Sun.Oct 02, 2022

ABM Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Tav Tepfer

"If you’re still in the earliest stages and need to secure the buy-in and budget to expand your ABM program, I’d like to offer a key piece of advice: ABM is a marathon, not a sprint

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LinkedIn Professionals Share Their Best Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hack via @sejournal, @brentcsutoras

Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn presents endless opportunities for you to build your brand. Check out these marketing hacks to help you increase visibility, according to seven LinkedIn professionals. The post LinkedIn Professionals Share Their Best Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hack appeared first on Search Engine Journal.


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Four B2B Trends Fueling ABM Adoption

Tav Tepfer, Chief Customer Officer - Jabmo

Let’s look at four B2B marketplace trends, in particular, that are accelerating digital marketing transformation

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Lisa’s App of the Week: Rev

Heinz Marketing

By Lisa Heay , Director of Business Operations at Heinz Marketing. Our Client Services team recently gathered for a demo with Rev. What a cool platform, and one that addresses a dire need in demand generation and prospecting. Rev is focused on providing a better pipeline—in quality and volume.

7 Trends in ESG: What PR Pros Need to Know in 2023

What does the evolution of ESG programs mean for communicators? As it turns out - a lot. New challenges are coming into focus, driven by the increasing attention to corporate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs, and the evolving state of ESG reporting regulations. This new ebook from 3BL Media explores seven trends in detail and unpacks what they mean for communicators. Access your copy for free today.

The 3 pillars of exceptional CX across platforms

Marissa Pick

Top B2B marketing expert and influencer Marissa Pick on building strong customer experience and service strategies with people, processes, and technology

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MarTech 360 Interview With Ed King, CEO, Openprise

Suchita Dey

MarTech 360 interviews Ed King, CEO at Openprise, on CX, marketing automation, and his career

Industry Standard Email Terminology


Let’s face it, email terminology can be really intimidating. With so many acronyms and interchangeable terms, it’s hard to know what’s what. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve defined some key email delivery terms for you below.

Are you suffering from BADS*?


BADS, short for Bad Ads, is a non-viral condition that affects businesses of all sizes. In mild cases, BADS will mainly hurt your wallet. But in the more severe cases, it can have serious impact on your overall business health. Are you suffering from BADS*? Find out by answering 8 simple questions

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Drive Key-Account Growth With Omnichannel ABM

Nick Heys

Most B2B organizations are still Sales-driven. Even in high-growth organizations, CFOs often have a rule of thumb to allocate only 20% of the total Sales and Marketing budget to Marketing. That made sense when salespeople controlled 80% of the buyer journey. However, now that Sales has lost much of that control, marketing teams have a responsibility to step in with new digital account-based marketing (ABM) technologies

Marketing Through Storytelling: The Secret to Building a Unique Brand Identity

Speaker: Amanda Wener, Award-Winning Content Strategist and Brand Storyteller

In this exclusive webinar with award-winning content strategist Amanda Wener, you’ll learn the benefits of a strong editorial content strategy in building a brand identity, why functioning like a newsroom works, and how a structured approach to content creation and marketing can bring your brand to life.

Future of Content Marketing Appears Bright in 2022

Marissa Pick

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs released their 12th annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report last month which portrays an encouraging and optimistic future ahead for content marketing.

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The ABM Playbook: 3 cases for supply chain crisis

Jonathan Alves

In the second installment of The ABM Playbook, Jonathan Alves explores what the supply chain crisis means for marketing

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Top 10 Creative / Banner Automation Tools in 2022

Tufan Gok

An eye-catching ad banner can make all the difference in landing a new customer.

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Set up Your Google Performance Max Campaign for Le

Tufan Gok

In this post, we are going to create Google performance Max campaigns for lead generation

Intent Signal Data 101

Intent signal data helps B2B marketers engage with buyers sooner in the sales cycle. But there are many confusing terms used to describe intent data. Read this infographic to better understand three common areas of confusion.

Your Guide to Strategic Omnichannel ABM

Nick Heys

B2B organizations with successful ABM programs see shorter sales cycles, bigger deal sizes, higher win rates, and better marketing ROI. While there are different “flavors” of ABM and no two B2B marketing programs are exactly alike, the following three tips can help ensure success and get the best return on your ABM investment

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