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Best Email Marketing Tips, Tactics and Metrics of 2010


While social media is the flashy show horse of online marketing, email remains the solid workhorse. And as some of the posts below show, when integrated with social media tools, email becomes even more powerful. How to Increase Email Open Rates. Digg this!

Are You Revenude? 5 Ways To Prove Marketing’s Impact On Revenue

Modern Marketing

If you are like most marketers, you’re proud of all the ways you measure marketing – pageviews, visits, visitors, click-through rates, open rates, bouncebacks, unsubscribes, size/growth of the database, cost per lead, etc. Do you work closely with the sales team to understand conversion rates and pipeline velocity? Well, one week it’s the big trade show, the next week it’s an ad campaign. Sure, you want to show off your team’s latest triumphs.

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“You Had Me At Revenue”: 5 Lessons From The SiriusDecisions Summit

Modern Marketing

From the stage, Colleen Langevin, Iron Mountain’s Senior VP of Marketing, described marketing’s role in terms of “revenue growth”, not building the database or higher open rates for campaigns. by Brian Kardon | Tweet this.

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