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How to Optimize Your Content for Google's Featured Snippet Box


In the past few years Google have been refining the way that it displays results to users. In particular, Google has been increasing the number of Featured Snippets that it displays for queries. What's a Featured Snippet? What is a Featured Snippet?

17 Hidden YouTube Hacks, Tips & Features You'll Want to Know About


To help you make the most out of the still very popular platform, we've put together a list of 17 of the lesser-known hacks, tips, and features YouTube has to offer. 17 Hidden YouTube Features, Tips & Hacks You'll Want to Know About. 7) You can create your own custom YouTube URL.

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The 20 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools


But two of the most basic are website visits from organic search and target keyword rank. Most offer multiple pricing levels based on number of URLs and keywords tracked. Special features: universal search results; geo tracking; instant historical data; GetClicky integration.

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The 28 Best Miscellaneous Online Tools for Marketers


Enter any URL and create a trackable shortened link. Sample review: “Bitly is a convenient URL shortener that allows you to include URLs in character-restricted social media sites like Twitter, or to use them as a citation in your infographics.” URL Identifier.

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4 Effective Google AdWords Tactics to Supercharge Your Lead Generation

Modern B2B Marketing

Implement Single Keyword Ad Groups. Single keyword ad groups are one of the most effective strategies for generating more leads. Most advertisers place 10 or even 20 keywords in each ad group. Instead, place each of your keywords within their own ad group.

12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy


A typical search ad contains a heading, a link, and a short description of the offer the company is making: Headline : This is an eye-catching title that describes your company or product and uses your chosen keywords. Display URL : This is the URL that you'd like the ad to link to.

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5 Ways to Maximize Google Webmaster Tools for Better SEO

Vertical Response

Let’s dive into five of the advanced Google Webmaster Tools features you should be using to improve your site’s SEO: 1. In the example below, the sitelinks include: Log in, Pricing, Marketing Blog, Features, Non-Profit and About. Search Your Keyword Ranking Data.

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How Does Content Marketing Help with SEO?


Efficient use of meta data, URL addresses and sitemaps all fall under this category and can help to naturally increase your chances of naturally appearing high in search results. Guest post by Sam Allcock. Content marketing and SEO are often written about and addressed separately.

How to Get Started With Paid Search [Free Guide]


The kit includes the full ebook, a template, and a checklist -- everything you need to manage keywords, campaigns and ad groups successfully. Finding New Keywords. In addition to landing page testing, you can also use paid search to find new keywords for your campaign.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Several also provide features like competitive benchmarking, follower demographics, key influencer identification, sentiment analysis, campaign impact, and reporting. Real-time media monitoring for your brand, products, competitors, and/or keywords, across social media and the web.

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The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools


Google Analytics is the go-to platform for many marketers, in large part because it’s totally free, chock-full of features, and comes with the clout of the Google brand name. may be best known as a free link shortener, but its features do more than just save space.

YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign


Keywords are relatively less expensive to target on YouTube than in traditional Google Search: Views cost an average of $0.06 There are two types of TrueView ads: In-Display Ads. YouTube Videos: This runs TrueView ads that can appear in-display ads or in-stream ads.

9 Strategies for Improving Lead Quality From B2B PPC Campaigns


This data will allow you to determine which campaign and site a lead came from, the keyword they searched for, the device they were on, and so on. These tags are data that you append to the end of your landing page URLs, and you’ve probably seen them when you clicked a link or ad.

CMO Update: SEO Updates and Insights for the Rest of 2017

Modern B2B Marketing

So far this year, Google has launched a number of new features designed to make search results more user-friendly—and to claim more clicks for themselves: Search Carousels —In February, new carousels popped up above search results for a variety of B2B queries.

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29 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing


But the truth is, LinkedIn can be extremely powerful -- especially when you're aware of all the platform's hidden features that don't get nearly as much attention as they deserve. 1) Customize your public profile URL. For detailed instructions on customizing your URL, click here.

8 ValueTrack Parameters For Better AdWords Campaign Data

KoMarketing Associates

ValueTrack is an easy-to-use AdWords URL-tagging feature. In order to use ValueTrack, you first need to add a special tag to your ad’s destination URL. Then, when a customer clicks your ad and visits your website, ValueTrack records certain details about the ad in the URL.

9 SEO Techniques to Dominate the Most Popular Methods of Content Discovery


A navigational search is when a user searches for a specific website by typing in the name of that website (not the URL). They, too, will find the site using a navigational search, often with some hybrid informational keywords thrown in for good measure, like these: quicksprout neil patel.

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Going Global: 22 Growth Hacks & Resources for International Expansion


6) Do your keyword research. Use Keyword Planner to figure out which keywords offer opportunities in your top markets. If you're a HubSpot user, you can also conduct keyword research using the Keywords App. 10) Display the right currency for each contact.

Case Study: Getting Results with Social Media Marketing

B2B Marketing Traction

We added features that displayed new updates and posts on all pages so that visitors could more easily find what they were looking for and be informed about what they didn’t know. But, fortunately, Facebook has a merge feature.

B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


Great for product or service demonstrations, especially for a complicated solution that needs video to explain key features and benefits. Videos rank high in search results for appropriate keywords. Determine message focus and tone: metrics, process, features, benefits.

The Anatomy of an Optimized Blog Post [Infographic]


1) URL Optimized for Search. Your blog post URL is one of the first things that search engines crawl on a page, so make sure to include keywords in it and make it reader-friendly before posting. Want more info on URL optimization? 3) Some Relevant Keywords.

Appearing in the Google Answer Box: 5 Ways to Increase Your Odds

KoMarketing Associates

Answer boxes are one of the features that have become much more prominent in search as Google has become smarter and aims to provide information quicker and more effectively than ever before. . The Google answer box feature is a welcomed addition to the SEO community as well.

Web Presence Optimization Software Review: gShift Labs


Features. The only limit is on keywords tracked, which is the basis of gShift’s pricing (see “Limitations and Concerns” below). ” Campaigns are gShift’s method for creating different keyword groups to track (e.g., URL links).

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


What’s more, the work of discovering and saving curation-worthy content—and in some cases, even displaying and sharing it—doesn’t have to be (entirely at least) a manual effort. And there’s another handy new feature called Highlights.

Facebook Graph Search Now Lets You Find Old Posts: Here's What You Need to Know


Facebook''s answered our two biggest gripes: You can now use keywords to search for old News Feed posts (not just people, Pages, Groups, events, and apps). The results that''ll show up are personalized to you, with the keywords you used highlighted in blue.

20 Expert LinkedIn Guides


Boost Your Brand’s Visibility With LinkedIn’s New Profile Features by Sprout Social. use the maximum number of characters allowed; include plenty of white space and bullets; and “Sprinkle keywords throughout your description and write it for the user and what’s in it for them”).

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools


Here are nearly three dozen tools that can help grow your following, increase engagement, monitor brand and keyword mentions, benchmark competitors, research accounts, analyze sentiment, schedule tweets, and more. You can customize the display to show or hide specific columns.”

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The Ultimate 2015 SEO Redesign Checklist


Set-up Google Webmaster Tools (links with GA) : Google Webmaster Tools is a search marketer’s best friend, now that Google has removed the ability to see organic keyword data in Google Analytics itself. A typical URL format for XML sitemaps looks like this: [link].

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A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign


First, Create a Killer Keyword List. Before you even jump into the AdWords interface, you need to be armed with a keyword list to help guide your efforts. Think about the keywords your customers are most likely to use -- what are their biggest pain points? Keywords.

6 SEO Tools to Analyze Your Site Like Google Does


Take a look: With this tool, you're able to see exactly which keywords Google is seeing when it crawls your website -- the list you see above is just a snapshot. You can also see how many search queries and click-throughs each of the keywords is receiving.

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7 SEO Metrics That Every Marketer Should Pay Attention To


The simplest measure for understanding your organic performance is to track your ranking positions across targeted keywords. Keyword Position Spread. Number of Ranking Pages – The number of unique URLs which appear in the top 100 rankings positions for any keyword.


How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter [SlideShare]


Keep your copy succinct by removing the horrendously long URL you''re sharing from the text in your post. For image uploads to a Company Page, the image is displayed in 403 px by 403 px. A shared video preview thumbnail is displayed at 156 px by 87 px.

9 Silly Pinterest Mistakes Only Rookies Make


Make sure y our description is concise and includes a few of your core keywords to properly set expectations and get pinners excited to interact with your company. Also, don''t stuff this area with keywords. Don’t let this happen to you -- simply use the long URL as a pin source.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn


Claim your vanity URL. Make your profile look more professional and easier to share by claiming your LinkedIn vanity URL. Add these keywords to various sections of your profile such as your headline or summary.

57 Little Things to Double Check Before Your Website Launch


Third, take some time to test and validate all of the different features on your website. Thank-you message or page displays after form is submitted. Pages have unique page titles (fewer than 70 characters, includes keywords).

What B2B’s Need to Know About The Adwords Live Stream

EMagine B2B Blog

And as expected, many of the glamorous features were catered to e-retailers particularly in the automotive and insurance industries. Google automatically rotates ads, adjusts keyword bids, and fights for impressions they believe are more likely to result in a conversion.

Learn How To Use Quora Ads for B2B User Acquisition


So what I’m focused on here is pretty much all of our paid user acquisition — so that’s anything from paid social, search, display, retargeting, and direct buys. So here, that’s a feature I really like.

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The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools


A premium account will also give you access to cool features like heatmaps, goal-setting, funnel/path analysis, campaign tracking, and conversions.” Displays traffic from organic search, top pages viewed in the past week, top referral sites, and social media traffic.

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How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


To test your top pages for load time, plug their URLs into Google's Page Speed Testing tool. Research from Adobe shows nearly 8 in 10 digital device users would switch devices or stop viewing altogether if the content doesn’t display well on their device.

How to Use Excel to Run a Blog Content Analysis


At the very least, this will normally include views, the URL, author, and publish date. In the screenshots above, you'll notice that the URLs look different -- one starts with [link] and the other starts with the rest of the URL string.