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Too Much Crappy Social Media Content!

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We all know people that overshare. They are the people that discuss their sex lives, their drinking problems or their last conversation with their probation officer for all to hear. These are all conversations I have overheard recently on public transit).

What the $200 Million Tweet Can Teach You About Personal Influence

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Is this the new face of power and influence? By Contributing {grow} Columnist Stanford Smith. I’ve been thinking about what makes a person influential. Can it come from a single tweet? The other day, I saw an infographic that plotted the hockey stick growth of Draw Something.

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IBM’s Beck: Social Business is About Enablement, Not Control

Paul Gillin

Social business isn’t about tools and promises. It’s about giving people at every stage in the sales cycle the incentive to adopt tools that make their jobs easier and contribute to customer satisfaction. Photo via NigelBeck.com.

Content Strategy Ain’t Just For Large Companies

B2B Marketing Insider

In a recent podcast on OpenView labs , I discussed how content strategy can drive real results for businesses of all sizes. I talked about how every business needs a content strategy – it is not just for large companies.

The Content Marketing Pyramid

The Ultimate Framework To Develop & Execute Your Content Marketing Strategy

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How to Use Google+ Hangouts for Business

EMagine B2B Blog

Hangouts are an important, yet often unused feature of Google+ for businesses. Similar to Skype or a webinar, Hangouts allow you to host a video chat with up to 10 people that you have in your Circles. What makes Hangouts better than the alternatives are the very reasons you should be using them for your [.]. B2B Web Strategy

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5 B2B Sales Tips from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”

Sales Intelligence View

Recently, I picked up an ancient and incredibly popular book: Sun Tzu’s Art of War. If you haven’t read it, I highly encourage you do as it only takes about an hour or so to read the book in its entirety.

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How Google Search Works, In a Nutshell


Unless you're an SEO expert , it's no surprise if you're mystified by the inner-workings of Google search. How on Earth does Google decide how to rank the pages on your website? If this question has ever crossed your mind, keep reading. This post should simplify things for you.

Paul Greenberg on Social Customers

Paul Gillin

Who are social customers? According to Paul Greenberg , they: Are savvy using social channels. Trust differently than they used to. Communicate with peers. Communicate with companies. Get what they want. Are social, mobile, local. Expect immediate response or nearly immediate response.

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Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

A framework comprising of best practices to consider and red flags to avoid.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Marketers


Every time we host live webinars (and as this long list suggests , that is quite often), quite a few attendees get confused about what to do with the hashtag we provide. What is it? What does it do? How do you create one? Let me explain! What is a hashtag? A Twitter hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, #inboundchat and #ILoveChocolate are both hashtags. What does a hashtag do?

An Example of a Well Executed Event: Blueglass 2012

Modern B2B Marketing

by Maria Pergolino Often conferences feel a bit to me like the three bears – some too large, most too small, and few just right.

Is Your Sales & Marketing Team Ready for a CRM?


As a marketer, you're likely familiar with a CRM system; if not, no worries, you're about to learn all about it!

SEO vs. Social Media for B2B Marketing: Join us Wednesday for a Tweet Chat with Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank and author of Optimize

Modern B2B Marketing

by Seth Resler We love putting you up close and personal with the top minds in B2B marketing.

The AdRoll Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Personalize your marketing to convert your highest-value accounts.

The Cost-Per-Lead Fallacy in Measuring B2B Lead Generation Investments (Pt 1 of 3)


As much as marketing and sales best practices—not to mention just plain common sense—dictate that cost-per-lead not play a prominent role in managing and measuring B2B lead generation investments, the metric continues to prevail.

Share to Pinterest: SnapApp Adds The Pinterest Button


In a short amount of time, Pinterest has been gained an impressive amount of traction. In fact, it is now the third largest social network after Facebook and Twitter. That's very impressive for such a relatively new social network! Something I am sure Google+ is envious of.)