Why Differentiation is Crucial for B2B Content Marketers in 2018

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The answer is content marketing differentiation. What is differentiation? Differentiation in content marketing has multiple components. Your content itself must be differentiated from the competition. Differentiation takes on a further dimension when we consider that different channels lend themselves to different types of content. How many marketers are differentiating? Why are content marketers differentiating? To increase customer loyalty (41%).

Break Free: 5 Tips To Differentiate Your Brand

Modern B2B Marketing

Brands across the globe and in virtually every industry are suffering from a crisis of differentiation. The primary reason for this: Companies have forgotten how (and why) they need to differentiate their brands. To be fair, the importance of differentiation is not a new idea.

New Developments in B2B Loyalty Marketing


Let’s look at the traditional approaches to retention marketing in B2B, plus some new developments in loyalty marketing being adopted by B2B marketers today, including social media and gamification. . For example: Data-driven segmentation and differentiated treatment.

How To: Build loyalty through customer engagement


As B2B customers’ purchasing choices have expanded, their expectations have increased, and brand loyalty has sharply declined. Gavin Finn, President and CEO, Kaon Interactive , presents three ways to better engage your customers.

How customer experience supports brand loyalty through relationships


That’s especially true of most high line luxury goods where informed brand differentiation can make the difference between success and failure. The post How customer experience supports brand loyalty through relationships appeared first on Biznology.

Drive Web Traffic or Drive Loyalty?

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One of the main differentiators between a successful blog and one that withers away is how you treat your loyal readers. PPS: For my own blog, loyalty is not too much of a concern as I write more as a personal educational experience then for those who read my blog.

Emotional branding vs. quantitative measurement. Or how fear, happiness, sadness, anger, anticipation and surprise beat “Buy Now” every time


The others are awareness, relevant differentiation, value, and accessibility.) Emotional connections can take your customers beyond loyalty to the ultimate goal of brand advocacy.

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The power of a ‘real-time’ content marketing strategy

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Put time and effort into your content and you will see the benefits in the form of customer loyalty and engagement. Content Marketing DifferentiationB2B brands need to own the moment and harness real-time content marketing to be different. The future is here and it’s is real-time. Find out how to harness its power. Real-time is the next frontier in the advancing journey of a content marketing strategy.

Branding can help local businesses avoid the “growth trap”


There’s a great quote that captures the futility of the growth trap: “…without a clear differentiating idea attached to a brand, all you’re left with to motivate buyers is price. Local businesses have a very pragmatic attitude about branding: they ignore it.

The Wikipedia test for content marketing


What differentiates it from similar products? Copywriters sometimes assume that customers already understand the product – but usually, they don’t. Good content marketing educates the customer.

Should brands take a public stand on social or political issues?


Companies are beginning to realize that an authentic, relevant, and compelling point of view will help differentiate a brand from competition and define it in a way that can significantly enhance customer loyalty.

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How to turn your business blog into a publisher


When businesses can tap searchers at the top of the sales funnel, they can create brand loyalty and boost conversions down the road. What differentiates a business blog From a publisher?

Make the most of your CRM this year


When used correctly, it can help improve customer retention with better service and more personalized marketing, which leads to customer loyalty. Customer service is expected to be the key differentiator , even over price, by 2020. Customer Loyalty.

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Don’t Let These 4 Bad Habits Sabotage Your Consultative Sales Approach

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Being up-to-date on the latest company or industry developments is your differentiator and shows your prospect you’re there for them. Customer Retention & Loyalty Sales challenger sale consultative approach consultative sales consultative sales questions consultative selling consultative selling questions consumer behavior Customer-Centric problem-solving rational vs. emotional buying Sales pitch

What Your Doctor Can Teach You About Business Growth

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Applying tactics that reinforce their firm’s value proposition and differentiation. There’s a widely used survey methodology that yield “Net Promoter Scores,” designed to measure client loyalty; but for most small firms, you really only need to ask three questions: 1.

4 Tips for Commodity Selling in a Competitive Market

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In this way, you can begin to differentiate your offering from all the others that the prospect might be considering. Customer Retention & Loyalty Sales Management commodity sales commodity selling competitive market consultative sales approach consultative selling customer experience customer surveys intangible benefits sales management selling a commodity solutions selling

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How Ecommerce Brands Should Approach Content Marketing in 2018

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In order to use content to build brand awareness, differentiate from competitors, secure customer loyalty, drive more traffic to your product pages, and […]. Content marketing is changing. In the past, you might have been able to get real ROI from lazily publishing 500-word articles on your blog week after week, but it’s not enough anymore.

Beanstalk Data Adds Service to the Marketing Automation Recipe

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Beanstalk sees its marketing services as a major point of differentiation. The company also has a loyalty system marketed under the Beanstalk Loyalty label. loyalty systems marketing automation software beanstalk data

Customer centricity: The ‘easy’ way to better business performance

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The service-profit chain describes the relationship between profitability, customer loyalty and satisfaction, retention and productivity of employees. Since loyalty is a key factor for driving business performance, reducing customer effort has a direct impact on business performance.

Experience, Not Conversion, is the Key to the Switching Economy

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This shift in decision making has made it harder than ever for businesses to build loyalty among their customers and to guarantee repeat purchases. In a world increasingly defined by instant-gratification, the demand for positive and direct shopping experiences has risen exponentially.

How to save your content marketing strategy from self-destruction

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Here’s how to differentiate and kill the competition. Differentiate your content marketing with quality content. By 2020, CX will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Why putting the business focus on experience pays off

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Such stats have helped to convince marketers that – when used correctly - customer experience can be a powerful marketing tool, both helping to drive growth and bolster customer loyalty.

3 Digital Trends Driving Improved Customer Experience in 2018

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Businesses are operating in a saturated market where brand loyalty is decreasing, price competition is rising and consumers are distracted and exposed to several media, devices and a lot of information. Customer Experience (CX) is not just a buzz word.

Apply Big Data to Create Irresistible Customer Experiences

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In 2013, research by Walker predicted that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the main differentiator.

CMOs - A High Level View

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It’s a tall order, but if done right, enhanced customer experiences translate into loyalty, repeat business, and revenue. The role of Chief Marketing Officer, CMO to me and you — has undergone a massive amount of change over the past few years.

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5 “Digital Breadcrumbs” Customers Leave for You to Follow


In fact, 89 percent of marketers report that the customer experience will be their main differentiator in 2017. In fact, 97 percent of global consumers cite customer service as important in their brand choice and loyalty.

What Really Makes B2B Buyers Loyal to Their Suppliers?

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And Walker Information recently wrote that by 2020, customer experience is expected to surpass product and pricing as the key business differentiator. When we look at the loyalty drivers that B2B buyers consider to be most important, the rankings change somewhat.

Making the Case for a Chief Data Officer to Leverage Your Most Valuable Business Asset

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Data can be used to impact every touchpoint for the customer beyond sales and marketing, including customer support, service and loyalty. Our approaches to serving customers have become so disconnected that it’s stunning.

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57% of IT Buyers Prefer Email Pitches from Marketers

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IT buyers are more willing to show loyalty to a brand when they receive great customer service (97 percent). percent) or sharpen their competitive differentiation (68.2 Marketers use a wide range of channels to reach out to buyers, but which methods resonate most with IT professionals? Spiceworks recently conducted a survey among 500 IT buyers in the U.S. and U.K. to gauge which methods work best when attempting to reach out to industry professionals.

Content Will Not Be King

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Following conventional marketing wisdom will not differentiate you. The most interesting question is “ after content, what is the next major differentiator? ” What will differentiate you when everyone embraces content marketing?

The Customer Experience Story: Seamless and Not So Seamless

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These perceptions affect their behaviors and build memories and feelings and may drive their loyalty. Customer experience is a key differentiator between brands Research predicts that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiators of brands by 2020.

How the Internet of Things Is Changing Marketing Forever


In fact, the customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as the key differentiator by 2020. This process saves time and is great for companies, because they earn repeat business and generate higher customer loyalty. A subscription-based model could allow companies that have strictly sold a product in the past to drive ongoing revenue and greater customer loyalty through subscription-based features and offerings.

Industry Leaders Weigh in on Upcoming Marketing Trends for 2017 and Beyond


Once the target audience has been determined, create a visually-compelling physical mailer with digital call-to-actions such as a mobile game, a personalized video, or integration to an existing loyalty platform or application. With a little creativity and leveraging marketing automation to help, a digitally-enabled direct mail campaign can delight customers and help differentiate your company.

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Customer Experience Simplified

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Another 89% believe customer experience will be their main differentiator by 2017. 97% of global consumers cite customer service as important in their brand choice and loyalty.

Your Employees May Be Your Best Untapped Brand Advocates


7% had better brand loyalty. The effect of these interactions on the customer experience can lead to higher conversions, loyalty, and more word-of-mouth recommendations. Guest post by Liz Greene.

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CMOs and Cross Channel: You Won't Believe How Much Perception Differs From Reality

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It is important to differentiate between cross channel coordination and orchestration. After reading the following sentence your reaction should be something along the lines of "tell me something I don't know."Marketers

3 Features Content Marketing Technology Needs to Provide

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By leveraging new content across distribution channels, marketers are able to differentiate their brand as a thought leader in their industry, gaining their audience’s trust and loyalty.

3 Secrets To Having A Two-Way Conversation With Your Brand’s Customers Online

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However, brand loyalty online can be much more fleeting than it is offline. Stop and think about some of the online brands that have your devoted loyalty (no matter what sins they may occasionally commit).

Amazon Business or your own B2B eCommerce site?


Selling only on Amazon limits your business to product comparisons because all information is confined to individual product pages and there’s no opportunity to differentiate on other areas like customer service or industry experience.

What makes a top B2B eCommerce site?


These days, the customer experience is a major differentiator for top b2b ecommerce companies. Rich functionality, high quality images and video, a carefully guided buying process and sharing tools create an engaging and immersive experience that supports sales and loyalty.

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