Targeting Audiences Not Looking for You; Advertising Options for B2B


Marketing Strategy: You Still Need to Persuade with Content ; Before Search and Social. With so much marketing noise out there talking about inbound marketing, social media, and SEO, sometimes we forget one mission-critical component to marketing strategy; advertising. The two firms have similarities: They only wish to target regional markets due to competition and limited sales staff size. Remember, we’re reviewing geo-targeted marketing opportunities.

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Which B2B Media Platform Matches Your Mission?


B2B marketers now have a plethora of channels, or media platforms, to choose from when planning their marketing campaigns. Prior to settling on a media plan and comprehensive marketing mix, we recommend getting to know your target audience first. Some of the more common channels are as follows: Digital. Direct Marketing/Promotional. TV/Radio. Out of Home (OOH)/Experiential. Your Media, Your Mission.


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Industry reacts: Q1 2019 IPA Bellwether Report


With the release of the latest IPA Bellwether Report highlighting a surprise increase in marketing budgets in Q1 2019 , senior executives from the industry give their thoughts on it all. But at the same time, we are seeing a revival in “traditional” media that is perhaps a reaction to the duopoly stronghold and continued trust crisis around brand safety for advertisers investing in digital channels. Ken Leren, founder of Marketing Town. From: Mobile Marketing.

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Best of B2B Marketing. The 20 craziest things you can do on Twitter - grow - Practical Marketing Solutions , July 7, 2010 OK, we’ve heard all the great business success stories about connecting and learning through Twitter. Marketing Dashboard: Active Discovery - Digital Body Language , July 27, 2010 One of the most valuable areas to gain an understanding of is the current state of how your prospects actively discover your company and your solutions. Social Media Strategy?

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