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Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


How widespread, really, is the use of social media for marketing? How are B2B marketers using social media differently from their B2C counterparts? How are marketers measuring social media success? General Social Media Statistics.

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


As we all learn about social media and inbound marketing and we teach others about it, having a resource that quickly and clearly explains all of the basic terms and applications is critically important. Social Media Marketing Dictionary: 101 Terms to Know.

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Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1


With the rapidly increasing use of social media tools for marketing and PR comes growing pressure to demonstrate results. But what metrics are really most appropriate for social media measurement? How can you monitor everything that’s being said about your company, competitors and key industry topics across the social media landscape without spending a fortune on monitoring software? Facebook Lets Users Open Up Profiles by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Digg this!

5 Big Marketing Lessons From Kickstarter

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Kickstarter , which provides a platform for people to solicit pledges for their projects, recently released statistics on its performance : more than $53 million pledged, nearly 6,000 pledgers and a project success rate of 43%. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

Using Content to Build Trust in B2B Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Which was an interesting statistic no doubt for many of us in business today. Using a multichannel approach that leverages traditional and non traditional channels like Social Media is the key. And Social Media can actually help accelerate this stat for you because of the viral effect.

3 Ways to Influence the Quora Community

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In fact, Matt Creamer of AdvertisingAge recently pointed out that Quora has received as much press in six months as – the 18 th biggest site in the US – earned in six years. This is social media, after all.) by Joe Chernov | Tweet this.

B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark

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Assign one person to be the social media learner and another the SEO learner. Neil Warren Bronze Publisher at 2N Media Ltd - 1:07PM on 2nd November 2010 Oh bliss - oh joy!

14 Awesome Google Labs Experiments You May Have Missed

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But while Google’s latest jump into social media is exciting, it can be easy to forget just how much cool stuff Google rolls out on a regular basis. By pressing Shift+7, you’ll now be able to launch the game.

19 New Featured Sources on the B2B Marketing Zone


SazBean ( Social Network Analytics Measurement Social Media ). B2B Social Media: Why Do Business Professionals Use Social Media? Why Digital Media Outreach Shouldn’t Be Ignored , April 28, 2010. Measuring Outcomes in B2B Social Media – It’s Time to Start , May 9, 2010.

Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts October 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Is social media creating a generation of cowards? &# My take on it may surprise you … and provide uncomfortable reading if you are a parent or social media junkie. Social media and leadership. Twitter success stories: Explaining the ROI of Twitter , October 11, 2010 Measurement and ROI are constant themes in the social media world. Bringing down the Twitter snobs , October 25, 2010 It seems that Mitch Joel and I are becoming the Social Media Odd Couple.

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