’s latest video is one of those. Video Transcript: Hey guys! We just discovered this awesome video from Volvo and we really wanted to share it with you. Take a look, and I’ll catch you on the other side. My goodness, don’t you remember when you went first to school.

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Content Marketing in the Philippines Reaches Tipping Point, and What This Means for Local Brands


You know that we "made it" as an industry when a 35-year old, local fastfood chain produces a series of commercials-slash-short films and gains massive viral success. We're looking at you, Jollibee.). Content Marketing Digital Marketing

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Make No Mistake: How Worst-Practices Derail Successful ABM Efforts

This Quick Study Slide Show from Node identifies the common mistakes of ABM executions and offers practical advice to help teams avoid them.

10 Amazing Interactive Videos


Marketers continue to rank video as one of the most effective content types. Over 8 billion Facebook videos are played each day. Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming video content by 2019. Demand Metric reports that video now converts better than other content types.

It’s Time to Stop Marketing to “Millennials”

Content Standard

“Here we go,” I thought. Another marketing meeting. Our poor director felt so much pressure that his anxiety transferred to the rest of us. The goal was always the same: smarter marketing to millennials. Meeting after meeting. Week after week.

Apply Yourself: 28 Marketing Awards Worth Going For


“Something that is conferred or bestowed especially on the basis of merit or need.”. That’s the Merriam-Webster definition of the word “award.” And for such a brief statement, it packs a lot of punch -- especially with that "merit" part.

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See You at the 2017 LIMRA Distribution Conference


Opportunities ahead. We are pleased to announce we will be joining other top brands at the 2017 LIMRA Distribution Conference for Financial Services.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

If you are a marketer who needs to generate more high-quality leads that will turn into sales opportunities and revenue, register now for this special event that will show you how to get started and moving in a profitable direction.

Lessons Entrepreneurs Learn from Popular TV Shows

Marketing Insider Group

There’s no denying it. We’re a culture obsessed with TV. But is that really such a bad thing? Are we really rotting our brains binging our favorite Netflix shows on a daily basis, or is it possible we could be learning something? As a small business owner, I use TV to wind down at night […].

Lead Nurturing’s Biggest Challenges


Lead nurturing is a vital part of B2B marketing because it‘s a key strategy in driving prospective customers towards a purchase decision. When done right, it can eventually turn prospects into loyal customers who can contribute to sustainable revenue for the long run. While they might not be customers from the get-go, prospects turn into warm leads faster if you invest the time and effort to communicate regularly after their first contact.

Understanding Buyer Personas: The Business Owner, CEO and High-Level Executive


A strong understanding of your buyer personas is essential to digital marketing success. Your marketing data defines who these personas are, what drives them, and what your company must do to get them to buy.

Artificial Intelligence: Marketing’s Friend or Marketing’s Foe?

Aberdeen CMO Essentials

The story of robots taking jobs — or worse, turning against us — was a common leitmotif of the late twentieth century. But, as the twenty-first century progresses, it’s becoming increasingly clear that artificial intelligence (or AI) will be much more likely to enhance our jobs than replace them.

7 Common Marketing Mistakes and strategies to avoid them

This white paper addresses the 7 most common challenges marketers hit when marketing products, solutions, or services and offers proven advice on how to avoid these missteps and improve the success of your marketing efforts.

Consulting Firm Research Released

Hinge Marketing

In this video blog, Liz Harr shares insights from the 2017 research on marketing and growth strategies for the consulting industry – a special edition research report from the annual High Growth Study. Video Transcription.

Make Awesome Salesforce Reports with ABM Ad Data


In this video, you’ll see a step-by-step process for creating Salesforce reports using ABM Ad Data. Below is a transcript of the video with a touch of editing for readability.

Augmented Reality: What Is It and Why Do B2B Marketers Need It?


In a world of constant change, many successful companies are now adopting a digital engagement strategy across their entire customer lifecycle. Interactive experiences on websites, smartphones and tablets are everywhere we turn these days. And now we are about to be driven by immersive experiences.

Expert Advice on Conquering Modern Marketing [Webinar]


Marketers, whether or not we want to believe it, we’re working in the dark ages. Sounds a little dramatic, no? Stay with us here.

30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

Trust, support, and transparency: that's what your target buyer really wants. These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win.

The Importance of B2B Content Design – Part 1


Good Design-. Design often comes secondary to good copy. Granted, copy is vital to the success of your content marketing strategy but all too often, design is simply relegated to making your Word doc a PDF. Why is B2B content design important and is it worth the investment? In this two-part series, we first discuss what makes up “good design;” in our next post, we will delve into what constitutes “bad design” and what you risk with cheap solutions. Why invest in content design?

Microsoft: our enterprise cloud services will be GDPR-compliant in time


Since end of 2016, early 2017, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) fever is clearly going up. However, a quite amazing number of companies is not even close to GDPR compliance. It’s not just GDPR awareness/readiness research telling us that. If you are in the ‘business’ of GDPR (meaning: you have a solution that helps […].