Wed.Oct 13, 2021

52% of Marketers Have Seen a ‘Large Increase’ in Demand for Content

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers face a rising demand for more content, new research suggests that they are personalizing it to meet the needs of their customers.

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Consultants Collective Profile: Rod Thorn


We’re pleased to present our latest featured profile, designed to introduce you to our member consultants, advisors, executive coaches, clients, partners, and other extraordinary people.


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ABM Campaign Crash Course: Generate More Revenue with Sales Activation


Welcome to the third installment of our ABM Crash Course series. In part one we covered launching successful display ad campaigns , and in part two we discussed delivering a personalized experience. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into ABM campaign success and discuss sales activation.

Larissa Gaston on Keeping Up With the Speed of B2B Business


Exabeam’s VP of Corporate Marketing takes the hot seat. Listen to the podcast: For more thought leadership on keeping up with the speed of B2B business, check out our Radically Transparent podcast on Apple Podcasts , Spotify, YouTube , or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn + ZoomInfo Recruiter: Better Data for Better Candidates

Check out our latest ebook for a guide to the in-depth, wide-ranging candidate and company data offered by ZoomInfo Recruiter — and make your next round of candidate searches faster, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

Researching Personas? Ask Sales!


Buyer-focused marketing requires us to develop content that speaks to buyers about what they want and need. There’s no way to speak directly to an audience you don’t know. That’s what makes personas so incredibly important. What are they concerned about?

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Best B2B Intent Data Providers

Only B2B

We’ve all seen how difficult and time-consuming it can be to lead customers through your sales pipeline. Finding quality leads might feel like a never-ending task. A percentage of the leads you discover will always fall out of the pipeline along the way.

#39 The Importance of Personalization in Performance Marketing with Selle Evans


This episode features Selle Evans , founder of Masterly Business Solutions , who talks about how a career in accounting morphed into a passion for wanting to increase business efficiency.

9 Shopify Popup Apps to Grow Your List & Drive Conversions


Are you looking for the best Shopify popup apps, but you’re not sure which option is right for YOUR business? Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. It allows anyone to quickly and easily create an online store and start selling their products in minutes.

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6 ways for creators to monetize their content in 2021 (and beyond)


The creator economy is booming. More people indicate they want to be creators these days than ever before. As of 2021, there are around 50 million people working in a creator capacity—as musicians, artists, freelancers, podcasters , photographers, chefs, athletes… the list goes on and on.

Virtual Event Strategy: Building a High-ROI Annual Plan for 2022

Speaker: David Edwards, Senior Manager, Virtual Events, BrightTALK

While B2B marketers have used events as an effective marketing tool for decades, virtual events have more recently evolved into an essential part of the marketing mix. But the myriad of options can make it confusing to put together a virtual event strategy that positively impacts your marketing goals - not just your budget.

Google On Small Business SEO & How it’s Changing via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Search Engine Journal

Google's John Mueller suggests the way small businesses do SEO is changing in a way that industry experts aren't keeping up with. The post Google On Small Business SEO & How it’s Changing appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News SEO

9 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore This Decade

Tapsi Chadha

Follow up on the emerging digital marketing trends that will continue to drive engagement and boost your business in the coming decade with Outgrow

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Meet the New Higher Logic Community Mobile App

Higher Logic

The post Meet the New Higher Logic Community Mobile App appeared first on Higher Logic. Connected Community, the new mobile app for Higher Logic Community, gives your community members an easy way to participate, no matter where they are.

The Art of Sharing Milestone Emails with Your Subscribers

Benchmark Email

Celebrate good times — c’mon! The milestone email is one of the different types of emails you should be sending, and it’s the easiest and most fun message to send out to your customers.

The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Experience

ABX is the next evolution of ABM & it’s here to stay. Gifting & direct mail can carry you straight to the hearts of your prospects & customers. Find out how easy it is to create data-driven, personalized experiences at scale with gifting and direct mail.

Shoppable content: The new way of buying online (and 3 brands doing it right)

Sprout Social

For years, consumers have had the option of buying in stores, online, via mobile apps or (in some rare cases) mail-order catalog. Meanwhile at my house, we’re excitedly looking forward to the Zingerman’s Mail Order summer sale and our annual order of Ortiz tuna by the case. link].

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Video SEO: 10 Steps to Optimizing Videos for Search and Discovery via @sejournal, @gregjarboe

Search Engine Journal

Video SEO is constantly evolving and staying current on optimization best practices is essential. Learn 10 steps for optimizing videos today. The post Video SEO: 10 Steps to Optimizing Videos for Search and Discovery appeared first on Search Engine Journal. SEO YouTube

Agency Perspective on Data Unification and Data Management


Data Unification and Data Management are Key. Does anyone even remember “traditional” marketing anymore? Sure, the days of billboards and postcards in the mail are definitely not over. But digital has been the first thing to come to mind when talking about marketing for over a decade.

How Content Helps You Switch from Reactive to Proactive Customer Service


Are you creating content as a reaction to things happening within your company or industry? Or have you actually developed a strategy that dictates what you are creating day-to-day? Hopefully the latter, but making a transition from reactive support to proactive customer service is not an easy task.

Deliver Magic Moments with Direct Mail and Corporate Gifting

Digital fatigue is a thing, no surprise there. The good news: you can break through the noise using a new channel! Find out how to get creative and build rapport with prospects & customers offline with strategic direct mail and corporate gifting.

Litmus Live 2021 Speaker: Meet Chad S. White—With Mail Privacy Protection Tactics


Litmus Live is THE conference for email marketers and coming soon to the virtual stage this October 26th-27th. Get ready for how-tos, tips, and advice from marketing leaders and email marketing experts—including Chad S. White. Chad S. White. Head of Research, Oracle Marketing Consulting.

Step-by-Step Guide for Building Nurturing Drip Campaigns that Convert


Every email has a purpose. That purpose, if you’re a digital marketer , should be focused on a single goal, like: Thanks for signing up, have a coupon! Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been up to lately. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy a free holiday marketing ebook!

Website Accessibility & the Law: Why Your Website Must Be Compliant via @sejournal, @kim_cre8pc

Search Engine Journal

Designing for inclusion and website accessibility isn't just for compliance – it is a good business decision to make. Learn why here. The post Website Accessibility & the Law: Why Your Website Must Be Compliant appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Digital Experience Web Development

Episode 4 – 'What’s Wrong With Revenue?' Why Short-Term 'Get Me Leads Today' Thinking Won’t Produce Revenue

Square 2 Marketing

This show aired LIVE on September 29, 2021. To watch the show on demand, click here. In this episode of What’s Wrong With Revenue? , we talked about how many CEOs say they’re long-term oriented but then demand their marketing team generates leads in the next 30 days.

How to Improve Demand Generation with Empathy

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

The highest priority for B2B marketers is effective demand generation (increasing lead quality and quantity). However, we can get so caught up in our ABM strategies, systems, tools, and investments that we lose sight of building deep empathy for the people in the accounts. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to go beyond rational-logic-based sales/marketing and adjust your strategy to understand better how buyers feel so that you can connect and help more customers buy.

10 Blogging Tips to Capture the Right Audience (and Keep Them) via @sejournal, @Similarweb

Search Engine Journal

It's time to review your blogging strategy and learn ways to improve it. Keep reading for tips on creating an amazing SEO plan. The post 10 Blogging Tips to Capture the Right Audience (and Keep Them) appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Content Marketing SEO

What Intent Data is and Why You Need It

Heinz Marketing

By Payal Parikh , Director of Client Engagement at Heinz Marketing. There’s been a buzz in the industry around customer intent data. It’s the next shiny object that is luring B2B marketers so they can gain and provide more insights into their prospects and have a better shot at closing a deal.

Mine the Past for IT Thought Leadership

What Works - What Doesn't

We often think thought leadership requires uncovering some fundamental new truth about the universe, proving it is correct, and showing how to get there. That’s a heavy lift, and it’s not always possible – or even necessary.

API 95

WordPress Proposes Performance Team For Core Web Vitals via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

WordPress acknowledges losing ground to Wix, proposes a Performance Team. Says responsibility for speed belongs to WordPress not plugins The post WordPress Proposes Performance Team For Core Web Vitals appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Bigger, Faster, Better: Considerations for Scaling Up Your Own Engagement Engine

Speaker: David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget

Customer acquisition and growth requires intentional strategy. Join David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget as they share their 20+ years of experience in crafting engagement engines at scale.

Get to the Top By Deriving Competitive Intelligence From Intent Data


“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” This 5th century BC saying by Sun Tzu summarizes the importance of competitive intelligence, and it’s equally relevant for marketers in the 21st century.

Google Explains Why Index Coverage Report is Slow via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

Google clarified the limits of the Index Coverage Report in order to explain why it seemingly showed indexing issues The post Google Explains Why Index Coverage Report is Slow appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News SEO

10 Effective Strategies to Boost Your SaaS Sales Without Chasing New Customers

Directive Agency

In the SaaS industry, your most lucrative opportunities will be within your existing client base. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of time and effort to develop trust and brand loyalty.