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Cracking the Code for ROI: Linking the Marketo and Google Worlds Together

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We have integrated Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform with Google AdWords. Let’s be honest—a notable percentage of today’s advertising budget goes towards Google AdWords—either for pay-per-click, display, or remarketing ads.

Facebook’s Algorithm: 3 Must-Know Changes

Modern B2B Marketing

Facebook is always tinkering with its algorithms and it can be challenging to keep track of everything. This summer, Facebook’s key updates included demoting spammers, screening out fake news, testing AI with a personal assistant “M,” as well as bringing emojis and new filters to Facebook Messenger. The name of the game for Facebook advertising is quickly becoming Facebook Messenger. directly through their Facebook messenger app.

Engagement is Everywhere: Marketo’s Spring 2015 Product Release

Modern B2B Marketing

For the first time, we are making it possible for marketers to engage their customers on any channel–-email, web, social media, digital advertising, and more—all from Marketo. When you pair powerful technology and insights from Marketo with ad tech, marketing magic happens.

Marketo’s 1,000th Blog Post: Our Modern Marketing Definition Revisited

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Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) This is the 1,000th post to Marketo’s blog. We are seeing new display advertising formats that offer links to relevant content pulled from the company’s website. Facebook had not yet opened to the public (that happened on September, 11 2006).

6 Reasons Why Your Company’s Facebook Page is Unattractive

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Can you believe that Facebook’s Timeline feature is nearly a year old? Here is a list of things your company might not be doing on Facebook and some ways to ensure that your visual imaging is up to par, so you can build relationships with Facebook’s billion-strong user base: 1.

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About the Facebook IPO Filing

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by Jason Miller Last week I was interviewed by Demand Gen Report regarding the recent IPO filing by Facebook and how it’s going to affect the B2B marketers’ world. Facebook will raise upwards of $5 billion with their IPO filing. What are your thoughts on the Facebook IPO filing?

Understanding the Relationship Between SEO and SlideShare

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Initially, we tend to think that off-page SEO is just links (and lots of them). But in reality, it goes far beyond link building. Links. SlideShare enables you to take advantage of various off-page SEO factors, one of which is links.

5 SEO Tips for Videos: How Google Ranks Them & How to Optimize

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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great places to get eyes on your video content, but prospects aren’t necessarily in work- or buy-mode as they scroll through these platforms. Just like general search results, titles and descriptions display in video searches.

6 B2B Marketing Infographics: Social Media, Inbound Marketing & Mobile

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B2B Marketing: Facebook vs. LinkedIn. B2B Marketing: Facebook vs. LinkedIn. Facebook? The infographic is meant to offer some suggestions and the post referenced below adds additional links and related resources. The B2B marketing landscape continues to evolve.

The ROI of Paid Social Media Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

This includes traditional display ads on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as less traditional options such as Facebook Promoted Posts and Twitter Promoted Tweets. Facebook Promoted Posts. Facebook Advertisements. At Marketo, we’ve just begun to test these.

3 Pieces of Social Media Real Estate You Shouldn’t Overlook

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This applies to cover photos across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and any other channels your company has a presence on. Another set of under-utilized visual spaces are Facebook’s Pinned Posts and Twitter’s Pinned Tweets.

7 Ways to Bring Your Emails Back to Life with Dynamic Content

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Instead of redirecting them to a web link, try embedding dynamic questions with radio buttons directly into your email so recipients can respond instantly, rather than having to click a link to a new page.

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3 Ways to Grow Your Business With User-Generated Content

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Clearly displaying your customers’ reviews, photos and videos, and questions and answers gives your buyers immediate access to information on specific pain points and concerns that they may have. Take for example this Facebook ad from Peter Manning that displays a five-star review.

10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016

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In late 2015, Facebook booted Bing and replaced site search with their own algorithm that allows visitors to search all public posts. For example, marketers can search for any term on Facebook and find public posts using that term. In April, Facebook launched Facebook Live.

Social Media Features in Marketing Automation Systems: Who Does What?

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This is harder than monitoring since it requires linking social identities to marketing leads and connecting to the social system’s API. Links on the vendor names go directly to the vendor Web page or press release that described their social media capabilities.

Lucky Seven! 7 Elements to A/B Test in Your Digital Ads

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Author: Divya Dutt As the search engine marketing and social paid programs manager at Marketo, I have always loved the fact that my work involves both number crunching and creativity on a daily basis. Creatives : Images, colors, and text all combine to make a great display creative.

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How to Pivot Your Social Media Strategy to Support Account-Based Marketing

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And by integrating an SRP with a sophisticated marketing automation platform, like Marketo’s, y ou can track leads throughout the sales process and measure the ROI of your social campaigns. Both Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to display ads only to people who work at specific companies.

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Bed Bath and Beyond, for example, sends 20% coupons to their subscribers and asks them to text ‘resend’ if they need the link again. Does your logo display clearly in different resolutions? Does it display the different navigation options when you click on it to expand it?

What’s New in Social? Platforms Are Raising the Bar on Personalization

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You can add emojis, text, and stickers, view and share links, and share multiple photos at once. As they state, “Most augmented reality apps use your phone’s camera to recognize a 2D image (a QR code for instance) and inject a 3D object on your phone display.

Heat Things Up: 3 Ways to Re-engage Cold Subscribers

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By migrating your unsubscribed prospects to online user IDs through a CRM retargeting service, you can reach them through targeted display ads to stay connected. Facebook, meanwhile is great for small business owners with its localized user base of 1.55

6 Trending and Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

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While YouTube and Facebook are not strictly mobile platforms, their video ads are designed to load quickly and run smoothly on mobile devices. Facebook also offers premium video ads for businesses using their platform. Hanging around near a designer display?

[Ebook] How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck Across Your Marketing Channels

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Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have already begun to monetize brands’ social media presence through innovative ad formats. SEO can be broadly split into on-page and offsite SEO, targeting website navigation and keyword usage, and inbound links respectively.

Mastering Brand Loyalty: What Subscription Service Companies Do Differently

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Forget the thinly-veiled asks like “If you agree, like me on Facebook.” Imagine personalizing display ads with clothing-style preference. Author: Chris Gillespie We can all learn something from the meteoric rise of personalized subscription services.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews


How can you quickly find out how far a link has spread on Twitter? A slick service that enables you to easily add a QR code to your business card which links to your LinkedIn profile and contact information. apps for Facebook, Twitter and Evite) and more.

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The New Digital Climate: AdTech and MarTech Join Forces

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Author: Mike Stocker At Marketing Nation Summit in April, Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez announced a new product, Ad Bridge , which is centered around the idea that the world of paid media (AdTech) has now joined with the world of marketing technology (MarTech).

Stop the Waste! How to Get the RIGHT People to Convert on Your Targeted Ads

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Facebook ads show a strong improvement in rates since 2012, but the numbers are in that same range. And display ads typically deliver even lower rates all together. Author: Mike Telem Think fast! Which funnel stage gets the majority of a marketing budget?

Measure the ROI of Digital Advertising Beyond Revenue Impact

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Native advertising can be found in hard copies and online newspapers and magazines, but it’s also seen on social media sites such as Facebook.

4 Marketing Lessons I Learned from Being a Mascot

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What you’re about to hear is top secret: I have proudly represented Marketo as Markie—our mascot (we can call it a hobby)! After spending time representing Marketo in high-pressure situations, I’ve learned four important lessons that you can apply to your marketing: 1.

Get Your Blog On: 4 Steps to Blogging Success

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Interestingly enough, now that I’m a Content Marketer at Marketo, part of my responsibilities include managing the blog, where oversharing can actually be a good thing! Source of information: Channels they like to consume content on—email, Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile device, etc.

What Is B2B Social Media Marketing?

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More Search Visibility: According to Marketo , marketers rate social media as the second-most important factor (64%) in organic search success, behind only effective web pages (82%). Not only does social media serves as a key driver of link acquisition, but with more social elements being displayed in top search results on Google, it can help support your organic efforts as well.

Predictive Analytics: The Next Piece of the Social Puzzle

Modern B2B Marketing

Take, for example, Facebook’s recent decision to shift its feed algorithm to focus on actual audience engagement, or Google’s recent updates to its search algorithm, or the popularity of new social platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, and Vine. Take the example of Facebook’s algorithm change.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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Other advantages include Google Adword integration; tagging leads by search term and Facebook ad; integration with Webex and GoToWebinar for event management; and a partnership with ZoomInfo to add contact names from companies that visit the client’s Web site.

Is Your Content Like Spinach? 8 Ways to Make it Taste Like Chocolate Cake

Modern B2B Marketing

Luckily for marketers, there are plenty of ways to give your content marketing a makeover, which you can explore in my new ebook with Marketo: Let’s Get Visual! Sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter will increase engagement and sharing.

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Learn How To Use Quora Ads for B2B User Acquisition


So what I’m focused on here is pretty much all of our paid user acquisition — so that’s anything from paid social, search, display, retargeting, and direct buys. Marketo, Hubspot, things of that nature.

It’s Not Just Politics: The Evolution of Marketing in Presidential Campaigns

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Taking a page from the marketing playbook, instead of overwhelming his readers with more information, he created a clear message and call-to-action (join the team), with a more organized display for additional information.

Here’s How to Make Your Website As Personalized as Your Email

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For example, you can tell whether a visitor came from Facebook, an organic search, or an email link. For example, Marketo uses location to personalize the currency we use to display our prices and to customize the information we ask for on forms.

The Definitive Guide to Machine Learning for Marketers in 2017

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They are Google, Facebook, IBM and Amazon. There are a variety of free and paid online tools available you can use today; follow this link to find out more about them.

5 Steps for a Most Excellent Google Hangout

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The Lower Third is the custom banner that displays on the bottom of each individual’s webcam that lists their name and affiliate. Tweet about it, post it to Facebook, write a blog about it, then put a bit of paid promotion behind each tactic.

The Paid Marketing Metrics You Must Measure

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Relevancy Score (Facebook Ads): A score from 1 to 10 that measures how relevant an ad is to its target audience. Whether you’re using AdWords or Facebook Ads, conversion tracking (or Facebook Pixels for the latter) is imperative. Unlock” more ad extensions, such as site links.

Hasta La Vista, Twitter Share Counter: How to Measure Engagement Without Social Share Counters

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Let’s explore the options: Remove each social share button’s individual count: By removing each social media’s share count and only revealing the total number of shares, you can hide Twitter’s 0 share count while still displaying how many times your content has been shared elsewhere.

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