Fri.Oct 22, 2021

The Cost & Importance of Small Business Insurance


No matter the industry, small businesses need to protect their work and assets. While small business insurance can seem like a burden, it’s an important part of doing business. But how much should you be paying for business insurance?

Safety and Authenticity: Keys to 21st Century Leadership Excellence


T his edition’s collection reflects on cultivating psychological safety in our teams and larger organizations, so we can bring our best, authentic selves in service of each other and our customers/clients.

Ethics 104

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Humanizing Your Brand through Social Media: An Interview with Lauren Beane of Cisco


Over the last few years, we’ve had to adapt our social media plans to fit the constantly changing social climate. We have grown so used to pivoting our plans that it’s easy to lose sight of the need for a consistent voice across all marketing channels, especially on social media.

3 Hot Takes: Bad Thought Leadership, Irrelevant Content, and a New Media Network

Content Marketing Institute

Frustrated B2B readers give thought leadership content a bad review, and most say they skip out on anything they deem irrelevant. B2C retail giant Lowe’s adds a media network to monetize its audience. Read our hot takes.

Virtual Event Strategy: Building a High-ROI Annual Plan for 2022

Speaker: David Edwards, Senior Manager, Virtual Events, BrightTALK

While B2B marketers have used events as an effective marketing tool for decades, virtual events have more recently evolved into an essential part of the marketing mix. But the myriad of options can make it confusing to put together a virtual event strategy that positively impacts your marketing goals - not just your budget.

The IKEA effect and self-service advertising


Many of us have been here before—It’s the beginning of Q4, and you’ve just been tasked with auditing your current media vendors and researching alternative options for the upcoming year. Where do you start? What should you take into consideration?

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11 WooCommerce Blog Plugins to Engage Your Readers


Are you looking for the best WooCommerce blog plugin to engage your readers? Plugins are one of the best things about having a WooCommerce store and blog. They allow you to constantly grow and improve your site.

10 Ingredients For A Successful Content Marketing Mix via @sejournal, @thatbberg

Search Engine Journal

Content marketing is a lot like baking. Check out these ingredients you need to make your strategy a success. The post 10 Ingredients For A Successful Content Marketing Mix appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Careers at Content4Demand


Content4Demand has grown and thrived for nearly a decade as a sister company to Demand Gen Report and now as a division of EmeraldX. We’re expanding our team to accommodate that growth and eager to meet marketing pros ready for the next step in their digital marketing careers.

How to Use Snapchat In Your Marketing Campaigns - Ep. 245 via @sejournal, @Juxtacognition

Search Engine Journal

Snapchat is more than a social network. It's a keyword discovery engine! Learn about this unique platform to get more from its customer-engaging features. The post How to Use Snapchat In Your Marketing Campaigns [Podcast] appeared first on Search Engine Journal. SEJ Show

The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Experience

ABX is the next evolution of ABM & it’s here to stay. Gifting & direct mail can carry you straight to the hearts of your prospects & customers. Find out how easy it is to create data-driven, personalized experiences at scale with gifting and direct mail.

DivvyHQ vs. Contently: Comparing Content Marketing Platforms


For your enterprise content team to consistently create and publish content across multiple channels, you’re going to need the support of technology. With the right platform, you can be more organized, productive and efficient.

Keyword Segmentation: Find Which Product Categories Rank Best via @sejournal, @gofishchris

Search Engine Journal

Using keyword segmentation to see pages may rank well gives insight that can guide you in where to invest your SEO and content resources. The post Keyword Segmentation: Find Which Product Categories Rank Best appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

New Movers: The Secret to Skyrocketing Solar Energy Sales

V12 Data

The solar energy industry is rapidly growing. Currently, there are more than 2 million solar energy systems installed in the U.S. According to solar energy growth projections, it’s estimated that there will be 4 million solar power systems in 2023.

Free AI Content Optimization Tool by MarketMuse via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

Free version of MarketMuse content optimization tool brings AI and Machine Learning technology to small publishers The post Free AI Content Optimization Tool by MarketMuse appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News SEO

Deliver Magic Moments with Direct Mail and Corporate Gifting

Digital fatigue is a thing, no surprise there. The good news: you can break through the noise using a new channel! Find out how to get creative and build rapport with prospects & customers offline with strategic direct mail and corporate gifting.

6 Ways to Keep Marketing Skills Fresh

Heinz Marketing

By Lisa Heay , Marketing Planning Manager at Heinz Marketing. The marketing technology landscape is changing rapidly.

Did YouTube Change Its Algorithm? No, It’s Seasonal Decline via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Search Engine Journal

Is your YouTube viewership down? You're not alone. It's normal for watch patterns to change around this time of year. The company explains why. The post Did YouTube Change Its Algorithm? No, It’s Seasonal Decline appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News YouTube

4 Reasons To Invest in Sales Operations Now


If you’re running a successful B2B company, your sales operations (sales ops) crew is likely the unsung hero of your sales process. Business leaders sometimes make the mistake of seeing sales operations (increasingly known as revenue operations) as a cost instead of a potential revenue driver.

Facebook Ads Updates: Conversions API Gateway & AEM for iOS14 Users via @sejournal, @mirandalmwrites

Search Engine Journal

See what's new in Facebook Ads updates designed to help advertisers with measurement issues from the tracking prompt fallout. The post Facebook Ads Updates: Conversions API Gateway & AEM for iOS14 Users appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Facebook News

API 88

How to Increase ABM Performance with Empathy

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

The highest priority for B2B marketers is effective demand generation (increasing lead quality and quantity). However, we can get so caught up in our ABM strategies, systems, tools, and investments that we lose sight of building deep empathy for the people in the accounts. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to go beyond rational-logic-based sales/marketing and adjust your strategy to understand better how buyers feel so that you can connect and help more customers buy.

The Business Case For Data Privacy

The Customer

The concerns of CEOs over cyber-security and data privacy have accelerated due to the new ‘digital normal’ created by the pandemic.

Five Tips for Promoting a Technology Solution On Social Media

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Samantha Waites. Social media promotion uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, drive web traffic , and increase sales. Source: Pixabay.

Top 15 Email Marketing KPIs [Metrics and Formulas]


Many companies try to gauge email marketing effectiveness purely on open and click-through rates. But there are a lot more data to analyze. Depending on your objectives, there are several metrics you should be measuring. Several organizations refuse to believe in the power of email marketing.

CTR 52

Sales coaching, learning, and enablement: Analyst firm names Seismic a Leader in latest report


Seismic was named a Leader in the Aragon Globe for Sales Coaching and Learning, 2021. Lessonly by Seismic co-founders, Max Yoder and Conner Burt, share their thoughts on the latest analyst report and what to expect from the next wave of enablement. Hey everyone, how’s it going?

Bigger, Faster, Better: Considerations for Scaling Up Your Own Engagement Engine

Speaker: David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget

Customer acquisition and growth requires intentional strategy. Join David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget as they share their 20+ years of experience in crafting engagement engines at scale.

It takes a village to raise a child: ScanmarQED social project materialized


Social responsibility is one of our pillars at ScanmarQED. We find it important to contribute to the health and education of the young and less privileged. For this reason, we have been committed since 2016 to support the charity projects of the Rockids Foundation (

The Innovative Role of Identity Resolution In a Cookie-Less World


Have you heard that third-party cookies will soonbe phased out? If so, do you have a plan in place or actionable strategies for how you’ll proceed once that time comes?

CPA Marketing: How it Works & How to Build an Effective Strategy


We explore how CPA works, its many benefits, and how to build your own CPA strategy. Marketing

CPA 73

7 B2B Marketing Trends in 2022 – Winning Formulas to Adopt for Growth

Lake B2B

In recent years, B2B marketing has evolved to be more customer-centric. Marketers have been exploring new channels and tactics to better understand the buyer’s journey from start to finish.

Buyer Intent Data Guide: How to Find Prospects Already Looking to Buy

Collecting and understanding buyer intent is a must for any marketer or salesperson looking for a higher success rate in reaching active buyers. Throughout this eBook, we’ll explore how to monetize intent data, where it's sourced from (and which sources you should be wary of), as well as how to best utilize it within your outbound campaigns in order to drive more pipeline each month.

Why B2B Review Sites are Important — and Why Your Company’s Leadership Should Embrace Them


Brass tacks: Marketers and salespeople don’t have the kind of control over the buyer’s journey and sales process like they used to. B2B buyers are more empowered than ever.

Product Marketing versus Company Marketing for HealthTech Businesses [Updated]

Golden Spiral

Every marketing department must: sell the brand in order to. sell the product. More competitors are entering the HealthTech space every week increasing the complexity of the marketing and sales processes. You can’t sell your product without trust.

Why Your Website Redesign Would Benefit From An Inbound Marketing Strategy

Stevens & Tate

A website redesign is the perfect time to integrate your inbound marketing strategy into the site’s very fabric. In fact, your entire website needs to be optimized and focused on furthering your inbound marketing efforts.