Fri.Jul 30, 2021

How to Create Effective, High-Impact Product Documentation


Many corporations have a dedicated team of technical writers to handle product documentation. However, a siloed team may not produce the type of copy that connects with your products’ users.

How to use APIs to update and enrich your data


Data decays over time—phone numbers change, companies shift locations, or people move jobs. Data changes, and stale data is expensive. It is estimated that, on average, organizations lose $15 million each year due to bad data.

API 207

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7 Ways Email Marketing Can Help You Double Your SEO Results


Marketers often prioritize their website and link-building strategy to improve SEO results. However, email is an equally important channel for generating authentic traffic for SEO purposes, boosting engagement, and improving revenues.

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B2B advertising from the past

Sales Lead Insights

I always find it interesting to look at the work done by our predecessors in B2B marketing.

Essential Guide to Sales Engagement – Overcome the Challenges of Remote Selling

Sales Engagement leverages process, tools, and training to align your efforts to your buyer’s journey and exceed their expectations. See how to equip sellers to effectively prospect, create meaningful connections and manage a sales cycle from beginning to closed-won! Download the guide today!

Culture Essentials: Clarity of Purpose, Collaborative Relationships and Life-long Learning


This week’s collection reflects an eclectic range of reading and listening over the last couple of weeks. Thematically diverse in content and sourcing, these pieces all resonated with me and with work I am doing with clients and colleagues.

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8 Best WordPress Scroll Popups Plugins to Boost Conversions


Do you want to trigger a popup when a visitor scrolls the page? When a visitor starts scrolling, more often than not, it means they’re interested in your website. This also means they’ll be more likely to respond to an offer or optin form.

Read Rates: Who’s Actually Captivated by Your Email?


Open rates can be deceptive. One insightful metric you may not have thought of? Read rates. While there are many email metrics you can measure, this one packs a punch. Only 19% of marketers currently track read rate today, according to our latest State of Email Analytics report.

Rate 97

3 Actionable Tips to Track Leads in Google Analytics

SmartBug Media

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating your website, launching content, and even investing in paid advertising to generate leads—but how do you know if it's working? If you aren’t tracking your leads, how do you know your efforts are fruitful?Tracking

6 Key Strategies For Great Entertainment Display Campaigns


The Entertainment industry is progressing towards using more advanced forms of display advertising. Yet, what are the strategies that can help your brand move ahead of the competition?

The Definitive B2B Sales Playbook: Proven Path to $ Multi-Million Revenues

Sales is at the forefront of revenue growth, and so organizations with highly streamlined sales operations consistently outperform competition. How do you create a path to success and fast-track your way to multi million dollar revenues? Read the eBook.

A Day In The Life Of A Software Engineer

HG Data

dawn ducharme Software engineer. Why HG Is Right For Me: Dawn Ducharme. My name is Dawn Ducharme and I’m a software developer at HG Insights. I started as an intern at HG, and I’ll never forget my first day.

5 Best Digital Marketing Courses to Take in 2021

Search Engine Journal

Ready to take your professional career to the next level? Check out five of the best digital marketing courses available today. The post 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses to Take in 2021 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Careers & Education Sponsored Posts

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How to Grow to $45 Million in Sales Selling Direct Mail + OptiChannel


Mike Robinson has helped grow Summit from 0 to $45 million by selling print, mail, fulfillment services, & OptiChannel marketing solutions. Mike has personally sold 100s of millions of personalized, OptiChannel-powered Direct Mail pieces. But how, exactly?

Mail 74

Google Discover: 10 Characteristics of Top-Performing Content [Study] via @sejournal, @lilyraynyc

Search Engine Journal

Building Google Discover visibility and traffic is different from your regular SEO content strategy. See which 10 optimizations work best. The post Google Discover: 10 Characteristics of Top-Performing Content [Study] appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

The Definitive Guide to Remote Sales Coaching

Have you struggled to onboard, train, and provide continuous learning opportunities to your salespeople due to the abrupt shift to remote work? If so, you’re not alone. Sellers are relying on virtual selling more than ever. With in-person sessions no longer feasible, many organizations are looking for alternative methods to support their salespeople.

Using Data to Tailor the B2B Email Marketing Experience

BOP Design

Data can be extremely beneficial for those looking to get more out of their B2B email marketing campaigns.

Analyzing Google SERP Volatility Across 25 Industries


We analyzed Google SERPs across 25 industries to get an idea of what changes are occurring on SERPs on a day-to-day basis. Take a look at what we‘ve found and see what SERP features you should be targeting.


3 Things My New Puppy Taught Me About Marketing

Heinz Marketing

By Rachel Degginger , Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing. Just a few days back, my mom and I went on the journey of a lifetime, to pick up my new golden retriever puppy.

How Print Uniquely Engages Younger Consumers


Curious how younger consumers perceive print? In this episode, Dave explores new surprising research about Generation Z and Millennials. Learn how they perceive direct mail, and how their digital “experience” plays a key role in how they perceive print. It may surprise you.

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The Ultimate Sales Coaching Guide

Sales coaching is a training format that allows the leaders in your organization to share their valuable experience with the rest of your sales teams. It’s an interactive approach to sales training where sellers get to practice what they’re taught and use information in real-life scenarios.

Getting Started Guide


What is email marketing? Email marketing is a form of marketing. It consists of sending commercial emails to current, prospective, and past customers to establish, promote and nurture a business relationship. While social media has added many avenues to promote business, email remains essential. In 2020, there were 4 billion global email users, and that number continues to grow. With its high ROI, email is vital in most marketing strategies.

Mail 64

What do the Golden Circle and CogMar have in Common?


When it comes to how we run our businesses and how we manage our interpersonal relationships, we might not find a ton of similar ground, other than the fact we want both these areas to thrive.

How Storytelling Fuels Reporting Your Clients Can Get Excited About via @sejournal, @amyppc

Search Engine Journal

A "just the facts" approach to reporting data can damage client relationships. Learn how & why to optimize reporting with storytelling. The post How Storytelling Fuels Reporting Your Clients Can Get Excited About appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Digital Experience Paid Search

Correlation Between Simon Sinek's Golden Circle and CogMar


Correlation Between Simon Sinek's Golden Circle and CogMar. Cognitive Marketing

Core Principles of Great Sales Enablement are the Same: It's The Tactics That Have Changed

If your role includes supporting sellers, then this in-depth sales guide is for you! Discover valuable insights on how to adjust your tactics and keep remote onboarding and training engaging. Take the next steps from sales to revenue enablement by downloading this essential guide today!

Search Ranking Factors Are Not Always Applied Equally


Competing for the top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs) requires a deft mixture of targeted, relevant content, carefully constructed pages, fast-loading sites and myriad other touches to win the approval of the search engine gods (i.e. algorithms).

The History and Fundamentals of Social Media Hashtags in Your Content Strategy


In the world of social media, there are certain elements everyone thinks of with social media content, including creative images, compelling copy, and engaging hashtags.

How Storytelling Fuels Reporting Your Clients Can Get Excited About via @sejournal, @amyppc

Search Engine Journal

A "just the facts" approach to reporting data can damage client relationships. Learn how & why to optimize reporting with storytelling. The post How Storytelling Fuels Reporting Your Clients Can Get Excited About appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Digital Experience Paid Search

Want to Outsource Your Blog Writing? Here Are Your Options


As there are so many options for outsourcing blog writing, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, how to evaluate the different options, and how to choose the best option for your needs and budget. Content Marketing

From Planning to Results, How to Choose a Tool to Manage Marketing Projects

With increased channels, tools, and pressure to achieve goals, your work management platform must be able to: Manage complex projects within tight time frames, Harness data from all channels to make decisions in real time, Prove ROI to the broader business. Download the eBook today!