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4 Common A/B Testing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)


Enter A/B testing : one of the easiest and most popular forms of conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing known to marketers. The trouble is, small mistakes made during A/B testing can lead to round after round of incremental optimizations that fail to producing meaningful results.

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8 Rules For Running Online Display Ads

Modern Marketing

But online displays ads still play a vital role in building a wider audience. Together they deliver 8 Rules for Running Online Display Ads. When someone clicks on the ad will they land on a website that relates to the content they were viewing? Test out different ads.

The Great Big List of 23 Types of B2B Marketing Campaigns, by Funnel Stage


A campaign built around an educational piece of content could consist of emails, display ads, social ads, and more and should point to a dedicated landing page where the content can be downloaded. For example, we’ve tested giving gift cards in exchange for completing a demo.

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The Truth About Lead Generation: Busting 5 Common Conversion Myths


1) Creating unique landing pages is a waste of time. Creating unique landing pages (i.e. creating a new landing page with a distinct URL for each and every one of your gated ebooks, webinars, etc.) Clearly, landing pages and lead generation go hand in hand.

29 Guides to Beautiful and Effective Website Design


How can designers produce websites that offer both stunning visual design and fast page load speed? How can content creators make better use of the ubiquitous “About Us” page? 6 ‘About Us’ Pages That Are Probably Better Than Yours by HubSpot.

10 Ways to Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

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Make a Quiz About a Statistic. Take a look at your content to see if there is a statistic, an important takeaway, or a data-filled chart you can pop out into a fun quiz. Animations are a great and simple way to add some interest to a page. Search for New Ways to Display Content.

12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy


Display URL : This is the URL that you'd like the ad to link to. Display URL : 35 characters shown (255 characters total). Studies show that incorporating numbers and statistics into your copy can make it appear more accurate and credible.

A Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization


CRO is a constant process of trial and error, of creating and testing hypotheses. However, a common myth is that testing different button colors or font type to see which converts the most customers is what conversion rate optimization is all about. Don’t test everything all at once.

Oh Shiny! Cool Marketing Technology I'd Evaluate in Detail if I Didn't Keep Getting Distrac.Oh Shiny!

Customer Experience Matrix

Recommendations can appear on Web pages, mobile devices, display ads, or emails (where recommendations are updated by calls to the central server each time the email is opened). The pages are linked to marketing automation forms that capture the resulting leads.

B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


The statistics are evident; B2B usage is on the rise. Test offers with lead capture strategy. Distribution strategy: website for engagement; landing page for conversion; YouTube channel; Vimeo and video syndication, Brightcove, email. Video Landing Page.

15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing


1) Have a dedicated case studies page. Whether you call this page "Case Studies, "Success Studies," or "Examples of Our Work," be sure it''s easy for visitors to find. Structure on that page is key: Initial challenges are clear for each case, as well as the goals, process, and results.

Introducing The VerticalResponse Integrations Marketplace

Vertical Response

To do so, we launched the Integrations Marketplace , a hub displaying every VerticalResponse integration. This is a unique tool for customer engagement; learn more on the VerticalResponse Integrations page. Lander Need to create a fresh landing page?

30 Careless Mistakes That Will Totally Muck Up Your Marketing


In other words, you're so excited to get that blog post/email/landing page out there, that you completely neglect to have one of your more detail-oriented, editorial-minded colleagues give it a look-see. And here's how to select the right CTA for every page on your site.

26 Awesome Search Engine Marketing Guides


While organic search traffic still drives roughly half of business website traffic, paid search accounts for 10% —and it enables marketers to guarantee first-page presence even for highly competitive search phrases that are difficult to optimize for organically. by Search Engine Land.

How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


From blog posts to landing pages to job postings, your website may be made up of tens, hundreds; even thousands of individual pages. Trust me: Optimizing these pages can pay off big time in the long run. Which Pages Get the Most Traffic?

9 Professional New Year's Resolutions You Should Actually Keep


How to Display Site Content Only Your Mobile Viewers Can See. 7) Run big, strategic tests. Many marketers tend to run small, haphazard tests -- a subject line A/B test here, a CTA color change there. Make your experiments as statistically valid as possible.

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63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know

Marketing Action

A/B Testing : A method used to compare different versions of digital ads or website landing pages in order to determine which one performs better. When running an A/B test, only one element of the ads should be changed at a time.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Animated GIFs in Your Marketing


Since we're all on the same page, let's talk a little about the history of the animated GIF, how you can make one of your own (it's easy, promise!), For instance, consider using them on your homepage or on your "About Us" page to keep readers engaged. Animated GIFs.

9 Quick Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level


you will eventually land on a publishing schedule that maximizes results without driving you bonkers. Tip #1: A/B test blog CTA location, color, copy, and design. True story: By A/B testing di ff erent CTA variations on your blog, you can increase clickthrough rates by 200%.

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21 Internet Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind


21 Internet Marketing Statistics That May Surprise You. Source: Track Social ) Be mindful of your publishing frequency on Facebook, and start testing with your own page to see what frequency is right for your community.

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60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know


Website bounce rate: The percentage of people who land on a page on your website and then leave without clicking on anything else or navigating to any other pages on your site. A language that manages the design and presentation of web pages: color, look, feel, and so on.

9 Critical Components for Optimized Marketing Emails


How do you make your offer exciting and enticing enough to get them to click through and visit your landing page? You can also test different sender names in your emails to see which one does best. Another great marketing tactic is to fill your unsubscribe page with personality.

47 Tools and Resources to Build a Ridiculously Powerful Content Marketing Stack


Also great for adding some flare to certain statistic displays without having to go full infographic. Visually provides custom-made infographics that make your statistics pop. A landing page builder that’s great for testing out new layouts and lead form positioning.

11 Expert PPC Guides, Tips and Techniques (and One Rant)


You decide which keywords, and how many, you’d like to show up on page one for, including popular phrases for which it may be very difficult to rank organically. Design landing pages that most effectively convert? Properly test different creative components?

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How to Integrate Email Campaigns With the Rest of Your Marketing


For example, consider placing a call-to-action on your Facebook page. Remarkably, despite these telling statistics, only 11% of emails are optimized for mobile ( Equinox ). Test your email templates to see how they comes across in different mobile devices.

An introduction to ecommerce APIs for non-developers


By doing so they achieved two goals: They tamed the integration challenges faced by developers who are working on creating new content experiences, e.g., how to separate the content from the display. Status page without performance statistics at

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Return on Marketing Investment: A Professional Services Primer

Hinge Marketing

But by combining highly measurable marketing techniques with statistical analysis, professional services firms are able to improve — often dramatically — their ability to attract and persuade their audiences. It’s often possible to test different configurations. 3) Google indexes the page and ranks it (note that there is more than blind luck involved in achieving a high search rank). A common way to do this is with A/B testing software.


A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign


A keyword with higher competition would be more difficult to rank for on the first page of Google. If your business sells to a specific region only, this statistic is important to look at. The average position tells you where on the search engine results page your ad will appear.

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The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet


Create a Business Page, Not a Profile: First things first. To maximize Facebook's business potential, you need to create a Business Page, not a Personal Profile, to represent your brand. Setting up a Page is simple. Think of these like landing pages within your Facebook Page.

Still More on Multi-Variate Testing (Really Pushing It for a Monday)

Customer Experience Matrix

My last entry described in detail the issues relating to automated deployment of multi-variate Web test results. segmentation: as pointed out in a comment by Kefta’s Mark Ogne, “testing can only provide long term, fruitful answers within a relatively homogeneous group of people.” But assuming this has been accomplished, the testing system should be able to identify the most productive combination of components for each segment. The test system must be able to handle this.

Mastering Direct Mail Marketing: How To Build A High-Converting Campaign


Direct mail has some of the highest response rates and competitive cost-per-acquisition across most marketing channels including digital ones like email, social, and display advertising. From the DMA 2015 Statistical Fact Book. Testing Different Offers.

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B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark

delicious b2bmarketing

Never stops testing – in Digital Land, we can test everything that moves.

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Feeling for the Elephant: 4 Lessons from the Content Marketing Summit

Modern Marketing

To others, content is a slickly designed landing page. He’s a marketing mad scientist, but with a background in statistical analysis, he’s allowed to be a geek. For Ryherd, the content elephant looks like an A/B test. by Alexandra Fisher | Tweet this.

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How to Design a Killer Facebook Advertising Campaign


This is an excerpt from our new ebook, Beyond the Facebook Business Page. If you want to send traffic to your Facebook Page, is your goal to convert page visitors into fans? Set up a formal campaign that outlines different types of ads that you can split test.

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Proven Writing Tips to Infuse Your Blog With Stickiness


According to Microsoft research , that’s all the time you have to impress visitors to your web pages. The average length of a website visit is between 10-20 seconds, but most decisions about the value of a page’s content are made in around 8 seconds. 10 seconds.

6 Brilliant Tips to Boost Blog Conversion


Make sure your offers' CTAs also direct visitors to targeted landing pages with lead-capture forms. Let your analytics be your guide, and display your best converting offers in your banner creative. Test CTA Button Variations. Do some A/B testing of your calls-to-action!

Best AdWords Tips and Tactics of 2009, Part 1


Rich Media and Video templates in display ad builder by Inside AdWords. Emel Mutlu steps through the benefits of and process for creating rich media AdWords ads for display across Google’s content network. by Search Engine Land. Among his recommendations: small (15-20 term), tightly-focused ad groups; including keywords in landing page copy; and experimenting with different matching options.