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How to Write a Content Marketing Plan that Quadruples Your Leads

Marketing Insider Group

Every business wants more leads, and it could be simpler than you think to start generating more of them. In fact, a carefully constructed content marketing plan could quadruple your leads or better.

You Say You Want a Digital Transformation?

Content Marketing Institute

Aetna embarked on a multifaceted transformation to enhance its delivery of valuable, frictionless content experiences across its digital platforms. Its vice president of marketing technology and digital experience shares what it took.

3 Ways Content Can Convert Social Media Fans Into Customers


Here’s the thing. Social media is a fantastic platform for promotion. You can reach a massive number of people in a matter of minutes. Ten years ago, marketers could only dream of such reach. What’s more, social networks are an ideal place to find the perfect customer.

How to Scale Your Content Marketing For Measurable Business Growth

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Your content marketing strategy should set out your content marketing goals and plans for the short and medium term, but it shouldn’t be set in stone. Digital marketing is an extremely fast-paced industry, and techniques, technology, and best practices are changing all the time.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.

The New Rules of Engagement with Social Media Influencers

Modern Marketing

If your company or brand is trying to build relationships online with social media influencers , there are several things to keep in mind. Here are the new rules of engagement with social media influencers. #1: 1: Understand the Needs and Interests of These Influencers.

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Attribution Modeling vs Marketing Mix Modeling


Marketing may no longer be the ineffable art it was in the past. It used to be the case that “marketing” was essentially a black box that you’d pour money into, hoping to see a sales increase at the other end.

The Power of a Messaging Matrix to Boost Relevance, Engagement & Conversions


As marketers, we know that developing messaging for a brand, product or service is complex. Part science, part art, expressing your brand’s value in a way that will resonate often requires tools that offer insights into your audience and the unique aspects of your offering.

6 Effective Call-to-Action (CTA) Ideas to Improve Your Conversion Rate


It doesn’t take a genius to know that buttons are better than hyperlinks. Conversion Call-to-action

How to Get Started With an Email Newsletter for Your Business


Staying top-of-mind in your leads and customers’ busy lives doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how to dial in on your customer relationships with a newsletter campaign: The post How to Get Started With an Email Newsletter for Your Business appeared first on The Ontraport Blog. Email Marketing

The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

How to Use Surveys at Every Stage of the Funnel to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Modern B2B Marketing

You know that pleasant feeling when you walk into your local cafe and the waiter greets you as if he’d just seen a dear friend, leads you to your favorite table, and asks you if you’d like “the usual”?

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How to Format a Writer’s Assignment to Get Better Content Back


Now that every brand and company is looking for a process to create and publish owned content, many are in a position to need writers and other creatives (web designers, photographers, social media specialists).

How to get your marketing unstuck and connect with customers

B2B Lead Blog

How can marketers better connect with people we hope will become our customers? Over the few years, I’ve been researching why there’s such a disconnect between marketing and customers so I can understand how to bridge that gap.

How To Create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Startup


Crowdfunding is an excellent way for startups to raise capital and test the market for innovative ideas. However, crowdfunding is not easy, and there’s a lot that goes into making a crowdfunding campaign successful.

7 Marketing and Sales Strategies to Grow Your Revenue Fast

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Many companies have the core marketing and sales elements to take their revenue to the next level, but are still missing out on some key opportunities. Join Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners and writer of the recent book "The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook," to discover seven steps that you can immediately take to grow your company’s revenue quickly and consistently!

Top 10 Facts of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing

Unbound B2B

Introduction. AI is continually gaining traction in the marketing field. Though there are fears that AI may remove the personal touch from everything, proponents of AI hold the opposing view: that AI will introduce a more personal touch, especially in marketing.

How to Build a Kickin’ Google Analytics Dashboard in Less Than 30 Minutes


A good marketer knows that content marketing is imperative to the success of their overall marketing efforts, but convincing a company’s leadership of that importance can be difficult.

Social Media News Roundup for Financial Advisors

FMG Suite

Every month, we round up some of the most important social media updates that might impact how you market your firm. From Facebook algorithm updates to new ways to network on LinkedIn, things are always changing in the social media world.

How to Get (Real!) Followers on Social Media in 2019


One of the most popular topics in social media marketing is how to get more followers. And not just any followers — real followers , no bots. Brands want to grow their followers authentically by adding real people who love the brand and are looking to engage.

A Crash Course in B2B Email Creative

Speaker: Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group

Too often, email campaigns are seen as something that "just anyone" on your team can put together. But in today's attention economy, strong creative can be the defining factor that gets your email to stand out in the inbox. Join Howard Sewell of Spear Marketing Group, a leading B2B agency, as he uses real-world examples to highlight tips, techniques and key principles that can make or break your campaigns.

8 Essential Marketing Tools Small Business Owners Should Use

Outbound Engine

Are you interested in increasing leads, improving brand awareness, converting prospects, and boosting website traffic? If you’re a small business professional, then you surely spend a lot of time thinking about these goals.

The Next Phase of ABM: Introducing the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem


Partnering has been a core part of Demandbase’s ethos since our founding over ten years ago. In the early days, partnerships meant integrating our products into the top CMS technologies, marketing automation forms, and some basic chat solutions. Over the years, as the marketing technology landscape has matured and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has emerged as a bonafide technology category , our partnerships have grown, evolved and taken on new meaning.

The Not So Small Truth About Small Business

Outbound Engine

The spark that ignites the entrepreneurial spirit to start a business, to be economically independent and truly own something, remains the cornerstone of the American dream that helped lay the foundation of America itself. America’s economy was built by small businesses.

The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Messenger Ads


5 Imperatives of a Rockstar ABM Program

Speaker: Danny Nail, Sr. Director, Head of Global Account Based Marketing, SAP

Want to get started with ABM, but not sure where to begin? It's all about understanding: understanding your customers, understanding on an organizational level what your definitions, approaches, and ideal outcomes are, and having the understanding - and support - of your stakeholders. Join Danny Nail, Head of Global Account Based Marketing at SAP and SAP Marketer of the Year, as he explains five concrete steps your organization can take to achieve ABM excellence.

Playbook – Distribute Leads To Reseller Network and Track Progress on Slack


Automatically Distribute Leads to Your Reseller Network. Connect Makesbridge and Slack to automatically send leads into Reseller Channels. To successfully convert leads into opportunities you need to beat competition on follow up and discovery.

4 Ways to Recruit Like a Marketer


In today’s chaotic hiring market, recruitment marketing has emerged as a widely adopted practice among recruiters and HR professionals. By definition, recruitment marketing is a tactic used by an organization to source, manage, and nurture passive talent — before they apply for an open position.

Ban the Box: Incarcerated Today, Christin Swansinger Has a Bold Challenge for Business


Televerde recently joined Conscious Capitalism for its 2019 annual conference. We had the honor of being a host company and leading this year’s Sum & Substance, a national event series that brings together five business professionals to share their stories of purpose at work.

The Best 14 Landing Page Builders for Any Business


Lead generation is essential for driving sales and growing an online business. There are plenty of different methods for generating leads, but one of the most effective options is a well-designed landing page.

Customer-Centric Websites: Successful Strategies to Engage B2B Buyers

Speaker: Kellie de Leon, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, The Mx Group

Chances are, you’re under the gun to convert more leads from your website. To increase conversion, your site needs high-quality content, user-friendly navigation paths, and calls to action that appeal to your target customers. But how do you go about this? And wouldn’t it be great to see some real-world examples from B2B companies that are doing it successfully? Kellie de Leon, VP of marketing and strategy at B2B agency The Mx Group, works with marketers every day to help them create and execute customer-centric strategies and content that increase web engagement and conversion. In this webinar, she'll discuss how to make your website more customer-centric.