Tue.Dec 08, 2020

A Roadmap for B2B SMBs to Achieve Digital Transformation

Marketing Insider Group

Is digital transformation just a buzzword? Does it seem unattainable for your small business? SMB business owners are wrestling with these questions and seeking clarity. B2B SMBs can achieve digital transformation; it takes work, commitment, and the right strategy.

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What is Error 403 and how to fix it?


WordPress website owners can occasionally face an Error 403 — Forbidden. But don’t worry, it is not as serious as it looks: it is like having the right key to open a door but still being unable to enter. You just have to find the reason why the key isn’t turning.


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B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Will Deliver Marketing ROI

Marketing Insider Group

The beginning of the final quarter of the year always signals a re-evaluation of old strategies and the hunt for newer ones to stay competitive in your industry. Driven by a host of emerging technologies and an influx of new insights, b2b buyer behavior continues to evolve at breakneck speeds.

Marketers Focused on Revenue Generation From New and Existing Customer Base in 2021

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers look ahead to the New Year, research suggests that they will be focusing on building their customer base, increasing revenue from existing customers, and establishing more effective personalization.

Your New Schematic for Next-Level Sales Coaching & Enablement

Speaker: Matthew Hawk, President of B2bTrainers

The term “sales enablement” applies to a dizzying array of best practices and technologies. In addition, there is tremendous competitive pressure not to fall behind. No matter where you are in your current sales enablement strategy, one thing is key: success ultimately rides on the habits of your sales managers & marketers. In this webinar, Matthew Hawk will lay out an in-depth schematic for your next-level sales coaching, demonstrate the key activities that comprise success, and walk you through several examples of sales coaching cadences that apply to all salesforce sizes.

Protecting Your Mission


Protecting your mission is top of mind for all leaders of mission-driven organizations, but protecting it from what, exactly? There are obvious threats, of course, such as financial solvency, reputation, and quality-control. However, other threats are often overlooked but are no less deadly.

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How to Carve Out a Future in an Established Market

Measure Up Marketing

Using real examples from our work, each episode of One Good Idea provides a smart business tip to help you grow. This episode is based on work with a customer who developed a software product that is now part of a well-established highly competitive market that wants to grow.

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Nine important marketing takeaways from 2020


30-second summary: ClickZ’s quarterly advisory board meeting focused on unpacking the most important marketing takeaways for 2020 and what it means for 2021 and beyond. Our Advisory Board members consist of thought leaders and luminaries who bring decades of marketing experience to the table.

How to write newsletter subject lines like your favorite creators


Jump ahead. Why subject lines should be a top priority. What you need to keep in mind when writing a newsletter subject line. 7 newsletter subject line styles the pros use. How to improve your newsletter subject lines over time. Everyone starts somewhere…why not start today?

10 Unique Instagram Reels Ideas to Get People Watching Your Channel


Move over TikTok, Instagram Reels are here—and they’re looking to make a splash. Launched in late-2019, Instagram’s answer to TikTok has received mixed responses from creators, influencers, and brands. But big name businesses such as Sephora, Walmart, and Beardbrand are already on board.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Hey Google Analytics, Can You Add This Sweet Metric? [Video Extras]

Content Marketing Institute

In his Unsolicited Advice column, Andrew Davis serves up a suggestion to Google’s head of analytics on adding the one metric that content marketers have long craved. Continue reading → The post Hey Google Analytics, Can You Add This Sweet Metric?

4 Lessons You Can Learn From Online Reviews

Brandwatch CX


Customer Journey Map Templates + Examples for 2021


Download all the templates you need to revamp your customer journeys for 2021. Experts Corner Studies

Delivering Episode 33: Oracle’s Wade Hobbs on Analytics, Strategy, and the Future of Email


In this episode of Delivering, host Jason Rodriguez interviews Oracle’s Wade Hobbs about what we can—and should—measure in email, how that informs strategy, and what the future holds for email marketers. Episode Transcript.

The Revenue Leader's Guide to Prospecting

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Sales & Marketing departments that work together guarantee higher acquisition, better nurturing, and more effective sales. Join Christopher Ryan for this insightful webinar, presenting the wide funnel lead nurturing model. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your teams working together and your revenue performance optimized.

Exploring video length best practices for social media

Sprout Social

It’s impossible to open up a major social platform now and not see a video post. Videos range from short promotional videos on Instagram to quick trailers on Twitter to longer livestreams on Facebook. Videos encompass a wide range of topics and are consumed by many people around the world.

The Value of Writing for Humans in an SEO-Driven World


Google changes its SEO algorithms thousands of times per year — which breaks down to more than once a day. And while most of these changes are small enough to have no significant bearing on search results, some can have game-changing implications. .

How To Embed Content Marketing And SEO For More Traffic And Leads?

Only B2B

When we invest all our time and efforts creating an incredible in-depth piece of content that’s engaging and loved by our customers, prospects, and clients – why not receive Google’s love too and improve qualified organic traffic of our website?

8 Easy Steps to Creating a Competitive Landscape Analysis


One of the most frustrating business situations is when you’re getting left in the dust by your competition — and you can’t figure out why.

How to Redirect Your Indirect Channels by Enabling the Right People

Speaker: Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems

We are in the middle of a major transformation of how companies go to market – in fact, 76% of global CEOs feel that their current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 3 years. Join Jay McBain from Forrester as he unpacks these future trends.

7 Types of Online Communities for Your Brand to Invest In

Higher Logic

The post 7 Types of Online Communities for Your Brand to Invest In appeared first on Higher Logic. Learn how your brand can harness the power of online community building with each of these 7 different types of communities.

How to Get Your Leads to Share Your Content

Benchmark Email

Wouldn’t it be great if your leads could do some of the work for you when it comes to getting more eyes on your email marketing content? Well, they can, as long as you put the right prompts into place.

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4 Astounding Ways AI Can Help You Gather (and Use) Business Intelligence


Everyone seems to be talking about artificial intelligence. Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, digital technology, or smart robots, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an advantageous strategy for many businesses.

10 Common Social Media Statements Verified or Debunked


As a public relations and digital marketing agency owner, I often hear about numerous tips, tricks, hacks, and workarounds to build massive social media success. Some of them are spot-on accurate, while others may put your brand at risk for violating platform policies.

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

How to Create a Pardot Popup That Converts (Step by Step)


Looking to create a Pardot popup that converts? Pardot is a powerful B2B marketing automation tool by Salesforce. By using a popup with Pardot, you can quickly grow your leads, sales, and revnue. Today, we’ll teach you how to build a Pardot popup that converts your visitors into leads and customers.

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Most Consumers Changed Brands in 2020: Research Explains Why


Now that 2020's global pandemic has taught most of the world how to live and work completely from home, marketers planning their 2021 strategy are asking one big question: “Will this uncertain time change the way people spend money?”.

Should You Outsource Content Marketing?


Content marketing can be a laborious endeavor, so it's not surprising that many companies look to outsourcing this effort. If you're considering it for 2021, familiarize yourself with the pros and cons and determine if it’s a smart move for your content team.

Live Optimization Workbook: Newsletters


Live Optimization. You’ve probably seen it in person or during our virtual Litmus Live events. It’s our opportunity to gather email marketing and design experts to review real emails… live.

How to Drive Revenue Through Retention Marketing & Sales Enablement

Speaker: Ruth Stevens, President of eMarketing Strategy

In a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to focus on retaining and expanding current customers. So, how can sales and marketing support the retention effort? Join Ruth Stevens as she dives into this fast-paced session and reviews the 7 key strategies for current customer marketing, to enable sales and expand customer value.