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Only 35% of companies nurture leads. Good. More leads for you

Madison Logic

About 3 months ago, I had a meeting with a VP of Marketing at a cyber security company. She ran a 10-person team and had a clear sense of her business objectives and revenue goals. Initially, I didn’t see how I could help but several times in the conversation she mentioned needing a way to.

The 5 Step Marketing Research Process

SmartBug Media

Originally written on June 3, 2016. Content was updated August 1, 2019. With constant change being the norm in marketing and business, one thing remains the same: the need for marketing research.

The rise of Faceapp and its effect on the market


FaceApp is an AI-based face altering app for iOS and Android, that has received great press attention for its artificially intelligent data use. While its mass adoption fueled a meteoric rise through the rankings, it’s also been met with cries of concern about data privacy

Agile Marketing Teams Should be Organized Around the Customer

Marketing Insider Group

As digital marketing channels have proliferated over the years, marketers have become ever more specialized. We’ve been encouraged to pick our lane and stay there, because no two functions are the same. Email isn’t like social, which isn’t like content or automation.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.

Seven Powerful B2B Lead Generation Processes and Tools


Guest post by Robert Jordan. B2B lead generation tools help marketers more effectively develop new prospective sales opportunities. They can help generate a bigger and better lead pipeline across any business and industry.

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Despite Struggles, Marketers Continue to Invest Their Budgets in Martech

KoMarketing Associates

Marketers have not always integrated martech into their overall strategies, but new research shows that they are finally including it as a critical part of their plans, and their efforts are paying off.

Budget 170

Create a Better Content Calendar With This 4-Pillar Framework


All my life, no one has ever called me organized or neat. I tend to keep random objects in small piles around my apartment. I write reminders on the backs of my hands. My mind is like a big box of Jelly Belly beans that’s been shaken up by a sugar-manic child—it’s just chaos in there.

Exploring the Impact of Customer Experience on Marketing and Sales


How relevant is the customer experience to your marketing and sales initiatives? According to 64 percent of consumers , CX is more important than price. Let that sink in for a moment. customer experience

This Content Marketing Riddle is No Joke

Content Marketing Institute

People ponder why the chicken crossed the road. Content marketers reflect on why their target audience crosses the road. They often forgo asking an equally important question. Discover what it is and how content marketers can answer it.

The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

Think like a publisher: How IMPACT’s content marketing will reach 1 million monthly readers

“We’ve never had a lead gen problem,” said Kathleen Booth, head of IMPACT’s marketing team. That was enough to make everyone’s ears perk up as Booth presented IMPACT’s content marketing strategy at a lunch & learn in June. Her solution? Act like a publisher.

9 skills every social media manager must have

Sprout Social

A social media manager can be a marketer, a strategist, a copywriter, a designer, an analyst and a customer service rep—sometimes all in one day. As someone who loves a challenge, that variety is one of the things that first drew me to working in social.

The Power of “No” in Business: The Best Sales Tactic

Single Grain

One of the best sales tactics is learning how to say “no.” That sounds counterintuitive, right? Well, it isn’t. When it comes to sales, if you’re the one selling, your goal is to bring in revenue. But your customer has a different goal: to pay as little as they can and get as much as possible.

How can Marketers Show They’re Having an Impact on Sales?


Marketers – have you ever heard a sales rep ask, “What does Marketing to all day?” ” Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Cue the eye-roll. Let’s take a look at why this happens so we can get a better idea of how to fix it.

7 Marketing and Sales Strategies to Grow Your Revenue Fast

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Many companies have the core marketing and sales elements to take their revenue to the next level, but are still missing out on some key opportunities. Join Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners and writer of the recent book "The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook," to discover seven steps that you can immediately take to grow your company’s revenue quickly and consistently!

10 Techniques For Successful Sales Lead Generation

Only B2B

The beginning of the year consistently signals a re-examination of old techniques and the chase for fresher ones to improve the sales lead generation technique in your industry. Driven by. The post 10 Techniques For Successful Sales Lead Generation appeared first on ONLY B2B. blogs B2B Sales Leads

10 Tools to Easily Perform Competitive Website Analysis

Single Grain

UPDATED! This post was expanded for 2019 to include more info for smarter competitive website analysis! Julian Castro once said: “We know that in our free market economy some will prosper more than others.”

A Sales Management System


“There’s no stronger time than now, where a sales executive needs a really strong partnership with business ops or sales ops or revenue ops,” said Todd Abbott, as he opened his presentation at Ramp 2019, the revenue ops event of the year hosted by InsightSquared.

Modern Demand Generation, Demystified 


Often in life, it’s the simplest of things we think we have all figured out. We’re dead-set in our ways, more than we think. This is often the case for many marketers when it comes to demand generation. How could we not understand such an easy concept? .

A Crash Course in B2B Email Creative

Speaker: Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group

Too often, email campaigns are seen as something that "just anyone" on your team can put together. But in today's attention economy, strong creative can be the defining factor that gets your email to stand out in the inbox. Join Howard Sewell of Spear Marketing Group, a leading B2B agency, as he uses real-world examples to highlight tips, techniques and key principles that can make or break your campaigns.

Leveraging Survey-Based Insights To Identify Key Buyer Triggers In Your Contact Database


With the rapid growth of sales automation technology hitting the market, response rates to sales and marketing efforts are plummeting in direct proportion to the amount of automated prospecting messages flooding the inboxes and voicemails of your clients.

Why Asking the Right Questions Is the Secret Sauce of Effective Lead Qualification


As a demand gen marketer, you’re responsible for building a pipeline your sales team can turn into revenue. You send over MQLs based on forms completed, events attended, white papers downloaded, or some combination of activities that yielded the right lead score.

Implementing Full-Funnel Content


According to the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B marketers are focused on creating “more engaging and higher quality content”—or at least planning to do so in the coming year. The post Implementing Full-Funnel Content appeared first on Kapost Blog.

Examining the Socially Responsible Social Campaign


It’s all the rage among businesses to have a social platform — a “why” or a mission or some public-facing page on the company website that aligns a brand with a social cause.

5 Imperatives of a Rockstar ABM Program

Speaker: Danny Nail, Sr. Director, Head of Global Account Based Marketing, SAP

Want to get started with ABM, but not sure where to begin? It's all about understanding: understanding your customers, understanding on an organizational level what your definitions, approaches, and ideal outcomes are, and having the understanding - and support - of your stakeholders. Join Danny Nail, Head of Global Account Based Marketing at SAP and SAP Marketer of the Year, as he explains five concrete steps your organization can take to achieve ABM excellence.

How to Determine Your Membership Site Content


A membership site is a website that people join to gain access to exclusive “members only” content, features, benefits or community. The post How to Determine Your Membership Site Content appeared first on The Ontraport Blog. Membership Sites

Sites 67

9 Tools for Easy Competitive Website Analysis

Single Grain

UPDATED! This post was expanded for 2019 to include more info for smarter competitive website analysis! Julian Castro once said: “We know that in our free market economy some will prosper more than others.”

Why Financial Advisors Need a Marketing Coach

FMG Suite

There’s an interesting parallel between financial practices and football teams. Financial advisors are like quarterbacks. They call the plays and make the game happen. The best players have a team that works together to overcome their opponents and brings the ball into the endzone. .

Creating an online review management strategy

Sprout Social

Reviews for local businesses are everywhere. As consumers, we search for opinions and ask our friends for recommendations.

Customer-Centric Websites: Successful Strategies to Engage B2B Buyers

Speaker: Kellie de Leon, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, The Mx Group

Chances are, you’re under the gun to convert more leads from your website. To increase conversion, your site needs high-quality content, user-friendly navigation paths, and calls to action that appeal to your target customers. But how do you go about this? And wouldn’t it be great to see some real-world examples from B2B companies that are doing it successfully? Kellie de Leon, VP of marketing and strategy at B2B agency The Mx Group, works with marketers every day to help them create and execute customer-centric strategies and content that increase web engagement and conversion. In this webinar, she'll discuss how to make your website more customer-centric.