After Google Reader’s demise, does RSS matter to your business?

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When Google Reader, a popular service for consuming content by RSS feeds, shuttered on July 2nd, it ignited a debate amongst the some 200,000 publishers and marketers who use RSS (really simple syndication) to stream content to their audiences. RSS is passive.”

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10 Helpful Uses of RSS Feeds for Marketing


By now, most members of the inbound marketing community are probably aware that RSS exists (and if you don't, this blog post will help ). While this may be true, my guess is that many still aren't aware of just how versatile RSS can be. 10 Helpful Marketing Uses of RSS Feeds.


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The 28 Best Miscellaneous Online Tools for Marketers


Enter any URL and create a trackable shortened link. Sample review: “Bitly is a convenient URL shortener that allows you to include URLs in character-restricted social media sites like Twitter, or to use them as a citation in your infographics.” URL Identifier.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


What’s more, the work of discovering and saving curation-worthy content—and in some cases, even displaying and sharing it—doesn’t have to be (entirely at least) a manual effort. Sample review: “You can get access to 200,000+ RSS feeds. 19) Ctrlq RSS Search.

The dashboard has finally been perfected


A HUD the acronym for heads up display. Have some structured data, XML, OPML, RSS, ATOM, or an API and you can create your own widgets that are purely suited to your own business needs. Private URL. RSS Feed.

57 Little Things to Double Check Before Your Website Launch


Thank-you message or page displays after form is submitted. Feeds are working properly (RSS, news, social media). Metadata is properly in place for any content in an RSS feed. Page URLs consistently reflect site information architecture.

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


This plugin is designed to improve your site’s SEO on all needed aspects, with features for SEO writing, on-page analysis, technical SEO, meta and link elements, XML sitemaps, RSS optimization, breadcrumbs, social sharing and more.

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35 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English


A permanent redirect from one URL to another -- usually from a company''s old website to their new website. This usually happens when the web page has been deleted or the visitor mistyped the URL. RSS Feed. It''s displayed on the top of a web browser inside an "address" bar.

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60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know


With CSS you can create rules to tell your website how you want it to display information. For search engines, PPC ads display an advertisement when someone searches for a keyword that matches the advertiser''s keyword list, which they submit to the search engine ahead of time.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Bitly - Bitly is a free URL shortening service that provides statistics for the links users share online. Bitly is popularly used to condense long URLs to make them easier to share on social networks such as Twitter. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.

How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom


RSS feeds for press releases and blog posts. A search-friendly URL structure with “news&# included, e.g. or (where “section&# is the content type: news releases, bios, images etc.).

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010


Find out if the username or vanity URL you want is still available across dozens of social sites? Display a feed of brand-related comments from a variety of social networks on your website? Display a feed of brand-related comments from a variety of social networks on your website.

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Spending more time on SEO than adding value to Google?


Adam’s an affiliate and an AdWords guru, par excellence, by profession; however, he also stays on top of organic search religiously just as part of creating content sublime enough to compel all the folks who click through from sponsored search, contextual ads, and display ads.

9 Must-Have Basic Business Blog Features

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A way to subscibe to the blog (typically an RSS feed). A tag cloud which displays themes that the blog posts cover. Optional - A unique URL that matches the blog name ( you can host the blog right on your website which drives more traffic).

Why the volume and quality of interactions with customers has to pass for social media ROI

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Make a list of the people who subscribe to your blog through RSS and e-mail and match them up to your comments. RSS+comments=VIP. Use URL shorteners to gauge subject interest. By using a URL shortener like Image by LollyKnit via Flickr.


Social Media Success Stories

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Twitter tip #2: Make sure you add your Twitter URL to your LinkedIn profile. Now, when I update my travel plans to Tripit, it will display my travel plans to all of my LinkedIn followers.


90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

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Implement “subscribe” buttons via RSS and Email 23. Subscribe to SmartBrief newsletters, RSS feeds, and Google alerts in order to find ideas for new content (that’s how I found this blog!)

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11 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs


Feedly is a supercharged RSS Feed and an ideal replacement to those who loved Google Reader. which is essentially visiting one site at a time, copying a URL, and pasting it accordingly.

Are People Stealing Your Content? How (and When) to Fight Back [SlideShare]


Here are a couple ways to find it: Copyscape : Simply plug your page’s URL into the search box, and voila! Be sure to get a full page (or at least a picture of all the content that has been stolen) and the site URL so others could potentially find the website if needed at a later date.

40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


Canonical URL - The canonical URL is the best address on which a user can find a piece of information. Specifying the canonical URL helps search engines understand which address for a piece of content is the best one. RSS Feed - RSS stands for 'really simple syndication.'

11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks


It Features No Recommendations: Displaying testimonials is a great way to show third-party validation and, as a result, credibility for your products/services. It will display a feed that looks like the following, as seen on Chevron's LinkedIn Company Page.

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LinkedIn Company Page Checklist for B2B Marketing

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Add the CompanyTwitter and Blog RSS Feeds - Bringing in your twitter updates and blog feed keeps your company page active, relevant and current. Add the News Module - Adding in the news module displays search results that share news about your company. Your company website URL link can go to your home page, to a services page, or specific landing page especially for LinkedIn visitors. You also have the option to place three larger graphic images with unique URLs.

The 24 Best Email Marketing Tools


A full-featured email service provider with capabilities for building auto-responder sequences, campaigns, newsletters, customized sign-up forms, RSS to email, HTML templates with drag-and-drop editing, and email marketing tracking—all with high deliverability.

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


is a free URL shortening service that provides statistics for the links users share online. is popularly used to condense long URLs to make them easier to share on social networks such as Twitter. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.

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B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark

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A new CMO walking into her new job in a B2B company ought to be able to ask for the Book of Learning and be given a big, fat ring binder (or wiki URL).

101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing


People definitely need more practice using URL shorteners. Bury your RSS button and email subscribe field way below the fold of your blog in a completely illogical place. 76) Link your PPC/display ads to your website's homepage, not a targeted landing page.

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video

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For example, I’m a huge fan of the Flipboard app on the iPad, which converts RSS feeds and Twitter lists into a highly customized and personalized online magazine. Replace static ads with viral pay-per-click (PPC) displays. by Jon Miller Online video is exploding.

4 Easy Ways of Subscribing to Feeds in Google Reader

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Phil on Thursday, June 26th, 2008 Posted to: RSS/Atom , Reader One comment, add yours! Google Reader is a very popular online tool for reading RSS feeds. In this article we will take a look at a few easy ways to subscribe to a new RSS feed. Add subscription will take any a keyword, feed name, feed URL or web page URL and attempt to parse it to find the feed you want. And finally, if you put in a site URL or feed URL, it will add the correct feed for you.


Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation

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Its time to elevate the conversation beyond features (wiki, blog, RSS, social networking, etc.), TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Name: Email Address: (Not displayed with comment.). URL: Remember personal info? Ross Mayfields Weblog. Markets, Technology & Musings.

Checklist: How to Start a Business Blog


In most cases it is also your post URL so make it count. You’ll be surprised that many people will still prefer this over RSS. RSS – This is a standard feature for blogs. Have the icons display alongside your blog posts.

5 Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Marketing

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There are 2 basic types of ads: Display ads and Social ads. With the new Facebook Fan page design, you can send them directly to a tab of your Fan page since each tab has a unique URL.

How To Optimise Your WordPress Ping List

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by Jerome in SEO , Tutorials I came across a lot of blogs not touching their default list of “ping&# URL. I tried to come up with an extended list of suggested Pings URL from all around the web to help you expand your list and notify more services.

Communication (and Coordination?) in a Modern, Complex Organization

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TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Name: Email Address: (Not displayed with comment.). URL: Remember personal info? Microsoft Team RSS Blog. Collaborative Thinking. Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta. See how were connected. July 2008. Categories. Attention Management. blogging. BurtonGroupCatalyst07. BurtonGroupCatalyst08. Business_IT_Alignment. Collaboration. Commentary. Communication. design. digital+life. e-Mail. Enterprise 2.0.

Genoo Offers Web Marketing for Small Business

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The commenting system captures a URL, link text and Twitter name in addition to the usual first/last name and email address. An RSS manager lets visitors subscribe to selected items, simplifying programs such as newsletters. RSS subscribers can also be automatically added as leads. Data capture forms can be displayed within a Genoo page or linked to an externally-hosted page through Genoo-provided Javascript.

Book Review: Blogger -- Beyond the Basics


Social media buttons are common, but the author provides an easy coding technique to automatically collect the dynamic information for the bookmark service, so that when the button is clicked, the attributes in the tag will automatically populate the title and URL boxes.

7 Things Your Blog’s Sidebar Can't Live Without


Add a subscribe button linking to your RSS feed URL. You can use Feedburner to create this URL from your original RSS feed URL, as Feedburner makes it easy for readers to add your feed to their RSS reader, like Google Reader.


Email Dashboard: Information Overload Research Group news wrapup

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Tony Wright worries that "the increasingly personalized infoporn delivered to us through a broadening array of channels (like RSS, alerts, Twitter, Digg, Email, IM, Social Networks and more) is a looming disaster." TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Name: Email Address: (Not displayed with comment.). URL: Remember personal info? Email Dashboard. Driving email forward. « Information Overload Research Group launches | Main.

Tips on Using Twitter to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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You could probably create an RSS feed from this URL as well and then display this content in real time. The new URL shortener makes it easy to shorten and track long URLs but goes well beyond that. At the end of a preview its typical to see a URL for the movie site. Are you already tired of Twitter? Do you think it’s just a fad? Well think again because the popularity of Twitter is growing at an alarming rate.

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Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 4

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0 0 0 track RSS readership (publish RSS feeds and track who reads each item) 0.5 online chat (display a button to request chat; monitor visitors and proactively offer a chat when appropriate) 1 0 0 0 0 0.5 0 1 0 show highest-value offer on form (automatically display highest-value offers on a form based on lead characteristics and behaviors) 0.5

Why B2B Blogs Aren’t Achieving SEO Success

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As a result, many single-post URLs were not getting indexed, presumably because the same content was on the home page. Optimizing individual posts and getting the post URLs indexed is the key objective. No control over what is indexed A quick look at what the search engines indexed from each blog showed low value URLs. Among indexed pages were URLs resulting from the blogs’ on-site search tools, and author, date, and tag archives.