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37 Big Data Case Studies with Big Results

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DELTA : With over 130 million bags checked per year, Delta has a lot of tracking data about bags and became the first major airline to allow customers to track their bags from mobile devices. GOOGLE : Working with the U.S. By Rob Petersen, {grow} Community Member.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


Google image search only gets a half a percent of Google’s overall traffic. Content Quality Score: Google’s Best Kept Secret For Rankings by Mace Dynamics. * Contending that “Every page indexed by Google has a content quality score assigned to it.

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8 Tips You Need to Know for Mobile SEO


This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for an American-based startup specializing in personalized cancer therapy. Already, mobile searches may account for some 16% of all Google queries , and that amount is almost certain to rise. Consider Domain.

Are You Making These PPC Mistakes? 10+ Bizible PPC Fails… And How We Fixed Them


We’ve added new strategies and new marketing channels to our arsenal to match the evolution and maturation of our company; however, because we have to be so scrappy (startup), things sometimes do fall through the cracks. Mistake #8: Not excluding mobile apps.

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The Harsh Realities of SEO That No One Tells You


In fact, Google says , “crawling and indexing are processes which can take some time and which rely on many factors.” Both of which are in short supply in our mobile, “get everything right now” way of life. Your Domain Age Matters.

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Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers


You write a few posts a week, and eventually those blog posts start to rank in Google and other search engines. When tax season rolls around and people are Googling answers to their tax preparation questions, they stumble upon your blog posts, and realize you offer tax preparation services.

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise


Chuck is Director of the Center for Media Research, MediaPost Communications, a NY Times Business best-selling author, CEO of Mobile Future Institute and mobile advocate. His newest book is The Third Screen (Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile).

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You just have to give everyone the opportunity,” explains Stella Fayman, CEO and co-founder of Matchist , a startup that connects freelance web and mobile developers with companies looking for talent. “When we started blogging, we created a Google doc that listed the topics for each blog post, who would write each one, the date it published, and then a checklist of places to do outreach,” Fayman recalls.

30 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips From 2011


This happens with startups a lot. Mobile check-in deals aren’t just for restaurants and bars. Use to test personal brand monikers that will work for your social media handles and domain.

Exciting Healthcare Technology Requires Innovative Digital Marketing


Healthcare providers who want to maintain their patients’ trust in their expertise and knowledge must move their offices into the digital domain. In a digital age when information (factual or not) can always be found via a simple Google search, it’s imperative that medical providers digitally market their healthcare services to provide correct medical information at all times. Peer into Google Glass : Nashville startup Octovis, Inc.

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Google. There are many ways to filter news feeds from your favorite sources, including passively by relying on meme trackers like Techmeme or social news services such as Google Readers shared items. ZapTXT is a keyword filter (of the in variety) that returns results via email, instant messenger, or mobile phone. So I merge RSS-feeds (I dont need real filtering too much) with Google Reader. google. mobile. mobile web. startups. ReadWriteWeb.

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Summary of Sold-out "Science of Inbound Marketing" Session at Dreamforce 2011


Also, you can find me on Google+ here -- +Dharmesh (hanging out there in addition to my usual twitter stuff @dharmesh ). The best SEO strategy is to help Google make humans happy. It's a hacker site that's about programming because I write about startups and programming.