Wed.Nov 14, 2012

Corporate Marketing Meets The Real World

Tomorrow People

Can traditional corporate marketing survive an apocalypse? Alistair Norman, Marketing Director at Tomorrow People, says the corporate marketing dinosaur needs to evolve, or face extinction. Old dog-breath.

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Why Digital Marketers Need to Get More Personal

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in behavioral targeting Personalization. What does personalization really mean? You’ll be forgiven if you have absolutely no idea.

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What Proctology Exams Teach Us About Social Media

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By {grow} Community Member Chris Reimer.

Pinterest Finally Rolls Out Business Accounts: How to Set Yours Up Today


They're heeeeere. No, its not a Poltergeist sequel. It's Pinterest business accounts! We knew this day was going to come. In fact, we wrote about it in this article about why social networks like Pinterest will never be marketing-free. It was just a matter of time.

5 Key Aspects of Accurate Marketing Automation System Software Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Marketing Automation Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best Marketing Automation software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!

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Take Control of Your Reputation Online


Tweet. Yesterday, Chris Abraham of presented our latest Biznology® Webinar about taking back your online reputation.

B2B Marketers: How to Use LinkedIn Endorsements

B2B Marketing Traction

LinkedIn recently made recommending your connections a lot more easy – maybe too easy, in my opinion! This blog post is about how endorsements work and how to use this new feature in a practical and professional manner. I’ll write about my opinion that it’s too easy in another post.

Facebook Now Testing 'Ranked Comments' on Business Pages


It feels like it's been a while since Facebook launched a new feature or feature test. And by a while I mean, like, a couple of weeks. But good news! They're testing something new!

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WriteSpark: Best Blog Posts about White Papers


This month's list focuses on my best posts and recommended resources for white papers. If you are a white paper writer or you manage white paper writing projects, you'll want to read these posts: Is your topic worthy of a white paper? Guidance for choosing which topics are really worth the expense and effort of a white paper. Top 10 ways to be a good SME. Tips to pass along to your engineers and product managers for providing helpful input for a white paper project.

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Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

Is Instagram's New Pinterest-Like Web Platform Worth Your Time?


Vintage is so in right now. There are apps that send in-real-life postcards, and rotary phone handsets that plug into your iPhone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Sales Management Guru


Webinar: 2013 SEO Trends and Predictions

KoMarketing Associates

KoMarketing’s Director of Online Marketing Casie Gillette will be participating in a free webinar Thursday, November 29th at 2pm EST. The webinar, featuring five industry thought leaders, will discuss SEO predictions for 2013. Webinar Summary.

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How much time should you spend researching prospects?

Sales Intelligence View

How much time is the right amount of time to spend on pre-call research? Should sales reps spend three to five minutes before calls, or should they allot three to five hours? The answer is difficult to pin down, and often varies between companies and sales roles.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation.

The Evolution of Ecosystems: from Biology to Technology to Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

by Robin Bordoli Today Marketo is excited to announce the launch of our new partner ecosystem, Marketo LaunchPoint. You can check it out at and see the 65+ partners which make this the most complete marketing ecosystem available today.

How Content Marketing Blurs the Line Between B2B and B2C Marketing


What's the difference between Business to Business marketing and Business to Consumer marketing? I'd love to have a snappy punch line for the answer, but honestly, it seems like it's not all that clear anymore. After all, for both B2B and B2C, we're still marketing to people.

Fathom Core Value Stories: November 2012 Edition


Every month at company meetings, a handful of Fathomers are recognized in front of the group for extraordinary manifestations of our four core values (“everyone a leader,” “be the consigliere,” “make order from chaos,” “reward sustainable results”). This space immortalizes their accomplishments for the world … Continue reading → The post Fathom Core Value Stories: November 2012 Edition appeared first on Fathom.

Good To Great – Marketing Nation #mktgnation- Team ReachForce!


We’re so excited to have our booth at the Good to Great Marketing Nation event going on now. Come chat with Team ReachForce!! We’re slammed but having a blast answering your questions. We have a giveaway every hour – just take our survey!

7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

Must-See Examples of Marketing Success That You Can Replicate.

Member Engagement – Real Questions


We had a fantastic session by Tom Morrison on Maximizing Member Engagement as part of the Member Engagement Webinar Series. Link to the Recording. Slides: What struck me were the wonderful questions that Tom posed for associations. Why People Join Associations: Organize themselves.