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The Comprehensive Guide to Multichannel Content Planning


Your audience is unlikely to spend all their time in one place when they’re online, so executing a multichannel content strategy is all but required for most companies today.

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What Is Account-Based Marketing? 3 Reasons Your Organization Should Leverage This Tactic


Account-based marketing can improve your targeted lead generation, nurturing, retention, and upsell efforts to help you win better and bigger opportunities. Multi-Channel Marketing

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How to Manage Social Media Without Overloading Your Schedule


Social media isn’t an option for businesses. To stay relevant and competitive, and connect more with your audience, businesses must be active on social. But being successful at social media marketing takes more than just posting the occasional tweet, image or update. .

Expert Insight: Why B2B Marketers Still Lack Sophisticated Content Marketing Strategies [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

Many marketers turn to content marketing to reach out to customers and prospects, but new research suggests that not all of them have mature, sophisticated strategies in place.

The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

Follow These 5 Steps to Start Building Your Content Strategy


Imagine you’re planning a road trip. You’re excited for the adventure ahead, but you’re also nervous because there’s so much to consider. Luckily, we live in a world where information can be accessed with a simple click of a button.

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Why Lyft decided to build their own internal martech platform


A few months ago, I read a fascinating article published by the Lyft Engineering team on Medium, Building Lyft’s Marketing Automation Platform. While we know there are a lot of homegrown martech systems in the wild, it’s rare for them to be described publicly.

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Vidyard Announced as One of Deloitte’s 2019 Fast 50™ and Technology Fast 500™ Fastest Growing Companies


Vidyard attributes 442% revenue growth to focus on innovation, strong leadership and rapid revenue growth.

Analyze 6 Elements to Land Better Conversion Rates

Content Marketing Institute

If you think you know what combination of copy, layout, and design on landing pages will convert better, think again. Thousands of users may prove you wrong. That’s why you need to do this testing.

8 B2B Video Marketing Myths: Debunked with Cold Hard Facts


Video has exploded in the B2B landscape over the past few years, becoming a staple in today’s modern marketing and sales toolkit. However, there are some common misconceptions and video marketing myths that keep businesses from reaching their full video potential.

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Win Sales Calls with Webinar Production

Speaker: Dawn Baron, President, Passion Profits Consulting, and Shelley Trout, Webinar Producer, Aggregage

As a B2B marketer in 2020, you are being asked to do a lot: brand building, create content, build position as thought leader, generate leads, create ongoing touchpoints with prospects, and ideally generate sales calls. And do all of this with limited resources and time in a crowded world that is fighting you for attention. That’s a big challenge, and we believe a key part of the answer to that challenge is the smart application of webinars for B2B audiences. If you have held back on doing webinars because of the level of effort, or if you want to up your webinar effectiveness, then you won’t want to miss this unique presentation with expert webinar producers Dawn Baron and Shelley Trout.

Benefits of Great Website Design


As the age-old saying goes, “There is only one chance to make a great first impression.” When looking to communicate with modern audiences, the best way to do so is through your website.

5 Content Marketers on How They Snagged Long-Term Contracts


You’re fairly confident in your skills as a journalist. You have some bylines that you’re mighty proud of. You’ve figured out how to build your side-hustle, or even been brave enough to take the leap to freelancing full-time.

How marketers can take control of their data stack


“Take control over your marketing data.” If you are a marketer today, you’ve heard that advice many times over. Your peers, the consultants you hire, market research firms, vendors, your boss — just about everyone thinks it’s common wisdom. What is also equally common are the failed marketing data warehousing projects littered throughout the industry.

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3 Starting Points For Your Email Marketing Automation Strategy

SmartBug Media

Marketers are all about efficiency, whether it's setting up a repeatable blogging strategy, automating social promotions, or letting websites do a lot of the legwork.

5 B2B Marketing Trends that You Can't Ignore in 2020

Speaker: Pam Didner, Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker

Pam Didner, B2B tech marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Effective Sales Enablement and Global Content Marketing, will present the essential marketing trends you need to know in 2020. She'll discuss digital challenges that marketers commonly face and share actionable solutions and templates you can apply to your job in real-time.

Sales and Marketing Leaders Increase Video Investments Even Though 80% Not Confident in Measuring its Performance


For the sixth consecutive year, video investment is up and 94% of companies say videos are valuable in their daily marketing mix.

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working: The Snowflake Theory

Square 2 Marketing

If Generating Leads Was Easy, Everyone Would Have All The Leads They Need. We all know that almost no business has all the leads they need or want. I don’t think it’s wrong to assume that very few companies know exactly what they need to do to produce all the leads they need month over month.

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The 11 Best Social Media Dashboard Tools & Apps


When implementing your social media strategy, it's easy to realize that manually posting on multiple different websites, multiple times a day, isn't optimal for your busy schedule.

The Rise of 5G: Build the Right Infrastructure to Make it Secure and Effective


It sure has taken a while, but 5G is finally here. Unlike former next generation wireless technologies, which were basically just gradual improvements, 5G is a massive transformation that will completely change how networks are deployed, utilized, and secured.

Key Trends in Marketing: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a highly effective marketing strategy that highlights an organization’s talent, experience and passion while answering the most pressing questions faced by its target audience.

7 Ways To Drive Success and Evangelize ABM Inside Your Organization


Inertia is a powerful force. Getting large objects, like a train, to move can be a herculean task. But once you get momentum on your side, it can become an unstoppable force. Account-Based Marketing can be the same way.

The State of Mobile Email Engagement: What You Need to Know


In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the impact of mobile on email engagement. We’ll share some mobile email engagement statistics, as well as tips for how to boost mobile email engagement overall.

3 Reasons Why SEO's Are Upset About Google's Rel=nofollow Announcement


To understand what rel=nofollow is, we'll start with an example. Let's say I'm a Wikipedia editor, and I've recently written a page about zebras. My page is getting hundreds of views, and is ranking on page one of Google for the search term, "Zebra".

[New eBook] How To Boost Your Thought Leadership With Content

Content marketing helps you reach more people through relevant channels and answer their questions, which ultimately builds trust. Thought leadership allows you to develop and share an authoritative voice that helps others make the right decisions.

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Why and How to Dominate Google's Featured Snippets

Speaker: Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at Prevailion

Until recently, getting to position #1 on the search engine results pages (SERPs) was the holy grail of digital marketing. Now, Google has introduced featured snippets - effectively creating a “position zero.” Through real-world examples and case studies, learn why owning the featured snippet is so important, how to dominate position zero, and what impact it will have on your traffic and leads as the future of search continues to evolve.

Why Should Financial Advisors Conduct a Marketing Audit?

FMG Suite

The year is coming to a close, so it’s natural to take a look back. You might look at your budget and your overall business success, but it is pertinent that you also take a look back at your marketing.

Why Agencies Need to Join Programmatic in 2019

Digital Marketing World Forum

As technologies keep evolving, advertising agencies are starting to realize: in order to stay ahead, they need to weave more innovations to their digital strategies.

Millennials’ Perspective on Healthcare


Continuing our discussion of Millennials and marketing, our CEO, Sandy Lohr recently spoke at the HealthCare Internet Conference (HCIC) held in Orlando, Florida, about “Millennials’ Perspective on Healthcare”.

#DMWF Europe 2019: Interview with Michael Shattuck, Consulting Manager at Widen

Digital Marketing World Forum

Michael Shattuck joined Widen in 2017 after a decade of leadership over global photography and marketing technology systems at New Balance.

Maximize Results Of Attending A Trade Show

Attending trade shows helps your business find new prospects and make connections. By downloading this white paper, you will learn how setting goals and adding pre-planning to every trade show and industry event you attend makes a considerable difference.

6 Top Marketing Podcasts for B2B Marketers In 2020



How to Create the Best Facebook Video Ads in 4 Simple Steps


Wondering if Facebook video ads are worth your time? Worth your attention? Worth your $$$? Then this post is worth it for you to answer those questions. Starting with this one… What are Facebook video ads? They’re ads to reach your audience further, and engage them more with video.

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Customer-Centric Strategy: Definition and Benefits

Referral Rock

Being customer-centric is more important than ever before. The internet levels the playing field for feedback on how businesses treat customers. With review sites, social media, screenshots, live streaming, and mobile video, a business can’t hide from a bad customer experience.