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Is MarTech Is Too Important To Leave To The Marketers?

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I’m still pondering the relationship between marketing and IT : what it is, will be, and should be. A few new ingredients have kept the pot boiling: - a chat with Abhi Yadav, founder of Zylotech , a MIT-bred, artificial intelligence-driven Customer Data Platform and message selection engine.

50+ Video Marketing Stats that Prove You’re Doing it Right


Video may be all the rage, but for data-driven businesses, it’s hard to justify spending resources on a new content type without… well… data, right? And if this was five or ten years ago, you wouldn’t find much to support online video. But it’s 2017, and the times, they are a’ changing!

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Marketing’s Like Love: How Rejection Leads to Success

Modern Marketing

Imagine you’re having a night on the town with someone special. Both of you have just met, but your vibes click and you think you like each other. At the end of the evening, you promise to meet again and put your numbers in each other’s phone.


Content Personalization Instead of Promotion

Marketing Insider Group

With the rise of the Internet, consumers today have access to gazillions of information pieces. Push away push marketing More choices of products and services, brings in the Paradox of Choice. Organizations invest in an array of products but are unable to differentiate themselves.

Increase Marketing ROI 10X and Prove It

See how a marketing team demonstrated 10X ROI and increased sales by 35% with marketing automation.

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Storytelling: Use it to Control Your Buyer’s Mind?

The ROI Guy

Storytelling in sales and marketing has long been touted as effective, and we now have the science to prove why. According to a new study, when presented with a story, the storyteller and listeners brains actually synchronize – termed brain coupling.

Six SEO Tips for UX Designers


Guest post by Alex Berg. Understanding the aspects of design, technology, and content that affect search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential skill for any web team, but they are particularly important when undertaking a major website redesign effort. Image credit: Bambi Corro III.

4 Ways to Make Your Strategic Marketing Plan Better


We’ve all hit those problems. The stifling sort, that puzzle and stump, that confound and frustrate. But we’ve also experienced moments of solution. The Eurekas of enlightenment, when what was once so baffling suddenly becomes unstuck.

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3 Criteria for Selecting an Enterprise-Ready Marketing Platform [Whitepaper]

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Graham Gallivan As a marketer or an IT professional, you know how important it is to choose a marketing platform that supports you and your organization’s needs both now and into the future.

2017 CMO Survey

The 2017 CMO Survey can provide you with the latest insights into marketplace dynamics, spending, and trends.

How Is Winning at Retail Marketing

Content Standard

There’s a reason a great content strategy drives conversions in retail marketing: it makes it easy for consumers to move from thinking about a product to actually buying a product. In this sense, content has taken the guesswork out of how this product would fit into their lives.

The Complete Guide to Starting a Podcast for Agencies


In a rapidly changing digital landscape, marketing agencies need to be ahead of the curve.

From easy to expert | Email list segmentation 101 [Infographic]

Vertical Response

You already know that email marketing is a fantastic marketing tool, with 72 percent of consumers saying they prefer email over other methods of communication from companies they do business with.

Marketing Car Sharing & Mobility 2.0 | Ep. 15 Rethink Podcast


In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we hit the streets of Portland on a ride along in a BMW X1 with ReachNow’s CEO Steve Banfield to discuss his car-sharing service, and how he markets mobility 2.0. In the podcast, we discuss ReachNow’s offering, its target audience, their differentiation tactics, market adoption, promotion channels, preparing for when things go wrong, working with regulatory agencies, and having a rich German uncle.

The AdRoll Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Personalize your marketing to convert your highest-value accounts.

Survey: Digital Marketers Show Most Interest in Advertising on Instagram

KoMarketing Associates

Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram continue to grow in popularity as digital advertising channels, but which networks lead the pack? In an effort to gauge how marketers are utilizing social platforms, Ad Age and RBC Capital Markets recently surveyed 1,600 marketing professionals. The majority (64 percent) said that they were most interested in advertising on Instagram.

What is a Marketing Technology Stack? Definitions, Stats and Examples.


It’s likely you’ve heard the term “marketing technology stack” referenced as a marketing trend lately – but the question that remains for many is: Um.what exactly is it? And, how do I set it up?

Digital fear or digital hope?


By many accounts, the oldest person alive now is Emma Morano— likely the only living person born in the 1800s.

InsideView Extends SAP Partnership to Help CRM Users Gain a Competitive Advantage

Sales Intelligence View

By now you’ve likely heard us say time and time again: your business data changes at an alarmingly fast rate. Left unmaintained, your CRM and marketing automation data will become 70% inaccurate each year. At InsideView, it’s our goal to help sales and marketing teams stop wasting time trying to reach prospects that don’t exist, and instead reach […].

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

Empathy, Orwell and Experiences

Type A Communications

March 16, 2017 by Carla Johnson In his book Down and Out in Paris and London, author George Orwell (of 1984 and Animal Farm fame…) tells the story of penniless. read more. Corporate Culture Creativity Customer Experience Carla Johnson Cleveland Clinic Empathy George Orwell Type A Communications

How Machine Learning is Transforming Healthcare


Machine learning and big data in the healthcare field have tremendous potential. Not only are these new technologies improving diagnosis and treatment options, they also have the potential to empower individuals to take control of their own health. Some of the most exciting advances in healthcare today are coming about with the help of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced. The post How Machine Learning is Transforming Healthcare appeared first on Opentopic.

Internet of Things evolutions: 20+ IoT trends for 2017


A look into some of the main IoT trends for 2017, based on research, observations and different sources. In March 2017, market research firm Ovum released a list of essential Internet of Things trends for 2017, in collaboration with Internet of Things World. That seemed like a good opportunity to cover some major key IoT […]. Internet of Everything 5G artificial intelligence Blockchain ePrivacy Regulation fog computing GDPR Industry 4.0

Social Media Marketing on a Tight Budget


It is possible to start your marketing campaigns on social media on any budget, no matter how small. You could even do it for no money at all, with the only cost being however much your time and energy are worth to you. Let’s take a look at some of the options available, with the help of this infographic from. The post Social Media Marketing on a Tight Budget appeared first on Opentopic. Brands & Marketers

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation.

[Guest Post] Are We Empowering Human Interaction Or Displacing It?


Originally posted on Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog. The sales and marketing technology along with the social networking/selling technologies represent a huge amount of the changes that are driving sales and marketing.

Jeff Marcoux of Microsoft: Lead Prioritization, Predictive Lead Generation, and The Rise of Customer Experience


Listen on Itunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher. Guest Bio: Jeff Marcoux is the CMO Lead for Worldwide Enterprise Marketing at Microsoft. He has driven cross product and team collaboration, supported multiple product releases, bringing new products to market, innovative content strategies, channel development, and acquisition integration work.