What to Include in a B2B PPC Proposal

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To make a proposal stand out, reinforce the key value concepts and core strengths of your organization. The more effort we take to customize our proposal to a potential client’s brand and goals, the better and more informative our statement of work tends to be. Ultimately, you know what your business excels at and every proposal should be tailored not only to your strengths but also to the objectives of the program.

3 Keys to Sales Growth: Motivate, Justify and Differentiate

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in potential revenue they can’t close because they haven’t made the challenge / proposed solution a priority with the prospect. Second, competitive win rates are an issue because sales reps are having difficulty presenting differentiation.

6 Seemingly Harmless Ways You're Sabotaging Your Proposals


6 Seemingly Harmless Proposal Mistakes. In fact, you must read the RFP multiple times and throughout the proposal process to make sure your response stays focused on the client's needs, and doesn't go off on unnecessary tangents. This is why so many proposals sound the same.

Five Steps to Find and Own Your Differentiators

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When firms decide to identify their differentiators, the story tends to take a certain predictable shape. At the end of such a meeting, the folks at these firms usually come away imagining that they’ve isolated their differentiators – but they haven’t.

Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based Discounting for the B2B Industry

differentiation could see customers. Step 2 - Design and Test Your Discount Strategy The next step is to design and test out the proposed discount strategy on a variety of product categories, to measure. Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based.

Is your referral strategy tied to your differentiators?

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Differentiation is one of the most poorly understood pillars of professional services marketing. Many execs still believe differentiation isn’t a necessary component of overall growth. Differentiators make it easier for decision makers to understand why they should choose you.

Tying ROI proposals to Unique Strategic Value

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Any way you look at it, as ROI proposals become required, its important to not only quantify unique value, but to begin to differentiate your proposals with a core connection to the organization. Rick Page, founder of The Complex Sale Inc.,

How to Eliminate Breakpoints to Improve Customer Experience

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Develop systems, tools, processes, skills and content to deliver a differentiated experience. Deliver the proposed experience by focusing the entire team across various functions.

Content Is The Key To Social Selling Success

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This is the secret sauce to beat and differentiate yourself from the competition. Differentiate Yourself From The Competition. How differentiated would that approach make you? Rest Forever Peacefully (or Request For Proposal).

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Building a Growth Strategy for the Undifferentiated Firm

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As easy as that initial undifferentiated climb can be, executing a sustained growth strategy when you aren’t differentiated can be near impossible. Differentiation is one of the most poorly understood pillars of professional services marketing. What is a differentiator?

Top Two of Three Sales Barriers for 2018 are Business Value Challenges

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This included: • Improving differentiation from the competition (31.5%) – the ability to effectively communicate and quantify the business value and TCO advantages of your solution versus the competition.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

including image, positioning, and competitive differentiation were the second-most cited objective. is competitive differentiation. Again, for marketers in established categories, positioning and differentiation are top challenges. As noted above, when asked to differentiate.

5 Skills Your Marketing Consultant Must Have

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One that I observed in my early years as a marketing consultant was when a brand new marketing consultant proposed an expensive brochure to a small business. Marketing is changing fast, and the changes require new skills on the part of marketing consultants and other providers.

How to Create a Landing Page that Converts and Sells Your Services [VIDEO]

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Now, a lot of times it can be difficult to have both an H1 that targets a keyword and sells your brand or differentiates your services. “ By using specific data, you can differentiate your brand in a way that only you can do because it’s proprietary data to your business.

What Does Your A/E/C RFP Response Really Look Like?

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In professional services firms and beyond, any point of contact between your firm and your audience represents your brand : a magnet, a website, a proposal, anything. Instead, you might hear something like this: “Well, your proposal/RFP presentation pieces make your firm look dated.

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The 4Ps of Interactive Content Marketing

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The 4Ps made sure you were positioning your solutions correctly and differentiating from the competition, by balancing the four elements of Product, Price, Promotion and Place. 4) Profit – whatever you propose, buyers remain focused on the economics of each decision, and remain frugal.

A Failure to Communicate Value

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By Mark Schlueter & Tom Pisello It''s the responsibility sales and marketing, not the customer , to prove the value of your proposal. Quantify the ROI / payback and total cost of ownership (TCO) from the differentiating features that separate you from the competition.

Closing the Sale: Why the Best Firm Doesn’t Always Win

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They never even asked you for a proposal. Your Proposal Is Not Convincing. Some firms are given the opportunity to bid, but the proposal they submit fails to win the business. They likely request proposals from three to five firms. Think about proposals you produce.

The Three E's of Boosting Sales Productivity

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2) A Failure to Advance: As a result of not being able to provide valuable insight or differentiate the value of their solutions to buyers, up to 80% of marketing leads don''t advance , and only 7% of sales reps get a 2nd meeting , this according to research by Forrester.

Q&A With Dave Stein and Steve Andersen


He proposed we join forces to write a book that revealed what we’ve learned through our own experiences, and through the wisdom, insights, and concerns of the customers we’ve consulted with and interviewed over the course of our careers. If you don’t want to be commoditized, or pressured into discounting to win the sale, you need to help your customer understand the unique differentiable value that your organization can offer.

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How to Read the Complex Digital Landscape to Better Track Your Audience Journey

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For example, while product proposal review may not be a standard stage within your process, it may be helpful to track pre-and-post proposal interactions to see if the additional communication or brand differentiation would help speed up or enhance the proposal process.

In the Face of a Falling Stock Price, Twitter Announces Two Studies of Its Network Health


Twitter announced today the selection of two proposals to study the health of its network. The selection comes after a public request for proposals in March to study the network's "health metrics," which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said was part of the company's commitment to "increas[ing] the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation.". Here's a look at the proposals, as well as the public perception of them.

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Customer Intelligence: The Secret Treasure from your Value Selling and Marketing Tools

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These are used to fuel demand-gen programs, engagements and get even more prospects and customers to understand the differentiating value of their solutions and leverage the interactive tools for personalized assessments.

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Do Sales Reps Matter Anymore? Yes, If Business Value is the Focus

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When solutions are commoditizing, and differentiation of the buying experience becomes essential to standing out in the crowd, this result is perhaps the most troubling of all.

How The Top B2B Video Sellers of 2018 Use Video to Book More Revenue


is clearly differentiating themselves from competitors and booking more meetings with key prospects. Sherlock Holmes. Frenchies. Cacti (or is it cactuses?). Sick rhymes. 94% response rates. And millions of dollars in new revenue.

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The Single Most Important Element for Increasing B2B Lead Gen and Sales


In the physical world, minimizing friction is how Elon Musk’s proposed hyperloop could transport commuters at speeds approaching 600 miles per hour. A human voice on the other end of the line can be both a powerful differentiator and friction-reducer.

Are We The Right Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency Fit?

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That all gets neatly packaged in a proposal for their consideration. During this process, and even prior to a proposal, I am also evaluating the client – which is kind of funny! Q: How do you feel that emagine is differentiated with regard to account management? We sat down to interview our stellar account manager, Lauren Hanson, to help you decide if we are the right web design & digital marketing agency fit for your business.

Essential enablers for implementing a modern product strategy

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Additionally, it’s often helpful to be able to prove the safety and quality of your product and processes, as that can be a key market differentiator. Proposal , where you create business cases and model potential features.

Your Unique Value: Solution Focused versus Challenge Centric?

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Many times, when organizations try to articulate the differentiating value of their solutions, they start with a “solutions first approach”, communicating each feature they perceive as a differentiator and the value these features might deliver. What your marketing and sales enablement teams might not fully realize is that: Product / service differentiators are fleeting, especially today where new product launches are faster than ever before and solutions are quickly commoditized.

How to Implement an Account-Based Marketing Program in Your Firm


Percentage of engagements with the prospect compared with previous engagements, based on your marketing automation system, reports from the sales team, recorded touchpoints within your company and proposals in progress.

Can the Interactive White Paper support a simple quantification of financial benefits / ROI or TCO?

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Because buyers have become so focused on economic justification and competitive advantage, Interactive White Papers are often designed to communicate the unique potential benefits and prove the value of proposed solutions.

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For Sale, Not On Sale - The True Cost of Discounting and What to Do About It

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A lack of substantial differences in your solutions and sales / marketing approach are leading you and your competitors to make price the key differentiator. Your proposed investment likely pales in comparison to the cost of not solving the problem, so the key is quantifying this delta. Your ability to dramatize and quantify the contrast between status quo costs and your proposed solutions’ pricing can help motivate the decision and certainly reduce early price pressure.

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From a Business Case to a Case for Change

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A Traditional Business Case typically tallies the costs, benefits and risks of a proposed solution. You have to compel prospects that are all too content to avoid the risks and resource commitment you are proposing.

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Announcing my new book – B2B Marketing Strategy!

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B2B Marketing Strategy – differentiate, develop and deliver lasting customer engagement is available for pre-order now and will be released on 3rd December, just in time for Christmas! Six intense days later I submitted the proposal and 3 weeks after that I was offered a contract.

Research proves Financial Justification is a Requirement for Executive Selling

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Clearly there is a Value Gap , between buyers need for financial justification and making a compelling case for change to the ever larger decision making team, and solution providers inability to consistently and credibly articulate and quantify unique business value and provide this in a solid business case proposal.

Learn What AEC Clients Want, Straight from the Source

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They want brevity because they are busy, and most of the “padding” in those larger proposals is just fluff to boost the firm’s egos. The private developer praised two construction firms specifically for always producing concise 30-page proposals regardless the project size.

How a Top Account Executive is Closing Big Deals with Video


to go over pricing proposals or answer complex questions) rather than a prospecting use case leveraged by the sales or business development teams. This feature is useful for walking through a pricing proposal, re-visiting a specific product feature, or answering a question for her prospective customer. Sending a personal video and putting a face to a name is that extra step that differentiates herself from competitors.

The Attention Web: What B2B Marketers Need to Know

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In their 2001 book, The Attention Economy , social scholars Thomas Davenport and John Beck proposed that in today’s information-flooded world, the most scarce resource does not involve ideas, money or talent.

How Content Marketing Can Save Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Many of the “content-marketing-is-dead” articles make the false assertion that we proposed businesses stop classic advertising, PR, cold calling, and all other forms of classic marketing in lieu of content marketing.

The 2018 High Growth Study is Here

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Learn how to uncover your firm’s true differentiators with Hinge University ‘s Differentiation, Positioning & Messaging. The results from the 2018 High Growth Study are out, and there’s a great deal for professional services firms to learn.

What You Can Do When Traditional Sales Advice Fails

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The story may sound familiar: The proposal was insightful, reflecting a true picture of the client’s situation, and the expected value of the project made the decision a no-brainer. Most proposals have some weaknesses, and your clients probably know what those are.

10 Discovery Questions to Uncover Buyer Needs


Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Uncover a broader set of needs, allowing you to propose a larger and more impactful solution set. Most sales professionals recommend using a sales methodology that involves uncovering a buyer’s biggest problem or pain point.

10 Tips for Selling in Influencer Marketing to Senior Management

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It is important that you’re able to understand and differentiate between outputs and outcomes; this will aid in you naturally focusing more on the wider picture of working towards business objectives, as opposed to getting too absorbed by vanity metrics.

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