Google’s SERP Features: Get Your Company Listed

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There’s only so much room on Google’s SERP pages, and a lot of that space is reserved for featured snippets, related questions, videos, and more. To capture your audience’s attention, it’s now critical for brands to get listed on Google SERP features.

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What Is a SERP? Definition of a SERP

The Basics of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). + The Main Elements of SERPs. Anatomy of an SERP (2020). + How Do Search Engines Choose Results for SERP? + How to Make Use of SERPs. Increasing Your Organic Rankings in SERPs. The Main Elements of SERPs.


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Understanding Google SERP Features in 2021: The Complete Guide

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Understanding Google search engine result page – or “SERP” – features has always been an essential part of SEO for B2B digital marketers. What Are SERP features? SERP features are all the little widgets of information Google (or Bing) can put into the search results.

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5 Ways to Improve B2B PPC Performance with SERP Features

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That tool is Google’s search engine results page (SERP). In this post, we will be discussing the key SERP features advertisers can use to improve their paid search performance. The easiest form of research that can be done on the SERP is observing the competition.

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How Google SERP Layouts Affect Searching Behavior


Posted by Stephen_Job There are several studies (and lots of data) out there about how people use Google SERPs, what they ignore, and what they focus on. Two things I have never seen tested are the actual user reactions to and behavior with SERPs.


SERP Features in 2019: The Complete Guide

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The search engine results page (SERP) refers to the list of results that are being displayed by search engines for any given query submitted by a searcher. Understanding SERPs is a critical component of the SEO professional’s role. Why Understanding SERPs Is So Important. For this reason, I’ll be going over some of the key SERP features to be aware of. Traditional SERP Features. Advanced SERP Features.

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Google News Digest: New SERP Features and Pay for Conversions in Display Campaigns


While we were away enjoying the holiday season, some important updates from Google were getting ready to be rolled out (and most of them are live now). If you feel you may have missed some updates and are not sure what those might be, keep reading; everything you need to know is here. Industry News


Use SEO and PPC Together For Maximum SERP Real Estate


5 min read While SEO and PPC are unique channels that both work well alone, combining insights and data from the two for greater results and more visibility can help your overall digital marketing strategy and help increase your ranks in the SERPs.


Use SEO and PPC Together For Maximum SERP Real Estate


5 min read While SEO and PPC are unique channels that both work well alone, combining insights and data from the two for greater results and more visibility can help your overall digital marketing strategy and help increase your ranks in the SERPs.


Martech news roundup: Zendesk acquires Smooch, Google updates mobile SERPs, LinkedIn ads transparency


Google has updated mobile SERP design to show website names and icons. Google has updated mobile SERP design to show website names and icons. The left shows the previous SERPs, the right shows the refresh. Note the new design more clearly displays a website’s name and favicon, as well as if the result is a paid ad. The post Martech news roundup: Zendesk acquires Smooch, Google updates mobile SERPs, LinkedIn ads transparency appeared first on ClickZ.


A Quick Primer on Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP)


In simplified terms, a SERP (which stands for Search Engine Results Page) contains two types of content: organic and paid results. In an effort to make the user search experience easier and more direct, Google created SERP features, on-page content that gives users answers to their queries without requiring them to click into an organic result. What Does SERP Stand For? SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. SERP Features. Local SERP.

Podcasts in SERPs: Is Audio SEO The Next Frontier?


Posted by Dr-Pete One of the many bits of news from Google I/O 2019 was that Google would soon start displaying podcasts in search results. Soon" turned out to be very soon, as we're already seeing these results surface.


Google Authorship Removed From SERPs

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Authorship, as well as its place in the SERPs, has changed many times since it began several years ago. It started by displaying photos and bylines in search results, yet slowly diminished to showing only the short author bylines, and finally, to nothing at all. So, instead of scrapping the whole idea, Google may take what they learned from this experiment to create a new way of evaluating author authority and incorporating that into SERPs.


choozlechat: SEO supporting paid display with Volume Nine


Social media advertising and display advertising provide excellent opportunities to push a brand message or strategy out to a specific target audience before they type it into a search engine. The post choozlechat: SEO supporting paid display with Volume Nine appeared first on Choozle: Digital Advertising Made Easy. choozlechat Education content marketing google paid search search advertising search engine search engine marketing seo serp

There's Gold In Them Thar SERPs: Mining Important SEO Insights from Search Results


Posted by AndrewDennis33 There’s gold in them thar SERPs…gold I tell ya! Search engine results pages (SERPs) are the mountains we’re trying to climb as SEOs to reach the peak (number one position). because we’re going to learn how to mine the SERPs for SEO gold!


Google Price Insights: New SERP Test and How to Respond


A blog post by Sergey Alakov this week stated that Google is testing Google Price Insights, a new SERP element that adds price comparison features to the knowledge graph for hotels. When clicked, the CTA takes the user to to market comparison page that displays […]. The post Google Price Insights: New SERP Test and How to Respond appeared first on BrightEdge SEO Blog.


The Pros and Cons of Search vs. Display Ad Campaigns


Arguably some of the most effective advertising happens right on a search engine results page (SERP). And display advertising can be found almost everywhere. In this article, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of search vs. display ad campaigns to give you some ideas for creating your own strategy. There are valid reasons to use search advertising and display advertising—and, savvy marketers combine the two. Display Advertising Basics.

Why Monopolizing SERPs is Your Next Best B2B Marketing Tip

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Search engine result pages (SERPs) looked largely the same, no matter what you searched for. The SERP layout changes again, surfacing new information that’s specific to Pizza Hut. And it’s the reason Google can quickly shift gears, displaying different results and powering the Knowledge Graph on the right-hand side of a SERP when appropriate. The SERPs pull in bits of data from all over the internet to provide the best answer possible.


Omnivores of the SERP: Eat Up More Market Share

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The more universal and user-based search becomes, the more important taking up more market share on each SERP becomes. If we look at an average SERP (search engine results page), we can see that the results are generally divided by four categories. The bulk of SERP links are business websites that are offering a product, service, or content to the reader. Changing SERPs. On top of that, Google has removed the side ads that used to occupy the right side of the SERP.


Google Adds Multiple Quick Answers to SERPs: What It Means for SEO


Google has begun displaying multiple Quick Answers on certain search engine result pages (SERP). Buried in a January article on Google’s The Keyword webmaster blog was a mention that the search engine giant was going to start displaying more than one […]. The post Google Adds Multiple Quick Answers to SERPs: What It Means for SEO appeared first on BrightEdge SEO Blog.


Share of SERP: A B2B Cheat Sheet to Maximizing Your Inbound Lead Generation from Search Marketing

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And in this guide, you’ll find those answers to your most burning questions about SERPs, SERP features, keyword stuffing, and, of course, more. Q: Should I focus on monopolizing SERPs? Stepping up your SEO game so that you can appear in the first position for a certain keywords SERP seems like a good move. The key is targeting the SERPs where your most qualified traffic is headed. Naturally, as your page falls on the SERP, your CTR falls as well.


10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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The better Google is at answering queries within the SERPs, or directing users to ads instead of organic listings, the more money it makes. The SERPs are changing (and for most of us, not for the better). Displaying image and video packs.

How to Boost Conversions with Your Article’s Featured Image

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A featured image may show up in Google's SERPs as part of a featured snippet or as a page thumbnail. Here are four way to boost conversions with each article's featured image: 1) Use to Help Images Show Up in Google SERPs.

How to Fight Against the Rise of No-Click Search Results

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Digital marketers, content creators, and many others had observed the rise of no-click search results since the introduction of featured snippets to the Google search engine results page (SERP). Now, the query is answered right in the SERP with organic listings below it.

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Google’s Knowledge Graph and Other New Features Spark Major Changes in SERPs

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With the proliferation of mobile and new additions to Google, such as the Knowledge Graph, Carousel, and a new style of answer boxes, search engine results pages (SERPs) will never be the same. According to a recent report from digital marketing company Mediative , based on data from a eye-tracking study of 53 participants who were asked to complete 43 common search tasks, people have significantly changed the way they engage with SERPs over the last decade.


8 Essential SEO Reports to Create for Your Client in 2020

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” Site Ranking: The organic traffic a site receives is directly proportional to its position in the SERPs. As you can see in the below images, this tool displays the number of HTTP requests made, the page loading time, and issues in the URL structure.

Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

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We’ve known for several years now that Google prioritizes branded websites when it comes to choosing what to display in its SERPs: Although, to be fair, as Moz puts it: “Google doesn't try and go out and say, ‘How well known is Coca-Cola versus Pepsi versus 7 Up versus Sprite versus Jones Cola? Dive Deeper: Anatomy of the SERPs (And How to Get on Page 1!). It reflects poorly on your company to appear below others in these SERPs!

Why You Should Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your SEO Campaign

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Have a look at the below screenshot that displays the top ranking pages for the keyword “turmeric for weight loss” that has a search volume of 2,500: When you look at the number of links, you will easily discover that it is much easier to rank your site for this keyword. Have a look at the below chart that displays the impact of blog posts on inbound traffic. Apply a filter for displaying keywords with low search volumes.

How SEO Will Change in 2020…and You’re Not Going to Like It

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Use bullets and numbered lists : help break up blocks of text by displaying multiple related ideas in list form (like this one!). SEO Voice Search Alexa Amazon Polly building a brand featured snippet Google Google Home long-tail keywords mobile optimization search results seo SERPs voice search voice seo VoicesearchageddonAre you ready for SEO in 2020? I know you’re probably saying, “But Eric, 2020 is months away! Why do I need to worry about that now?” I’ll tell you why.

Healthcare Website Redesign: A Checklist for Staying Focused on What Truly Matters to Google and Visitors

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Authenticity , displayed in imagery and messaging, is extremely important as it helps to align the overage brand with the website and it offers an opportunity to deepen the human connection. This should be done with every website redesign to make sure the website aligns with the current search patterns, user search intent, and with the current state of SERPs (search engine results pages).

The 20 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools


Sample review: “The company promises its offerings will provide you with reliable and accurate SERP tracking with ranking and performance reports. If you are writing and focusing on ranking, this is the tool you want.The powerful filters, instant update checks, competitor analysis, and historical data make this easy to keep track of SERPs and know exactly what you should be focusing on.” Special features: displays Google Page Rank for individual pages only.

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Best Practices for Creating SEO Friendly Content

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Headers should show hierarchy such as the image displays below. Search Bing Google Organic SEO SERPsWe work with some wonderful clients and we do our best to educate them within each area of the digital marketing process. This not only helps us throughout the process, but it also helps them understand the effort involved in SEO, building a website, or launching a PPC campaign. Anyone that works in SEO knows it’s a process and a team effort.

Understanding the Difference Between Search and Display Ads

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There are four total options available when starting a new campaign: Search, Display, Shopping, and Video. Today we'll be leaving Shopping and Video campaigns for another time so that we can focus on the two most popular options, Search and Display. Understanding the key differences between how Search and Display ads are built and where they’re served is a foundational step toward launching a successful Google Ads account. Display Ads.

Seven Common AdWords Mistakes to Avoid


As Google’s standard search results page has evolved from displaying ten organic links on the left and eight ads on the right to a more varied page (see example below), featuring more or fewer ads and different media types depending on the nature of the search, the old pattern of organic results receiving 70%-85% of all clicks has also gone by the wayside.

Beginner’s Guide to Discovering the Competition’s SEO Strategy

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Competitor analysis helps to: Figure out the exact strategy used by your competitors to rank on the first spot in the SERPs so that you are able to devise a strategy that is 10x better than your competitor. Analyze the content that’s ranking in the first position of the SERPs. Simply click on the SERP features section to learn more: 3) Moz.

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How to Create Compelling Text Ads on Google (with Examples)

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If you want to advertise your business on the Google Network – “ all the places where your ads can appear, including Google sites, websites that partner with [them], and other placements like mobile phone apps” – you can create text ads to run on the Search Network as well as the Display Network ( explained in the below sections ). This table displays the length limits of all the fields used in text ads: *Path (2) in the table above mentions the length limit of the display URL.

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How to Improve Your Amazon Ads to Increase Sales

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This is reflected in Amazon’s Sponsored Products Program — any seller on Amazon Seller Central, Vendor Central or Kindle Direct Publishing can participate in the Sponsored Products Program and advertise their products as sponsored ads on Amazon’s SERPs. Step 3: Add negative keywords to your Sponsored Product Ad to make sure that Amazon doesn’t display your ads for those low-value keywords. Product Display Ads. Product Display Ads Cost.