Domain Hacking: What is it? Are Domain Hacks SEO Friendly?

Why is domain hacking so important? Well, consider that more than 350 million domains exist today, so it can be hard for you to get the domain name you want. It’s even harder when you’re trying to get a domain that has enough value that people flip it to make money.

What Is the Link Between PR and SEO and How Can You Leverage It?

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PR and SEO? When it comes to dynamic duos, PR and SEO didn’t always match up so easily. Combining the strengths of PR and SEO can produce a huge impact. SEO and PR teams can learn from and feed off of each other’s strengths and expertise.

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Combine B2B PR & SEO to build Trust, Awareness, and Domain Authority

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Public Relations for B2B companies must be intertwined with SEO. SEO PRThe Article in 60 Seconds.

How to Explain Domain Authority to a Non-SEO


Posted by Orbiteer Do you ever have to explain the importance of Domain Authority to clients or co-workers who have little or no SEO experience? SEO is actually really hard to explain. I've been doing SEO for 20 years and explaining it for about as long. Domain Authority.

Share of voice: Measuring it for social media, PPC, SEO and PR

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SEO share of voice. Calculating share of voice on organic search is a little less straightforward, but can be accomplished by using SEO tools that compare your search visibility on important keywords for your business to competitors.

PR Measurement: 10 Important Metrics That You Need to Monitor

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PR measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. Because so much of PR is intangible, and offers long-term results, it does not fit into a common financial mold when it comes to metrics. Why do PR professionals need to show measurable results now? It’s estimated that companies spend about $11 billion on PR per year, and many C-suite executives are asking to see a return on that investment. Does this mean that PR is impossible to measure?

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Link Earning: The Combination of SEO & PR (A MozCon Takeaway)


In our interview with Rand late last year, he explained: “…Social and branding and press and PR and things like content marketing will all replace a lot of the purely link-fueled and link-focused outreach and link acquisition, like link building stuff. I see the world of SEO continuing to be focused and even reliant on links in a lot of ways, but not reliant on the tactics we’ve used to acquire them in the past.”. Online PR / Link-Building MozCon

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International SEO: How to Optimize Your Website to Capture a Global Audience

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International SEO helps you overcome both these challenges. Global SEO strategies aim to provide an excellent user experience to all people visiting your site. What Is International SEO? What Is Global SEO? Technical SEO implementation. domain suffix.

How to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media Success

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The value of content marketing for PR and social media has become a slam dunk when it comes to digital marketing. Wherever you go on the internet, you can't ignore the role that content plays -- whether it's a blog shared on social media, visual graphics in your PR campaigns, or a video that you use to promote your brand across multiple channels. Maintain your SEO and content materials. 4 Ways to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media. Invest in SEO.

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Audio SEO: The Complete Guide to Ranking Your Podcast Successfully

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Audio SEO is rising at a greater speed than you can imagine, and now podcasts have positioned themselves on the first page of the Google search results. In this article, I will discuss what audio SEO is and explain the types of podcast carousels that Google uses. What Is Audio SEO?

8 Ways to Use External Links to Improve Your SEO

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After reading it, you will learn to see that each outbound link is a new SEO opportunity for you to take advantage of and grow your site’s authority, traffic and online influence. And How Exactly Do They Help with SEO? 8 Ways to Use Outbound Links for SEO Starting Right Now!

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) definition and process


Registering all your brand and personal domain names is online reputation management. Making sure all your websites and blogs are SEO-optimized, fast, mobile optimized, properly-architected, and accurately-categorized is online reputation management. Marketers are wizards and PR is magic. Content marketing is online reputation management.

B2B SEO: How to Rank Your Business Website Higher in Search

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B2B SEO refers to getting your business site ranked higher in the SERPs in order to drive more traffic and sales to you. Here are some useful B2B SEO stats to whet your appetite: 55% of enterprise-level companies invest more than $20,000 per month in SEO. SEO B2B SEO

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PR Link Earning Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization


Public Relations (PR) efforts can play a large part in link earning from reputable third-party sites, which, in turn, boost your organic search performance. This blog will cover some best practices you should consider when looking for fresh ways to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing performance. If a highly influential site links to your domain, then in the search engine’s eyes your site is also highly influential.

How to Be Creative in B2B PR


Creativity isn’t the sole domain of consumer PR; if anything, it requires more creativity to craft the perfect angle for a complex B2B subject. B2B PR pros need to make themselves experts in their clients’ sectors and use every resource at their disposal to find newsworthy hooks. Because no matter how dry the subject matter might seem, an effective PR practitioner should be able to identify and sell a winning story a mile off. Social PR b2b PR Heather Baker social PR

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SEO Strategies Based on Your Business’ Unique Competitive Advantages

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With such a large influx of information on the web, the number of SEO agencies and consultants all around the globe has increased significantly, and so has the general savviness of the average business and their marketing departments. The 3 Pillars of SEO.

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Detecting Link Manipulation and Spam with Domain Authority


What if you own a large number of domains and all the sites link to each other? No statistics, no math, just a quick look at what pops up when we first sort by Lowest Decay Rate and then sort by Highest Domain Authority to see who is at the tail-end of the spectrum. Of course, now we do the hard work of building a model that actually takes this into account and accurately reduces Domain Authority relative to the severity of the link spam. We're launching Domain Authority 2.0

How To Rebrand A Website Without Losing SEO Rankings

This rebrand may be because you are moving to a new domain, keeping up with the latest design trends , or going through a merger and acquisition. And when that isn’t done right, the transition to a new domain and name can put all your hard work at risk.

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4 SEO Trends That Marketers Should Focus on This Year

SmartBug Media

Here are four important SEO trends that marketers should keep in mind this year. PR Outreach to Leverage Domain Authority from Credible Sources. Content Marketing SEO Inbound Marketing

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Link Building and Mobile SEO in 2017


Link building is one of the best ways to both increase your website’s authority (which helps with SEO) and get your brand more widely recognized within your niche. Link building today, also sometimes referred to as digital PR and outreach, is an SEO tactic with the aim to increase page ranking by “earning” backlinks from high-authority websites as well as linking out to high quality sites. Guest post by Molly Jones.

International SEO: How to Rank for Foreign Location & Language Specific Searches

Foreign or international SEO refers to the method of optimizing your website and search presence for a global audience. While international SEO might seem like an alien idea, it’s not as different from traditional SEO as you may think. Does Your Business Need Foreign SEO?

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The Future of SEO: How AI and Machine Learning Will Impact Content

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It shouldn't be difficult, however, as this dynamic industry has already been effective at adapting to new changes in technology as regards to social media, SEO and content marketing. 12 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Is Failing. Voice Search Is Changing the SEO Game.

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How to Calculate Your SEO Share of Voice

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What Is SEO Share of Voice? SEO share of voice is analysis that shows which websites rank most frequently for a given set of keywords or topics in organic search. How You Calculate SEO Share of Voice. Pull 1st-page-ranking domains for each of these topics.

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PESO Model for PR: Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned Media


Earned media was the primary focus of PR. We still need copywriters, SEO gurus, paid media specialists, social media mavens, etc., You may host a blog on your web domain (and if you don’t, you should probably start ). Traditionally, earned media is a PR pitch sent to a journalist who may include the brand in a featured story or mention it in an article in some way, whether it’s a print or online publication.

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Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

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If you aren’t sold on the importance of branded keywords, check out a study that Tom Capper did on Moz’s blog about links (a huge factor in domain authority) versus brand awareness: Capper states: “Here’s the main story: branded search volume is better correlated with rankings than Domain Authority is.”. For some, staying with SEO keywords might be best. First, though, let’s get on the same page about what the difference between branded keywords and SEO keywords are.

The Real Short-Term and Long-Term Results of Content Marketing and Digital PR


There are so many benefits to this combination of content marketing and digital PR, and I’ll walk through what you can realistically expect, and feature examples and data from our experience working with The site has a domain authority of 90, making it a very high-value earned link.

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A Useful New Model to Get The Edge in Public Relations

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Some Public relations practitioners and many PR clients are running a little behind. PR for eons was laser-focused on earned media — placing a story in media outlets. PR people would overturn every stone in an effort to do just that, wooing media and appeasing clients in the process. Full disclosure: my B2B PR agency has done this). Today, B2B PR, besides earned media, encompasses owned media , shared media (social media and influencer marketing), and paid media.

SEO Isn’t Mystical


What you need to know to break through the SEO jargon. With terms like “white hat” and “black hat,” it’s easy to see why SEO has gotten a rap as some type of internet sorcery that only the highly trained can master. But once you take a closer look, SEO isn’t actually as difficult as it seems at first glance. Keep Your “SEO Dictionary” Handy. The first step to breaking down the mystery that often shrouds SEO is to understand the terms.

11 reasons SEO is a science; 14 reasons it’s an art


That means Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to secure a high-ranking placement in the search results pages, is as essential means of marketing for anybody doing business on the internet. Is SEO a science or an art? Here are 11 reasons SEO is a science; 14 reasons it’s an art. SEO is a science because it operates according to mathematical laws that are statistical reliable and predictive of human behavior. #1

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How Does Content Marketing Help with SEO?


Content marketing and SEO are often written about and addressed separately. There have been theories surrounding Google’s algorithm that question if content marketing as important as people think it is for a business’ rankings for years, but there’s no doubting that efficiently marketing quality copy is beneficial to any SEO strategy. Here are a few distinctions between content marketing and SEO, as well as the effect they can have on your online visibility.

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7 Baidu SEO Fundamentals B2B Marketers Need to Know

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Baidu continues to dominate the search engine space in China and as such, companies need to know the best practices of Baidu SEO. Although Baidu and Google share many similarities with SEO, there are some fundamental differences that need to be considered when you optimize your Chinese website. In this post, I will introduce seven items that B2B marketers should pay attention to when practicing Baidu SEO. Content is the core of Baidu SEO.

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Your Guide to Online Reputation Management Using SEO


That means a winning SEO strategy isn’t simply about being found—you also need to make sure your company is putting its best foot forward. What is an example of online reputation management using SEO? You can also use SEO techniques to make sure the right content gets seen.


Learning SEO? The Beginner's List of Resources to Get Started


You can't get a degree in SEO. Books on SEO quickly become out-of-date. Plus, there are hundreds of thousands of self-professed "SEO experts" out there, but far fewer people who actually understand what they're talking about, and can apply it. So — how do you learn about SEO?

How to Do SEO in 2020 [Full Guide]

Whether you’re building a website for fun or for earning profits via Adsense , it will fail sooner or later if you do not optimize your SEO and website traffic. I’ve included everything which I believe is important in the world of SEO. Let’s tackle everything about SEO in detail.


The Evolution of SEO [Video Presentation]


Posted by RobOusbey Last November, Moz VP Product, Rob Ousbey, gave a presentation at Web Con 2020 on the evolution of SEO, and we're sharing it with you today! But if you're interested in SEO or using a tool suite to help you, then Moz might be the toolset that can help.

5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Without Building Links

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When it comes to improving your website's SEO, most advice includes a call to focus on building links. Inbound links do still matter when it comes to SEO, but the current focus is on quality more than quantity. Dive Deeper: 9 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2019. The Easy Guide to Broken Link Building for SEO. 17 Best Free (or Freemium) SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking. SEO Keyword Research Made Easy in 2019.

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How To Setup Metrics to Optimize Your Digital PR Team’s Press Coverage


Before moving into Agency Operations, I on-boarded and trained over a dozen new associates for our digital PR team within a year as the Media Relations Manager. Scaling a team of that size in a such a short period of time required hands-on training and a clear communication of goals and expectations within the role — but what metrics are indicative of success in digital PR?

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