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Inbound vs. outbound lead generation, the differences and similarities

Blend Marketing

Marketing has undergone radical change in the last decade, spurred on by the pace of technological progress, the rise and evolution of search, and the consequent democratisation of knowledge. Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

The Growing Personalization Conundrum for Marketers

B2B Marketing Directions

For more than two decades, the value of personalization has been largely unquestioned in marketing circles.

Steps to Success with Your B2B Paid Search Campaigns

The Lead Agency

Paid search advertising isn’t used as often in B2B marketing as it is in B2C. Running a successful B2B paid search advertising campaign in niche B2B target markets can be extremely difficult. This is primarily because B2B target markets are smaller, so defining profitable keywords can be challenging.

An Active Businessperson’s Guide to Aging Parent Care

Altitude Branding

You’ve worked hard to get where you are now and establish yourself within the career you have chosen. As an active businessperson who prioritizes work success, it can come as quite a shock when your aging parents need assistance from you.

Why Conversational AI Is Key to Customer Service in the Customer Experience Era

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business must become a customer experience-first business. Customer satisfaction has become more important than price or any individual feature. Read the new Tractica white paper to learn how important conversational AI is to your CX strategy.

A Letter from Prison: With Love & Gratitude to My Mom This Mother’s Day


The following letter is written by Heather to her mother in celebration of Mother’s Day. Heather is a mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister and Televerde employee who is incarcerated at the Department of Corrections in Goodyear, Arizona. Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! I can’t believe this is our 7th Mother’s Day apart. Only two more to go, which feels easy considering what we’ve already been through.

Aging 54

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Developing the Perfect Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Stevens & Tate

The buyer’s journey has changed a lot over the years. This is a result of the consumer’s ability to explore multiple channels online and to engage in multiple ways. There is no distinct path that takes them from point A to point B in order to make a purchase.

SEO & Progressive Web Apps: Looking to the Future


Posted by tombennet Practitioners of SEO have always been mistrustful of JavaScript. This is partly based on experience; the ability of search engines to discover, crawl, and accurately index content which is heavily reliant on JavaScript has historically been poor.

API 70

Best Practices for Video Conferencing: Tech, Logistics and Prep Tips for Any Situation


Most of the modern workforce’s dream is to move to a remote office setup — whether to spend more time with family, live in a more affordable area, or work for a great company without being physically in the same location.

14 Noteworthy Media Agency Execs Bringing Fresh Perspectives and Deep Insights to Their Brands


On the media agency side of the business, there is a small group of people who have been deep into the evolution of programmatic advertising. Anagram general manager Jenna Umbrianna is one of them. Starting as an analyst at Hill Holliday, Umbrianna managed the agency’s programmatic media practice in 2010 and eventually became the svp and general manager of Havas’ programmatic strategy and trading divisions across the holding company’s North American client roster.

How to Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Video

Building brand awareness and acquiring customers is never easy, but how can you improve your marketing strategy with limited resources? Vidyard has you covered with their 3-in-1 guide on how to use video across your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.