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Countdown to 2020: B2B Marketing Trends to Watch


Here we are in December, which means marketers are split into two groups. They’re either chock-full of holiday spirit, using the season as inspiration for fun content and campaigns. Or, they’re in full-blown panic mode, trying to meet deadlines and complete plans for the year ahead.

[Infographic]10 Reasons Why You Need A Lead Management Process This Christmas

Inbox Insight

As we come up to the end of the year it’s a time for reflection. So cosy up with a cup of cocoa and let’s think about what matters most this holiday season – just how effective is your lead management process?

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How To Make Non-Boring Content For Your Email Campaign

Martech Advisor

Most email opens happen on mobile, and if your email can’t be read conveniently off a smartphone screen, the recipient will close it. The same will happen if the content of your email is straight-up boring.

Why Email Marketing for Manufacturers is the Cornerstone of Industrial Marketing

Industrial Marketing Today

The original post %Why Email Marketing for Manufacturers is the Cornerstone of Industrial Marketing% by %Achinta Mitra% appeared first on %Industrial Marketing Today%. Email marketing for manufacturers continues to perform well, but there are some serious challenges to overcome.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.

Report: 36% of Marketers Still Lack Insights About the Effectiveness of Tactics

KoMarketing Associates

Although attribution is critical to understanding which marketing tactics are paying off, new research suggests that marketers are still behind in implementing these capabilities.

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FIR B2B: We’re Pleased and Excited to Tell You What People Don’t Know About Social Media


Podcast: Play in new window | Download. We examine three different articles that touch on various B2B marketing aspects in this podcast. The first one from Digiday and documents what the BBC went through to establish its fifth content vertical it calls Future.

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M&A Branding and Marketing: Threats, Opportunities, and Strategies

Hinge Marketing

Professional services firms are no strangers to the M&A landscape. If your firm hasn’t been part of a merger or acquisition, some of your competition certainly has. Global M&A activity broke all-time records during the first half of 2018 — reaching over $2.5

When Good Enough Shouldn’t Be: Fixing Email Performance Problems

Modern Marketing

When faced with a problem, it’s easy to get sidetracked into focusing on superficial metrics or jump to conclusions, especially when it involves what appears to be a quick fix.

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Small Business Marketing Ideas & Tips for SMB Business Owners

Outbound Engine

It’s always a good time for business owners to think about the most effective small business marketing ideas. Maybe your messages don’t seem to be landing as they have in the past. Or it could be that business seems to be stagnant.

The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

In the Age of Spotify, Why Does Radio Still Exist? Because People Love Discovery In Their Diets!

Modern Marketing

Have you ever been on a long drive, and decided to flip through some of the local radio stations, just to see what people in that area are listening to? Maybe you were in the mood to discover some new artists or hear a genre you hadn’t listened to for years.

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Five Actionable Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website in 2020


Guest post by Mathew Jade. Generating unique and compelling content is important, but it’s not all you need to drive more traffic to your website. Posting on social media helps, but for most B2B enterprises, search remains the largest driver of website traffic.

Do You Trust The Data In Your CRM?


Do you trust the data in your CRM? The data that guides your forecast and helps you determine the next sales action reps should take? . If you don’t, you’re not alone… . In a short poll held during our latest webinar , only 22% of participants responded they had “high trust” in their data.

Trust 62

It’s Time to Make the Future Happen in B2B and That’s Why I Joined Engagio


Do you remember the Remington commercial? It’s from a long time ago, back when we actually had to watch the commercials on TV, and it’s always stuck with me. In the ad, a guy talked about how much he liked his Remington and why.

5 B2B Marketing Trends that You Can't Ignore in 2020

Speaker: Pam Didner, Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker

Pam Didner, B2B tech marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Effective Sales Enablement and Global Content Marketing, will present the essential marketing trends you need to know in 2020. She'll discuss digital challenges that marketers commonly face and share actionable solutions and templates you can apply to your job in real-time.

How to Grow Your IT business in 2020


Let’s face it, business growth is essential for any company. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you are aware of the fierce competition in the business world. Also, if you aren’t growing, your competitors are, and you are losing out on new business.

Do You Trust The Data In Your CRM?


Do you trust the data in your CRM? The data that guides your forecast and helps you determine the next sales action reps should take? . If you don’t, you’re not alone. . In a short poll held during our latest webinar , only 22% of participants responded they had “high trust” in their data.

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Why social commerce will rule social media in 2020


What’s coming to social media in 2020? It can be hard to predict the future, especially for something as fast-changing as social media. But if you look to today’s trends and the latest buzz, you’ll start to see the signs.

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Why You Need to Refresh Your Value Proposition in 2020


The end of the year is coming up quickly! As we discussed in our blog post, The Ultimate 2020 Website Strategy Playbook , it’s the perfect time to take a good look at what’s been working for your B2B brand and what might need some work.

Why and How to Dominate Google's Featured Snippets

Speaker: Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at Prevailion

Until recently, getting to position #1 on the search engine results pages (SERPs) was the holy grail of digital marketing. Now, Google has introduced featured snippets - effectively creating a “position zero.” Through real-world examples and case studies, learn why owning the featured snippet is so important, how to dominate position zero, and what impact it will have on your traffic and leads as the future of search continues to evolve.

3 Steps to List Growth: How Molly Marshall Increased Her Email Opt-in Rate by 274%


When you first start your business, there are a few pieces of advice that start to sound like a broken record. “ You must build your list! ” is one of them, yet for almost two years, it is what I struggled with the most.

How to Perform a Competitor Analysis to Boost SEO

Method and Metric

Why competitive analysis? Knowing your competition, is an essential part of business, whether it’s online or offline. When it comes to online, understanding who is beating you in the SERPs and why helps you to develop your strategy using the data collected.

Don’t Tell Me Why Your Job Sucks. Tell Your Boss First.


So my team has been actively looking to fill a role. They found someone they like who went through their process, and it’s time for the final interview with the founder of the company.

8 of the Biggest Social Recruiting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Authenticity is the name of the game when it comes to recruiting. In today’s candidate-driven landscape, it’s no longer sufficient to go through the motions of a one-size-fits-all recruiting strategy — particularly when it comes to social recruiting.

Key Trends in Marketing: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a highly effective marketing strategy that highlights an organization’s talent, experience and passion while answering the most pressing questions faced by its target audience.

Part 1: CCPA Compliance and B2B Marketing Privacy Strategy


With Ray Estevez, Chief Data Officer, True Influence. If you are a business that collects or uses personal data to connect with customers, by now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the “sweeping” changes coming when the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) finally goes into full effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

3 Simple Ways to Generate More Returning Visitors to Your Site

Single Grain

Digital marketers tend to focus on attracting new customers to a business because they measure success by the number of new clicks they managed to drive to a site. Yet, returning customers are much more important to a business than first-time visitors.

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What You Need to Know About Engagement Data Signals


For the first time in the industry, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a set of engagement data signals to our Data Firehose product. Marketers now have access to specific. The post What You Need to Know About Engagement Data Signals appeared first on 33Across. Blog Featured Product Insight

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Why Social Media Marketers Should Rely Less on Facebook

Altitude Branding

Social media marketing is a must these days. No longer is social media a simple website or application on the Internet for connecting with people in different parts of the world, no matter the timezone. But rather, social media has taken over digital marketing these days.

The Key to Marketers’ Happiness

Speaker: Matt Snodgrass, Director of Marketing for MarketingProfs

Every year marketers are bombarded by research that covers the top tools, hottest trends, and latest marketing ideas, but there's almost no research that focuses on the marketer as a person. Very little of that focuses on YOU. Until now. Join MarketingProfs Director of Marketing Matt Snodgrass as he recaps the findings from the latest MarketingProfs Marketer Happiness Report!