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10 Creative Types You Need To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

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Creating content, especially in a lean marketing team, is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor. Having a dream team in place to create not only the social posts, blog pieces, and video snippets, but the strategy, big picture campaigns and creative long-term vision should be a top priority for marketers.

The Relationship Intelligence Guide to Build Customer Opportunities


There’s more to prospect contact data than phone numbers, job titles, and company pain points. In your CRM and other communication tools you can find valuable information, known as relationship intelligence, that goes beyond the surface level.


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LinkedIn Elevate Is Shutting Down. What’s Your Next Step?


LinkedIn announced earlier this year that they will be sunsetting LinkedIn Elevate, its standalone employee advocacy app, merging it with Company Pages and offering the solution for free.

Featured Snippets Drop to Historic Lows


Posted by Dr-Pete On February 19, MozCast measured a dramatic drop (40% day-over-day) in SERPs with Featured Snippets, with no immediate signs of recovery.

11 Email Deliverability Strategies to Reach the Inbox

With nearly 1 in 5 emails from U.S. senders failing to reach the inbox, deliverability challenges still plague senders and prevent email campaign success. Check out this deliverability guide for actionable strategies and real-world examples of companies applying smart inboxing tactics.

4 Ways to Enhance Content Marketing with Buyer Intent


The world may have closed in 2020, but that wasn’t the case for B2B sales teams. Businesses still had to keep moving, close deals and meet their quotas.

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Google On Expected Impact of Core Web Vitals Update via @martinibuster

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Adopting ABM in 2021? ABM Research is a must

Business Brainz

Going into 2021, the need for personalization will be the driving force for companies to adopt ABM as their key strategy. With almost everyone working from home, B2B people have become more selective with whom they speak to, it has rather become more about the “trust factor”.

71 Mind-Blowing Search Engine Optimization Stats via @MrDannyGoodwin

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Zoom Integration with GreenRope


Zoom Integration with GreenRope. Seamlessly import Zoom meeting attendees and webinar registrants into GreenRope. GreenRope now includes native Zoom integration which allows for seamless, automatic import of Zoom meeting attendees and webinar registrants into your CRM.

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Developing Your Training Content So That It Actually Moves the Needle

Speaker: Bryan Naas, VP of Sales Productivity at Braze

Getting reps & marketers to engage in your content is half the battle of providing value that can ultimately impact the bottom line. How do we break through the noise? In this session, Bryan Naas will detail what it takes to build training and content resources that reps will actually take the time to engage with so you can help them reach their goals.

Why Search – and SEO – Is Important via @RyanJones

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The consumer journey is gradually playing a larger role in search. Users search to solve problems, to accomplish tasks, and “do” things. The post Why Search – and SEO – Is Important via @RyanJones appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Emphasize Safe Innovation When Marketing to Millennial B2B Buyers

B2B Marketing Directions

Numerous research studies have shown that millennials are now playing pivotal roles in B2B purchase decisions. Many marketing industry pundits contend that millennial buyers have distinctive characteristics that require a different approach to marketing and sales.

Google’s John Mueller on Troubleshooting Rich Results via @MattGSouthern

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Google’s John Mueller goes over three possible reasons why a website’s structured data is not generating rich results in search. The post Google’s John Mueller on Troubleshooting Rich Results via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News SEO

What Is the Cost Per Lead?


What is the cost per lead? The cost per lead is a standard metric used within digital marketing, measuring how much a brand or company must pay for a potential customer to provide their email address or other information. .

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The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Why a Single Source of Truth Is a Huge Deal

Full Circle Insights

Modern notions of the “single source of truth” concept originated in the information system design world.

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Farther vs. Further: Why It Depends on the Places You Will Go


The Proclaimers said they’d walk 500 miles — and then walk 500 more. But when they got to that 500-mile mark, did they think “I should go further. Wait, or is it farther?” Probably not, but I’m sure there are countless writers who’ve asked similar questions.

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