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Using Content Lead Scoring to Link Content Marketing and Sales

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This scenario is a familiar, and probably a daily, occurrence if you live in a big city: You’re walking down the block, headed to work or out to lunch, or maybe zig-zagging your way through a two-way crowd, and you see someone standing smack dab in the middle of it all, and they happen to […]. The post Using Content Lead Scoring to Link Content Marketing and Sales appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing

5 Bad Habits That Hurt B2B Marketing Productivity


The goal of every marketing department is to get more work done faster. Yet, you may not realize that many of your habits and workflows actually hurt your overall productivity. Today we ask you to take a step back to reevaluate your day-to-day work activities. You’ll be surprised to find how much more efficient you become when you drop the habits that make you less productive. Ready to learn how to boost your B2B marketing productivity? Keep reading.


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How Employee Activation Delivers Higher Awareness and Better Talent

Marketing Insider Group

Employee activation may be the secret ingredient that’s missing from your organization. To run a successful business you need more from your employees than the bare minimum. And yet the majority of people working in the US don’t fully commit their time, energy, and talent to the organization they’re working for. Gallup research shows that […]. The post How Employee Activation Delivers Higher Awareness and Better Talent appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Employee Activation

5 Advantages of Creating a Content Calendar


Chances are, you’ve put creating a content calendar on your to-do list. Then, months pass and you still haven’t created your calendar. Perhaps you still find time, here and there, to produce content and score minor victories in the market, so you shelve the calendar idea. But… Your publishing schedule is sporadic. Your content is patchy in quality. Your topics are pretty random and unfocused.

75% of World Trade Flows Through Indirect Channels - Are You Enabling the Right People?

Speaker: Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems

We are in the middle of a major transformation of how companies go to market – in fact, 76% of global CEOs feel that their current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 3 years – and ecosystems are the main reason why. With the vast majority of business conducted through indirect channels around the world and given structural changes in our economy (before and after COVID-19), new buying journeys, subscription/consumption models, marketplace growth, and emerging technologies, most firms are now considering partner enablement as the key ingredient to survival (and success). The future of partnership ecosystems will be focused on driving intra-firm value creation, network effects, and partner co-innovation – a huge opportunity for firms to grow the right partners and enable them effectively.

How To Research and Create Evergreen Content


Evergreen content consistently drives traffic, shares and backlinks to your website. It is a key part of any content strategy. In this post we look at: The definition of evergreen content. The benefits of evergreen content. How to find examples of evergreen content. Tips for creating evergreen content. What Is Evergreen Content? At its most basic, evergreen content stays relevant long past its publication date.

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The 8 Most Common Leadership Styles & How to Find Your Own


"A good leader should always … ". How you finish that sentence could reveal a lot about your leadership style. Leadership is a fluid practice. We're always changing and improving the way in which we help our direct reports and the company grow. And the longer we lead, the more likely we'll change the way we choose to complete the sentence above. But in order to become better leaders tomorrow, we need to know where we stand today.

Your 4th of July Video Guide


Ready. Sparklers. It’s that time of year again, and WE WANT YOU…to have everything you need to help you create a fire 4th of July social campaign. Got firework-worthy savings? Get your customers red, white and blue ready. C reate a show stopping video with our new 4 th of July marketing templates. 4th of July Teaser. Announce your upcoming sale with a festive video filled with Independence Day spirit. Independence Day Sale.

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Steps to LinkedIn Marketing Success for B2B Businesses

The Lead Agency

Understanding Social Media and the complex algorithms behind the programs is vital for marketers and business owners who want to succeed online. Facebook is the go-to for B2B businesses, with 89% of B2B companies using the channel to generate leads. However, as Facebook’s algorithm changes continue to limit the organic reach of posts, it’s important for brands to look for other channels to promote their products and services.

How to Price Your Services, Without Selling Yourself Short


As a self-employed freelancer, it can be difficult to find the perfect balance between pricing your services at a fair rate and landing a client, without scaring them away. If you’ve put in the work to become a master of your craft, it’s only right that you get paid for what you’re worth. I remember when I first started freelancing and I was teetering somewhere between trying to avoid being ripped off and actually finding clients that wanted to exchange cash for services.

The Complete Guide to SaaS Revenue Modeling

In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever for SaaS companies to build rock-solid financial models on which they can operate and make key business decisions. The teams at SaaSOptics and Burkland have teamed up to create a comprehensive guide to the most difficult aspect of financial modeling: revenue forecasting.

Make Sure To Create Outstanding Code To Go With The SEO Based Practices Over Here

Altitude Branding

There are some proven ways to improve the condition and quality of SEO to be used on your website. It is always mandatory for you to check out the available ways you can improve SEO and then start adding the same way on your website. You have to start working on ways to create some of the best codes to go well with the SEO based practices in here. Make sure to choose a proper domain name to start with the objective and then move forward with the other alternative options in this lot.

New Insights on Real-World ABM Strategies and Practices

B2B Marketing Directions

SiriusDecisions recently published an e-book that describes some of the major findings from its 2019 State of Account-Based Marketing Study. The 2019 study involved 120 "ABM leaders" drawn from several industries. Forty-two percent of the study respondents had been running "full" ABM programs for more than a year, while 58% were still running pilot programs. The SiriusDecisions study provides several useful insights about real-world ABM strategies and practices.

Simple Ways that Small Businesses Can Use Data to Build Better Customer Relationships

Stevens & Tate

In this day and age, it’s pretty difficult for consumers to turn a corner without being hit with dozens of advertisements, whether it’s online or offline. As such, targeting your audience has become more important than ever, especially when it comes to running a smaller business. The most effective way to target your audience is to make use of the consumer data that you have access to. Knowing how to use the data you have can go a long way towards building customer relationships.