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Strategic B2B Budgeting for Growth: Key Considerations for 2020

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The Article in 60 Seconds. When developing your annual marketing budget, develop your strategy first, identify any key initiatives that require up-front investment, invest based on past company data and the best stats from your industry, plus choose ways to experiment that may result in growth.

What The Google BERT Update Means For SEO

ATAK Interactive

Google BERT marks another major update to the company’s search algorithm in 2019. . The Most Important Update in Five Years . At the end of October 2019, Google announced a Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers update, lovingly referred to as BERT.

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How to Avoid the Spam Trap


There’s something lurking out there, in the corners of the email marketing world, that scares a lot of people: the spam trap. Spam traps instill fear in marketers because most people don’t really understand how spam traps work or how common they are.

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Report: Customer Success Teams Remain Small and Overwhelmed with Obstacles

KoMarketing Associates

Although many marketing teams have developed smaller divisions that are now focused on customer success, new research shows that they are still small in size and face a number of challenges.

2020 CMO Predictions: Content Overload, Advocacy, Customer Data and Personalization Remain Top Priorities

Marketing Insider Group

The new year is rapidly approaching, and marketers are on the hunt for more budget, stronger skillsets and new strategies to bring their ideas to fruition.

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4 Ways to Leverage Your Current Customer Base to Drive More Business


Your current customers are the key to better ROI. This blog will explore 4 ways to leverage your current customer base to drive more business. Customer Marketing Marketing Strategy

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Real-Time Personalization: How to Solve Retail Marketers’ Biggest Holiday Email Headaches

Modern Marketing

As we move into the prime holiday spending season, it’s important for retail marketers to understand how important it is to keep the focus on the customer. A large number of emails people receive today are basic broadcast messages without customization or care.

How to Do Brand Storytelling in 3 Successful Ways

Content Marketing Institute

Many marketers take the “brand” in brand storytelling too literally. Others forget the “story.” But when done well, brand storytelling is a differentiator and memorable opportunity to engage an audience. Let’s explore three approaches.

Marketing Automation Trends and Strategies for Your Firm

Hinge Marketing

There’s a good amount of complexity to work through in understanding marketing automation (MA) for professional services firms— with countless products featuring a constantly-evolving array of capabilities and features.

what you can do to get ahead of the higher ed crisis


my best advice to marketing + admissions leaders coming out of AMA Higher Ed 2019. brittany trafis 12-minute read. in brief. Higher ed enrollment has steadily declined over the last decade, and this trend is projected to get worse over the next ten years—drastically so in 2025.

[Report] 2019 State of Email Service Providers


A marketer’s email service provider (ESP) is the cornerstone of their email program. It’s their most critical tool and a major budget item—so it’s really important to find the right fit. But there are hundreds of email sending tools to choose from, so how do you know what’s best for your company?

Your Complete Social Media Content Calendar Guide for 2019-2020


Welcome! Time to meet your new best friend – your complete social media content calendar guide for 2019-2020 filled with: content calendar template examples, weekly, monthly, and yearly holiday inspiration to help you kick-start your content strategy. .

How to Quickly Gain ClearVoice Success: A Guide for New Members


If you created a CV Portfolio to begin freelancing on ClearVoice but have been hearing crickets, don’t worry. There are several steps you can take to stand out among the crowd.

Pro Tips: Driving Conversions from Email


Many marketers will tell you that Conversion is their favorite step in the marketing funnel because it’s where everything comes together. Conversions are, after all, the truest indicator of a campaign’s success.

Adaptive Design: How It Can Deliver Better eCommerce UX?


In the world of eCommerce, trends come and go faster than most people can keep up with. But no matter the trend, one thing remains important in eCommerce – user experience.

Add Calendar items from ActiveDEMAND


Many professionals use their Google or Office365 calendar to organize their days and tasks, blocking out spots in their day to work on specific tasks and leaving the rest available for meetings.

Cheap and Free Alternatives to Content Marketing Conferences


Content marketers look at marketing conferences the same way kids look at the toy aisle in the weeks before their birthdays. Everything looks so good — but you know your ability to get what you want is ultimately in someone else’s hands.

Designing a Podcast for Audio SEO, According to HubSpot's Podcast Expert


In 2019, Google began rolling out what is arguably one of the most significant changes to its search engine since the introduction of dedicated video carousels in June 2018, or the introduction of featured snippets in October 2017: Google has begun to ad podcasts to search results.

Why DIY Marketing Isn’t the Best Approach for Businesses [12 Pitfalls]

Outbound Engine

Email and social media marketing keep your message in front of past clients and help generate repeat business and referral leads. That’s huge! So why is it that when the budget gets tight, many business owners want to skimp on something so essential to maintaining top-of-mind awareness, and instead opt for DIY marketing? A quick Google search for DIY marketing provides millions of results. Literally, almost 300 million results for “diy marketing.”

Content Hit List


Here is our countdown of the top-trending pieces and posts generating buzz and airplay in content marketing. These intriguing conversations and case studies not only drove eyeballs and downloads but stirred some interesting comments and dialogue along the way.

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10 Hatchbuck Family Food Recipes to Get You In The Holiday Spirit


When the holiday season rolls around, I get so, so excited. The joy of getting together with family and friends to share in each other’s presence, laugh (loudly), catch up, and of course, eat wonderful and delicious food is something that makes this time of year extremely special. .

The Non-Cliche Marketer's Guide to the Holidays

Modern Marketing

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already here—holiday season in Marketingland. And as a marketer yourself, I’m sure you’ve heard it all… The same puns from last year (sometimes even last decade). The same offers and strategies reheated like day-old leftovers.

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ZoomInfo: A B2B Platform Where World-Class Data Meets Groundbreaking Technology

SmartBug Media

Earlier this year, Vancouver-based market intelligence company, DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo for a reported $500 million.

B2B Customer Experience Excellence


Today’s business landscape sees 627,000 new businesses springing up every year in the US alone. And with that many businesses, it’s no wonder the business landscape has become hypercompetitive.

How to Automate and Scale Account Based Marketing


How many times have you tried to activate direct mail, sales, advertising or other campaigns for people at accounts when certain criteria at the account level is met, but you can’t because you use a traditional lead/contact based platform?

How to Avoid the Top Account-Based Marketing Mistakes


Account-based marketing, known as ABM, is an extremely effective marketing tactic used today by marketers. It offers the best ROI when compared to other marketing options especially in the B2B world, though, there are still common mistakes that are being made in ABM.

Marketing mind-blowers for 2020!


30-second summary: Marketing siloes will cease to exist – We should expect a new model for marketing that integrates a marketers’ current silo into the rest of the organization to solve alignment problems between marketing and other departments. Vanity Metrics vs. Tangible Conversions: How to take the customer beyond ‘clicks’ – In the past, marketers have been focused on vanity metrics like clicks, but what they want now is to drive conversions.

5 Ways to Update Your Internet Marketing Strategy in 2020

Stevens & Tate

The end of the year is quickly approaching. This means that you should take time to review the progress of your marketing efforts this year. You should also think about adjusting your internet marketing strategy and improving upon it.

From We to Us: A Company of 250+ Co-Founders


On March 6, 2018, I stood in front of every Conductor employee to announce some exciting, surreal news: we had sold the business to WeWork. People cheered.

11 Rock-Solid Reasons Why Your Sales Team Underperformed In 2019

Square 2 Marketing

And How To Ensure They Over-perform In 2020. Getting your sales team to hit its revenue or sales goals is challenging. At my speaking events I like to ask the audience to stand and then sit when they answer “no” to any of these questions: Did your company hit its stated revenue goals last year?

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Announcing the 2019 Email Benchmark and Engagement Study


The 2019 Email Benchmark and Engagement Study was developed based on data from more than 80,000 senders, sending over 60 billion emails each month, as well as a recipient engagement study with more than 1,600 participants.