10 Ways to Kickstart Your Inbound Marketing Program

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Not only do you still need to create content to capture leads, nurture prospects and support sales, you need to create sharable and discoverable content also and then patiently wait before you see the return on this new investment. You have a proven marketing formula that includes investments in acquiring new contacts (or lead generation) and in nurturing those contacts. You are creating great content and your website delivers a great experience with a strong conversion rate.

What Could Kill Google and Facebook


Yet we tolerate exactly that type of behavior from leading search and social media sites every day, and even reward them with growing traffic and more of our precious time. And Facebook’s size may be no defense against ultimate demise; it wasn’t all that long ago the MySpace was the largest social network, and the experience of social news site Digg—once valued at $100 million but sold recently for just 5% of that —is a cautionary tale.

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5 Common Stages of B2B Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing provides a structural framework for delivering specific types of content that answers buyers’ questions when they ask them. This is the stage where a lead becomes an opportunity. Many leads get stalled at the accelerator level.

The 6 Stages of Successful Lead Management

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What makes a lead management process successful? In the real world implementing lead management requires a degree of science, art and consensus. The first step in building a sustainable lead management process is a psychological one. The Six Ingredients of Lead Management.

Grab Your Free Guide to Lead Nurturing

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One of the most important topics for the demand gen and marketing ops functions is Lead Nurturing – the process of cultivating leads that are not (yet) ready to buy. In other words, Lead Nurturing is a topic that’s central to who we are, what we do, and what we know.

The 8 Stages Of Lead Nurturing Romance

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So what does dating have to do with lead nurturing ? On this day dedicated to love, we take a romantic romp through eight stages of lead nurturing. If you’re not already, you’ll want to employ a robust lead scoring program to keep track of your lead’s movements and makes sense of his or her behavior. What is it your lead’s larger aspirations? How can you be part of accomplishing your lead’s ambitions? So your lead is sold.

4 Common Lead Scoring Snags – How To Fix Them!

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Your marketing team’s lead scoring efforts have hit a snag. Or maybe Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) aren’t converting to Sales Accepted Leads (SALs). Lead scoring is a powerful tool for aligning sales and marketing , predictably driving prospects through your sales funnel and generating revenue. Below we bring you 4 common problems that might slow down your lead scoring – and how to fix them! The Problem: Sales is finding a lot of leads are just “tire-kickers.”

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The 4 C’s of B2B Marketing

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Digg this! Tags: Branding Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Marketing Sales Social Media Strategy Thought Leadership We’ve all heard about the four P’s of marketing. Product. Price. Placement. Promotion.

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Inside The Busy Mind Of A Marketer

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With brand awareness, nurturing of leads , managing events and even social media duties falling squarely on marketing’s shoulders, it’s no shock that marketers have much on their minds. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this What goes on inside the head of today’s marketer? In a word, lots.

5 Resources For Warming Up Your Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing is a always a hot topic among marketers and that definitely holds true on the Topliners community as well. Here’s a round-up of some recent and popular discussions and posts about lead nurturing to jump-start your Friday creativity. Summer is coming and it’s a great time to “warm up&# your leads! A Lead Nurturing Planning Checklist – Who doesn’t love a good checklist? by Heather Foeh | Tweet this.

Facebook Advertising Tricks for B2B Marketers

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In 2001 when Google AdWords was just announced – I was buying and converting potential prospects into leads for pennies on the dollar with keywords like Globalization, eCommerce, Interactive Marketing (I was in a consulting firm at the time). Digg this!

Is The White Paper Dead for B2B Marketing?

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management

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These best practices can be bucketed into four fundamental building blocks of Revenue Performance Management: Lead Lifecycle Management : Managing engagement with prospects and customers. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

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DemandCon: Why Storytelling Drives Demand Generation [Video]

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Demand Generation B2B b2b marketing Content Marketing crm DemandCon Forrester Research Jeff Ernst lead management Lead Nurturing Salesforce salesforce.com stories storytelling TEDby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

5 Big Marketing Lessons From Kickstarter

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Good marketers know the value of lead nurturing. By tracking what moves the needle early in your prospects buying cycle, and using lead scoring to understand what actions push them further down the funnel, marketers can comprehend when they’ve reached the tipping point.

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5 Ways BIG Data Can Be A BIG Deal for B2B


There are few stories yet of the successful use of Big Data in B2B lead generation, although in the B2C sector, you only need look at Amazon to see how Big Data can deliver. Click here to download a free eBooklet: 13 B2B Lead Generation Mistakes You’ve Made.

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The 12 Days of Social Media; a Holiday Post


2 Digg and Reddit bookmarking. . Click here for the free lead generation assessment.). I don’t know if I am a great Christmas caroler, but I do like to play with words, and engage audiences with interesting posts.

Content Marketing + Lead Nurturing Webinar: Stay Gold, Ponyboy!

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On the other hand, lead nurturing (the practice of cultivating a lead over time until the prospect is ready to buy) remains, to most observers anyway, “just” lead nurturing. That’s why I dig the idea for today’s webinar so much: Content Marketing and Lead Nurturing: The One-Two Punch for Attracting and Cultivating Demand. Because in the end content marketing and lead nurturing need one another.

[Cartoon] The Leads Are With Sales

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SiriusDecisions estimates that 80% of the leads passed to sales never receive follow up. For each lead, a rep uses 14% of their time developing the relationship with only 1 in 4 shot of winning.

[Chart] How Personalization Increases Email Open Rates

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Using this type of custom personalization leads to an almost 10% increase. Email marketing b2b marketing Email Marketing email subject lines leads marketing open rates personalization personalized marketing sales and marketingby Egan Cheung | Tweet this What’s in a name?

Helpful Instagram Analytics Tools, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


is improving its search feature, and even Digg is playing along. Digg Says It’s Growing, Starting to Monetize, From Marketing Land. Looks like Digg is finding more opportunities for marketers to advertise on its platform! Guess what.

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5 Islands On The Revenue Performance Management Journey

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The point is to lead your industry, not settle for the status quo. Marketing should understand how sales define leads. Sales need to know when and why marketing is passing a lead onto sales. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Is your company on a journey or stubbornly rooted at home?

How to do Lead Nurturing Right


Marketing automation provider Marketo has just published The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing , a white paper that provides real value, covering the lead nurturing process from the basic how and why through ROI measurement. Digg this!

“You Had Me At Revenue”: 5 Lessons From The SiriusDecisions Summit

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We heard from five organizations that have taken the lead management journey: Iron Mountain, Kronos, F5, American Express and Hexaware. what’s a sales-ready lead?) lead scoring, lead routing, nurturing), team accountability, and organizational buy-in.

7 Ways All B2B Marketers Should Be Using Social Media (But Probably Aren’t)

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by Maria Pergolino I know what you’re thinking – the seven ways marketers should be using social will be all about Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Digg or Reddit, and YouTube, right?

Social Media Lead flow in B2B Marketing

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Then all you have to do is feed this list into your listening platform and you should be able to create a steady stream of Social Media Leads! Digg this! Related posts: Why is measuring Lead Gen in Social Media so hard? This isn’t a new problem – how to measure lead.

Could Facebook become a Lead Nurturing platform?

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When you think of lead nurturing platforms you typically think of firms like Eloqua, Marketo, Aprimo, LeadLife, Market2Lead, Silverpop, even Salesforce.com is getting into the lead nurturing space. Element #2 – Email – the most critical element of a lead nurturing platform is email.

Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel AND Buyer types

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Digg this! Could Facebook become a Lead Nurturing platform? When you think of lead nurturing platforms you typically think. Tags: Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Interactive Marketing Lead Nurturing Thought Leadership

How NOT to Do Social Media - Three Disastrous Social Media C**k Ups

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The recent sale of former social media darling Digg for $500,000 (it was valued at $175m four years ago) is a timely reminder that in the world of social media , nothing is forever.

4 Conversation Starters For Selling The CFO On Marketing Automation

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With marketing automation we can eliminate manual, repetitive tasks associated with demand generation, lead management and event management. by Michael Martin | Tweet this Marketers laugh at this old joke: “We know half of our marketing budgets are wasted, we just don’t know which half.”.

Survey: More Than Half of Marketers Responsible for Revenue Goals

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For instance, the number of leads generated is the most cited metric for measuring marketing performance among respondents at 88%. Most respondents aren’t measuring the impact of their lead nurturing efforts (26.7%) or are planning to start measuring within the next six months (30.2%). Revenue Performance Management b2b marketing Lead Nurturing revenue goals revenue performance revenue performance marketing

4 Lessons Social Media Pros Can Learn from DemandGen

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But these crazy lead generation guys, they are fully willing to promise an exact number of marketing qualified leads, sales accepted opportunities … right down to business closed. They know precisely what percentage of leads need to convert if the company is going to make its numbers. But take a lesson from your forward-looking lead generation friends and plan your content well into the future.

Lead Nurturing – How to Develop a Solid Process for B2B Lead Management


Effective lead nurturing is crucial to successful b2b marketing. Before starting with the execution of lead nurturing campaigns, you need to spend time planning. There are different objectives possible from a lead nurturing campaign. Day 7: Lead attends webinar. Digg this!

11 Features to Bring Salesforce Chatter to Life

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Publish a lead score update to the record’s chatter feed. Align your sales and marketing teams by publishing lead score updates to the records chatter feed. Sales & Marketing Alignment Chatter email Facebook Force.com Force.com Labs HootSuite Lead Scoring sales and marketing sales and marketing alignment Salesforce salesforce.com Seesmic Twitterby Andrew Sinclair | Tweet this.

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Sharing is how you build a Brand

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Digg this! Tags: Blogging Branding Content Marketing Facebook Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Social Media Social Networking In a recent BusinessWeek article featuring Tony Hsieh from Zappos – they closed with a quote from Tony “Sharing is how we build our brand.&#

3 Ways Data’s Popularity Is Changing Business

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The idea of implementing a lead management process tied to quantifiable metrics was unheard of, much less measuring marketing success by its contribution to topline revenue. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Do you feel like you hear the word “data” thrown around a lot lately? You’re not crazy. Once the exclusive purview of geeks, big name brands and small startups alike are pushing the concept of data into the mainstream. Obviously, data has always played a major role in our daily lives.

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[Infographic] Inside The Busy Mind Of A Marketer

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With brand awareness, nurturing of leads , managing events and even social media duties falling squarely on marketing’s shoulders, it’s no shock that marketers have much on their minds. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this What goes on inside the head of today’s marketer? In a word, lots.

Cloud Connectors & Revenue Performance Management: An Interview with Steven Woods [Video]

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So the data derived from a third-party application, or even from a homegrown Eloqua Connector like the Name Analyzer, are fed into our platform so it can be used for marketing campaigns, nurturing flows, lead scoring or communication efforts. Really, Cloud Connectors are part of a fully integrated lead management process. I imagine many people see how this could lead to a greater amount of prospects and leads. But how does it improve the quality of leads?

3 More ROIs in Social Media – Conversations Leads and Advocates

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Which leads me to my next ROI …. Digg this! Tags: Communications Conversational Marketing Customer Support Facebook Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Loyalty Social Media Social Networking Twitter

7 Quick Ways to Curate Industry Content for Your Blog


Blogging for your business is an important part of establishing your company as an industry thought leader, bringing in new site traffic, and converting that traffic into leads and customers. Some of the two most popular are Feedly and Digg, though there are certainly other options, too.