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Measure the ROI of Account-Based Marketing

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When it comes to marketing and sales, the more precise and specific you can get with every customer, the better. Customers want to feel important and recognized by brands, and it is exactly why strategies like personalization are so effective.

10 B2B Marketing Strategies for a World Without Face-to-Face Events


The pandemic has taken away one of B2B marketing’s steadiest, most reliable sources of lead generation and customer engagement, on a global basis. What’s to be done? It’s not easy to replace a marketing channel that represents on average 20% of our marketing mix—with many marketers devoting as much as 60% of their budgets to events. The last pre-pandemic study I saw pegged event marketing usage among B2B marketers at 91%. It’s been an essential B2B marketing tool for decades—even centuries.


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How to Boost Your Marketing Efforts With Reputation Management


Reputation management helps businesses cultivate a professional image and brand online. Many small businesses use social media , Google, or review sites to maintain their positive reputations. Combining reputation management and marketing strategies can significantly enhance the results of your campaigns. Managing your reputation increases trust with potential customers, and positive reviews and brand mentions can easily be repurposed for social media marketing content.

Publishing Blogs Articles Isn’t Enough – It Needs to Be the Right Content

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You’ve read all the advice. You’ve started a corporate blog or a branded content hub. Then you published a ton of articles that run the gamut from your company’s response to the news story du jour to how your new gadget works. Then – crickets. It might be tough hearing it – but just publishing blog articles isn’t enough. You need to publish more of the kind of high quality content that your audience wants. Here’s how to know when you’re on the right track.

Your New Schematic for Next-Level Sales Coaching & Enablement

Speaker: Matthew Hawk, President of B2bTrainers

The term “sales enablement” applies to a dizzying array of best practices and technologies. In addition, there is tremendous competitive pressure not to fall behind. No matter where you are in your current sales enablement strategy, one thing is key: success ultimately rides on the habits of your sales managers & marketers. In this webinar, Matthew Hawk will lay out an in-depth schematic for your next-level sales coaching, demonstrate the key activities that comprise success, and walk you through several examples of sales coaching cadences that apply to all salesforce sizes.

Report: Majority of Marketers Implementing Some Form of Account-Based Marketing Practices

KoMarketing Associates

Although some marketers have already implemented some form of account-based marketing (ABM), new research shows that many of them are still in the initial phases, while others have not begun to think about ABM at all. Canam Research recently published “The State of ABM Survey 2020 Trend Report,” and data suggested that the majority of marketers (27.31%) are in the middle of integrating ABM into their overall strategy, while 25.21% have an ABM program in place.

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Chatbots in the Post-Pandemic Era


V 00:2300:27 J. Joseph Weizenbaum , a venerated pioneer at MIT AI Labs demonstrated the first chatbot in 1966. He named her Eliza after the leading character in My Fair Lady. In the play, Prof. Henry Higgins transforms Eliza Doolittle, an illiterate flower girl, to talk and behave as if she were of landed British gentry. Weizenbaum had a similar scheme. He wanted to demystify Artificial Intelligence (AI) by demonstrating the “superficiality of communications” between people and computers.

Can Clickbait Be Used for Good?

Content Marketing Institute

Clickbait has a well-deserved bad rap. Yet, attracting an audience and getting it to click to a web page is a goal for many content marketers. Can you create clickbait that gets a good rap? Let’s discuss. Continue reading → The post Can Clickbait Be Used for Good? appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. Company News

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Why and how you should organize your curated content


You already know the impact curated content can have on your business. From marketing efforts to employee advocacy and hiring, content curation is a company’s superpower across the board. But curated content is only useful if you can navigate your way through it. Think about it. Would a talented fashion stylist do their job well if they couldn’t find the piece of clothing they needed in a wardrobe?

Money is tape


Khe was shy. Nerdy.” Very insecure. The constantly running tape in his head during his teenage and college years? I'm not cool. He felt exposed and yet invisible. Young Khe in 1995. “I don't like who I am right now,” he thought. But instead of learning to like himself, he turned his attention outward. He focused on something that seemed easier – being seen. Recognized. What did the world recognize as success? Money. Status. Power. Maybe that would cure his insecurities? “I

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

[Ebook] Create Personalized Email Experiences That Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More


When was the last time you got an email that felt like it was made just for you? Maybe it included your first name, had content inspired by your last vacation or purchase, or even provided relevant information based on your geolocation. All of those great experiences create moments to connect personally with each of your customers, so you can develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships. And they’re all possible because of dynamic content. But how do you get started with dynamic content?

How to Reach, Engage and Convert IT Buyers: Research Deep Dive

Inbox Insight

According to Gartner , global IT spending is set to be $3.9 trillion in 2020 and over $4 trillion by 2021. This creates huge opportunities for tech marketers, but knowing how to reach, engage and convert IT leads is key. In a time where global health issues are impacting buying decisions, it’s more important than ever to get to know your audience – understanding how they think will help you run effective campaigns that convert.

The Definitive Guide to B2B Lead Generation - Digitalzone


Many b2b lead generation businesses struggle with this aspect of generating demand. How can you find your potential customers and get them interested too

Email Marketing Tactics to Take Your Business Into 2021

The Lead Agency

93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content. Content Marketing Institute ). The very first email was sent back in 1971, and almost 50 years on, it is more relevant than ever. 35% of marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week. Because email marketing is one of the best and most effective methods of attracting and keeping customers. In fact, it can produce an ROI of up to 4400%.

The Revenue Leader's Guide to Prospecting

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Sales & Marketing departments that work together guarantee higher acquisition, better nurturing, and more effective sales. Join Christopher Ryan for this insightful webinar, presenting the wide funnel lead nurturing model. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your teams working together and your revenue performance optimized.

RollWorks Unveils Sales Insights Tool for ABM Platform


On the 6th of July 2020, RollWorks, an ABM platform announced the launch of Sales Insights. This will be an intrinsic tool within the company’s account-based platform for sellers. Sales Insights has been designed to identify statistically significant spikes of account-based activity, including website engagement and advertising, click signals, and surface alerts that are sent directly in Salesforce using the daily email digest updates.

Tools 57

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to TikTok for Business


“ OK boomer.” VSCO girls. “ Old Town Road.” ” Even if you’re not on TikTok, you’re probably familiar with some of its most pervasive memes. TikTok, or Douyin, as it’s known in China, is a social network where users share short videos, typically set to music. Launched in its current form when China-based TikTok merged with lip-syncing app Musical.ly in 2018, the app has rapidly skyrocketed to cultural dominance.

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#BrandsGetReal: How brands can lead on social movements

Sprout Social

Throughout 2020, brands have been challenged to maintain their social media presence as audiences invest their attention into major social movements and changes to their way of life. This means marketers have been constantly adjusting well-laid plans for 2020 while finding the right way for their brands to contribute to the conversation around social change.

Best E-commerce Advertising Methods for Your Brand


The e-commerce advertising market is growing exponentially: it is expected that by 2040, 95% of all shopping will be driven by e-commerce. Sounds impressive, but if we take a look at the more short-termed predictions, it becomes clear that this future is not distant. By 2023 global e-commerce. DIGITAL MARKETING

How to Redirect Your Indirect Channels by Enabling the Right People

Speaker: Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems

We are in the middle of a major transformation of how companies go to market – in fact, 76% of global CEOs feel that their current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 3 years. Join Jay McBain from Forrester as he unpacks these future trends.

Purchasing an Insurance Policy, Here’s What to Consider

Altitude Branding

Life is brimming with vulnerabilities and health-related crises are one of them. With the expanding cost of medicinal services, purchasing an insurance policy, for example, health care coverage is practically inescapable. Be that as it may, with such huge numbers of alternatives accessible, it can get confounding to discover a policy that would work perfectly for you. Try not to stress, this post has disentangled this for you.

How to Win the “SEO vs. PPC” Debate


Believe it or not, some marketers are still taking sides in the “SEO vs. PPC” debate. I can understand the passion on both sides of the aisle, but I’d compare it to an argument about the need for “air vs. water.” ” Depending on your immediate circumstances, one may be more important than another—but both are necessary for survival.

PPC 75

Account-Based Marketing Playbook - ABM in the House Episode 5


ABM in the House: a series of conversations between Alex Olley, Co-founder of Reachdesk and Declan Mulkeen, CMO of Strategic IC, as they explore how to build an effective Account-based Marketing (ABM) programme. While previous episodes have explored How to Redefine Your ICP , How to Build a Target Account List , Building Out the Decision Making Unit (DMU) , and Focusing in on your Strategy and Goals, Episode 5 explores Building your Account-Based Marketing Playbook.

The 5 Marketing Upgrades You Need To Make Now If Your Business Is Going To Survive

Square 2 Marketing

I Know You Can’t Do Everything At Once, But These 5 Upgrades Will Transform Results. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. Your CEO wants results immediately. Your marketing budget is limited. There are only so many hours in the day. What can you do to drive more leads today? What should you be working on to generate additional sales opportunities this week?

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

A Look Back at How COVID-19 Impacted Businesses in Q2


Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic on March 11, businesses have had to reckon with its economic impact for over a full quarter. For the last several months, we've been publishing weekly cuts of data on core performance metrics, to provide business owners with useful benchmarks as they adapted to circumstances that were changing by the day. Now that businesses have closed the books on Q2, we wanted to take a step back and assess where our customers are, four months later.

Personal v/s Bodily Injury: Experts Explain the Difference

Altitude Branding

Millions of dollars worth of claims are offered to the survivors of injuries, every year. Car accidents, workplace negligence, and slip and fall are some of the most common reasons for sustaining an injury. Usually, a claim is made to either an insurance company or with an at-fault party who is believed to be responsible for the injuries. Since these cases tend to be not-so-easy, personal injury lawyers are usually involved.

How SEO is Different Around the World, According to HubSpot Content Strategists


In 2020, brands are increasingly growing global awareness with international marketing strategies. And, one major way they've driven traffic from different regions to their site is through international SEO. But, like any marketing campaign, SEO is not always a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, every country is diverse, uses the internet a little differently, and might have different sets of regulations.

Legal Recruitment – How New Lawyers Can Explore Career Options

Altitude Branding

The legal domain is full of opportunities but everything boils down to nailing the one that is just right for you. As a new lawyer, you need to understand your career options and decide carefully so that you don’t end up being in the wrong place. The apt career choices right from the start, on the other hand, can give you a head start and have you well-established in the field sooner than you expect.

How to Drive Revenue Through Retention Marketing & Sales Enablement

Speaker: Ruth Stevens, President of eMarketing Strategy

In a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to focus on retaining and expanding current customers. So, how can sales and marketing support the retention effort? Join Ruth Stevens as she dives into this fast-paced session and reviews the 7 key strategies for current customer marketing, to enable sales and expand customer value.