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7 Quick Wins for Sales and Marketing Alignment


We hear a lot about sales and marketing alignment: How important it is for B2B, and how so few of us are doing it right. SALES: Marketing leads are crap. MARKETING: Sales is lazy. You guys take forever to follow-up on our leads – and you wonder why they don’t convert? Rolls eyes.]

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7 Ways B2Bers Can Rock Lead Gen Via Social Media


You knew that social media is a very affordable lead generation tool, but did you know that it’s rated third in effectiveness after email and your website?

How to Get Your Employees to Care About Social Media and Employee Advocacy

Marketing Insider Group

A common challenge organizations face when rolling out an employee advocacy program is engagement.

Half of B2B Marketers are Failing to Maximize Data Potential

KoMarketing Associates

Although B2B marketers have an abundance of data at their fingertips, new research shows that they are not turning to this information to make informed decisions. Dun and Bradstreet recently commissioned a study by Forrester titled “The B2B Data Activation Priority,” which discovered that only 50 percent of marketing and sales decisions are made using data.

6 Steps to Building Predictable Lead Flow and Revenue

Achieving predictable lead flow and revenue depends on monitoring sales history and developing a robust, flexible lead development process. Download this eBook for 6 clear steps you can take to build that process today.

Communicating beyond the feature presentation


A live feature presentation is a key component of Agile methods. But if you work in a large organization, or have stakeholders who can’t always be fully engaged, you need more. You need to include capturing each sprint as part of your minimal project documentation.

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Get 3X B2B Marketing ROI by Nurturing Leads


Lead nurture can triple the return on most marketing campaigns. By nurturing leads until they’re ready to turn over to sales, an organization can eliminate wasted marketing spend and increase sales results. Successful lead generation—inbound and outbound—requires nurturing. But it’s often the most underutilized marketing activity at a marketer’s disposal.

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Brands Are Still Being Fooled By Influencers With Fake Followers


If you’re a major brand, it’s understandably tempting to hire an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers to promote your product. But if a majority of those followers are bots, then that investment is nothing but a waste of money. The issue of fake followers isn’t new. Ever since social media clout became a barometer of influence, users have benefited from bots.

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6 Time-Saving Apps and Tools Marketers Obsess Over

Content Marketing Institute

Finding a great app or tool sometimes can feel like winning the lottery – maybe not the Mega Millions, but at least a $20 scratch-off ticket. Here are some winning picks from some of our favorite sources. MotoRead – when you can’t or don’t want to read with your eyes.

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11 Content Marketing Insights CMOs Wish Marketers to Adopt

Marketing Interactions

As B2B marketers sprint forward, full of anticipation and excitement to help our companies grow and thrive based on the success of our customers, there are a few content marketing insights, 11 actually, that CMOs wish all marketers knew. Some of these may sound familiar.

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Humans and Bots: How to blend human skills and AI to build customer intimacy and drive growth

Join Genesys for this webinar to learn how leading companies are using blended AI to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth.

Case Story: How Cardinal Health Mastered Paid Content Distribution


Contently Case Stories is a series highlighting some of Contently’s most successful clients. Building an audience takes time. It takes talent. It takes strategy. Budget, of course. And a little luck too. There’s a science to putting all of the pieces together. If a brand overlooks even one of those factors, it may never achieve the desired results. In today’s digital media landscape, content distribution is often the step brands overlook the most.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers for B2B Social Media

Schubert B2B

Growing your B2B social media accounts can be tough. Breaking through the noise and getting your posts seen isn’t easy, and the increasing importance of social media is only turning up the pressure.

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7 Ways Relationship Intelligence Can Boost Customer Advocacy & Sales


Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at MongoDB, can smell covert sales tactics almost instantly. Instead of sending her funny GIFs or email forwards, she believes good sales people can get her the resources she needs to make a purchase decision – whether it’s an introduction to another CMO for a product use case, or providing technical support.

How the Travel Industry Approaches Email Marketing (And What We Can Learn)


Is there any consumer-facing industry that’s been more disrupted by the internet than travel? Even older grandparents these days check portals like Expedia and Kayak rather than phoning a trusty travel agent.

The SaaS Guide to Customer Engagement, Retention, and Advocacy

After onboarding, most SaaS customers have to find their own way to success. This ebook by Influitive is a compilation of some of the best examples of programs designed to drive customer retention and advocacy, with examples from some of the world’s largest and most innovative SaaS vendors.

Every Business Has an Origin Story: A Lesson in Branding


“We’ve lost our way.”. I’ve heard this from clients countless times.

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Could Blockchain Make Influencer Marketing More Transparent?

Content Standard

Influencer marketing campaigns can be messy. You often need multiple tools to complete various aspects of building and running an influencer campaign. There are platforms to help you find the right influencers, for example, while other solutions are designed to measure results and determine ROI.

How to Make Quotes for Instagram: 9 Apps to Try This Year


When you come across a beautiful sight -- be it a beach, a mountain, or your pet's face -- sometimes, it inspires you to think bigger about what certain sights and experiences mean. For those moments, you might consider posting a photo on Instagram with an equally inspiring quote as the caption.

The Long and Short of It: What You Really Need to Know About Content Length

Content Standard

Marketing has developed a massive amount in just the past ten years. We’ve gone from intuiting audience intentions to pursuing data-driven decision making.

Lead Generation Companies: How to Pick a Right One

Have you ever had a bad experience using a lead generation company? If the answer is yes, you are certainly not alone; fortunately, MarketJoy has put together 4 simple questions that you can use to judge your next potential lead gen partner.

Why productivity isn’t the only thing your smartphone is stealing from you


When Jason Fried, the founder & CEO of Basecamp, stepped on stage to give his talk at the Lean Startup conference, he kicked things off by asking the crowd a very interesting question: “Who here can remember having 4 continuous hours to themselves at work anytime in the last 5 years?” The re. Backstage

Andrew Warner: Mixergy, Bot Academy


"That is the insane, never-ending work. … And you know what? To find purity in that, to find joy in that. That is what it is to be an entrepreneur.". The post Andrew Warner: Mixergy, Bot Academy appeared first on The ONTRAPORT Blog. Marketing Automation Podcast

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Behind the Brilliance: The Mind of a Marketer with Erik Archer Smith


I met Erik at a Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance ( MOCCA ) event, which was an immediate indication that he knew his stuff. Amidst the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, some of the sharpest minds mind marketing come together to talk shop.

Peek Inside 7 Successful Membership Sites


Here are some of the creative ways seven ONTRAPORT users are optimizing their membership sites. The post Peek Inside 7 Successful Membership Sites appeared first on The ONTRAPORT Blog. Membership Sites

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The Rise of the Customer Marketer

From marketing backwater to starring role, this eBook by Influitive explores the changes taking place in customer marketing from the perspective of customer marketers themselves (and explains just why it’s so crucial to customer engagement).

How to Dislodge A Market Leader

Lead Liaison

Few companies are fortunate enough to create an entirely new high-tech market, and even less so dominate that market. Many join at the right time once costs have dropped and the market is sufficiently inflated. So why do so many companies lose their way to becoming a market leader?

Selling Your Company on B2B Content Operations

Marketing Interactions

You’re creating content—lots of it. If the trend holds steady—which B2B marketers indicate it will—you’ll create even more content next year. Content has become almost as much of a product as the actual products and solutions your company provides to your customers.

Does PR lead to sales for B2B companies?

Champion Communications

People often question the return on investment of public relations and earned media. It is true, traditional PR can be difficult to measure. However, I have prospects telling me explicitly that they have seen our coverage in the media and that made them initiate the conversation.

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A Customer-Centric Twist on the 4 Ps of Marketing


The empowered consumer may well be the mantra of this millennium. In recent years, the digital world has transformed almost everything about B2B marketing strategy, including the buyer’s journey. Now, the.

7 Cold Calling Tactics You Aren't Using but Should Be

Cold calling isn‘t dead; neither is it on its deathbed. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to increase sales and drive revenue. Learn 7 preperation strategies to lessen your stress, and to become a better closer!

2 Phrases That Inspire Fearless Marketers

Modern B2B Marketing

Between bosses and teams, we’re caught in a conundrum. Bosses tell their teams, “I want to see more creativity! More innovation! Where’re all the great ideas?? Our competition is killing us!”. Teams say, “I bring you great ideas five times a day!

Best Practice: Content-First Web Design

EMagine B2B Blog

The most important aspect of any website support request (which is commonly forgotten amid the look and functionality desired) is the one thing that website visitors will pay the most attention to: Your content. That’s why we recommend content-first web design. . Content-first web design.

How Should You Deliver Your Membership Site Content?


Here are the five main content delivery methods you should know about and when you should and shouldn’t use each one. The post How Should You Deliver Your Membership Site Content? appeared first on The ONTRAPORT Blog. Membership Sites

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