What Will the Future of Remote Work Look Like? New Research


Countless articles, unscientific LinkedIn polls, and blog posts have speculated about what the future of work will look like: how will in-the-office, hybrid, and remote work be mixed? More People Will Work Remotely (But Offices Won’t be Empty).

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The Future of Remote Work


The modern workplace is looking different these days - what’s next? SWZD details how businesses are adapting and what to plan for next in The Future of Remote Work, 2021.

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Success in Hybrid Work Environments


Hybrid workplaces look, at least initially with the clients I work with, to be a favored approach. As many of us move to hybrid work environments, the need for transformative, thoughtful and thought-provoking mentorship will be paramount.

The Ultimate B2C Marketing Automation Guide: How It’s Different


Automation and B2C Marketing When you are catering to thousands of people, with diverse habits backgrounds, and needs your manual approach doesn’t work, it just doesn’t!! You can even combine your SMS and email marketing to work together to get you even better conversions.

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Enable Your Teams to Work Their Own Way

Speaker: Kim Wasson, Alexis Barone, and Matt Williams

As a project manager, have you ever felt overextended by all the different teams you're expected to lead? With so many people to keep track of, you may feel the need to be in multiple places at once. However, this mentality leads Project Managers to lose focus and become easily frustrated. We must make way for a new perspective on collaboration and leadership--one in which your teams are enabled to work together efficiently and confidently. Once your teams can perform in their own style and pace, you can focus on the big picture: success.

Virtual Events & Webinars: What Are The Key Differences?

Marketing Insider Group

It’s also possible that some might not even understand if there are differences between the two or if one has value over the other. To help clarify this and guide your decision, we have provided a detailed analysis of the key differences, so you can decide which one works best for your plans.

9 Tips for Working With Teams in Different Timezones


As remote work and satellite offices become more common, marketers are discovering that global teams can be incredibly beneficial to a company's culture and ability to hire diverse talent. Tips for Working with Teammates in Different timezones. Remote Working

Time to Rethink the Way You Work and Become a Life-long Learner


Bolles has been talking about rewiring the way we work for some time – you can sign up and watch a couple of his classes on LinkedIn Learning ($30/mo) to get a feel for his pedagogy and speaking style. It complements the family business by showing how we have evolved in how we approach work.

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HubSpot vs. Salesforce Campaigns: 3 Key Differences

SmartBug Media

These tools—from marketing and sales to service and operations—are all powered by a single database, allowing everyone in an organization to seamlessly work on the same system of record. HubSpot vs. Salesforce: Campaign Differences.

5 Ways Difference Makers Make a Difference During Times of Upheaval

Heinz Marketing

Difference Makers make a difference. In times of upheaval, such as the current health scare, social justice and political situations, the difference between teams that emerge as victors and others that seem stuck comes down to the Difference Maker. High work ethic.

Why Marketers Must Shift Conversations from Replacing Customers to Retaining Customers

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO, Marketing Interactions

As marketers shift from mostly focusing on acquisition, it means working to align with product on retention and upsell - key drivers into today’s B2B business models. It's 2019. Business models have shifted.

Customer Experience: What’s the Difference?


Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they are in fact two very different concepts. Only when you know the difference between them can you understand how to effectively meet your customer’s needs and provide a seamless customer journey. .

What is the difference between CMS and hosting?


If you have basic knowledge of both, you must know that hosting has to do with keeping the website online , while a CMS keeps a blog working. There are some clear differences and this post will show you what they are. The post What is the difference between CMS and hosting?

How to Be More Productive While Working From Home


So, I grabbed my favorite sweatpants and slippers and jumped on the video call —this is what it’s like working from home during a global pandemic. Maybe you’ve had the opportunity to work from home in the past. Whatever your situation may be, working from home can be a challenge.

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Top 20 Remote Working Tools You Need in 2020


Need for sophisticated yet easy to use Remote Working Tools in 2020 Until four months ago, remote working was considered a privilege restricted only to an elite few. In fact, COVID-19 compliance laws have made remote working the standard for most industries.

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Prove ROI and Make the Business Case for Industrial Content Marketing

Speaker: Achinta Mitra, Founder and President, Tiecas Inc.

It's the plight of an industrial marketer: over the course of a 12-18 month long buying cycle, you make contact with a whole host of influencers who read your content, who may or may not actually work in purchasing. By the time the RFQ comes in, the original project might be completely different. and your initial point of contact may be long gone! Meanwhile, the purchase somehow takes place, and Sales claims all the glory. How is a marketer supposed to make the business case for better content marketing? Join Achinta Mitra, Founder and President of Tiecas, Inc, as he explains how, despite the long, grueling buying cycle, you can prove the ROI of your content marketing. and win (or keep!) buy-in from your higher-ups.

High-Performing Marketers Do these 9 Subtle Details Differently according to a Salesforce Survey

Sword and the Script

75% say “the pandemic has permanently” changed “how they collaborate” at work. There was also an interesting nugget about value: 77% “of marketers feel their work provides greater value now than it did a year ago.”. High-Performing Marketers Do the Details Differently.

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How Video Scripts and Storyboards Work


Hitchcock, who was trained as a draughtsman and had worked as a commercial illustrator, was known for storyboarding every detail of his films. Revising the instructions given to the storyboard artists is much quicker and easier than revising the work they create.

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Five Simple Business Changes That Can Make a Big Difference


Fortunately, you don’t have to blow your budget in order to make a big difference in how your business operates. In response to working from home, mask wearing, social distancing, and limited travel, people are craving connection more than ever before. Contributed post.

Content Marketing vs. Copywriting: What Are the Major Differences?


We had just presented a list of different types of writers the company needed to hire, including copywriters, bloggers, editors, and social media creators. Copywriting and content marketing call for different skills and success metrics. “Aren’t writers just writers?”

Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Speaker: Jeff Davis, Founder, jd2 Consulting Group

Jeff Davis is here to help you think differently about how Sales and Marketing should interact. With increased scrutiny for marketing to prove ROI on their activities and it becoming increasingly hard for B2B salespeople to even get in front of customers, the old way of doing business is no longer an option. This webinar will use evidence-based research and empirical knowledge to propose real-world strategies that work.

Accountable Culture and the Future of Work


“To achieve the desired culture, everyone must have a clear, consistent, common understanding of it — and everyone must work together in a deliberate and coordinated effort to cultivate it…Everyone shares accountability for achieving the desired culture.”

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Do Chatbots Really Work for Customer Acquisition?

Marketing Insider Group

How Do Chatbots Work for Customer Acquisition? They offer tons of potential for acquisition but you have to be ready to put in the work to get them right. Typical nine-to-five schedules are growing rarer by the day – especially with remote work growing post-COVID.

What is the difference between home.php and front-page.php in WordPress?


Different websites need distinct files to call the functions they need and to display content to visitors. That is why you need to know the differences between home.php and front-page.php. What are the differences between home.php and front-page.php?

The Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Pearl Digital Marketing

In this blog, we will take a look at the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and work out which one is best for your website. SEO SEO Mistakes Difference Between HTTP and HTTPSIf you've got an eye for detail, then you may have noticed that some websites begin with HTTP while others start with HTTPS. Ever wondered why that is?

4 Cardinal Keys to Mastering ABM Measurement

Speaker: Steve Robinson, Founder and CEO of Brilliant Metrics

Join Steve Robinson as he breaks down the 4 key metrics he has found work best for determining success behind ABM programs as well as the diagnostic indicators you can use to optimize your programs in near real-time.

A New Employee Landscape & Future Work Environment


They took sudden work-from-home mandates and changed the narrative about remote productivity in ways that will have long-term effects on office culture and technology adoption. Coming soon: A new work environment. In 2021, the brightest stars on the horizon may be employees.

How a Common Content Strategy Unites Marketing’s Different Natures


Here, I want to focus on the role of content strategy within an overarching marketing strategy, and how content will contribute to a common alignment across the different marketing natures. M arketers might have different micro-goals (e.g.,

Strategic ROI vs Attribution: CMOs Must Know the Difference


There are different types of analysis within MPM that help marketers answer the question of “where should I spend the next dollar,” two important examples are Strategic ROI and tactical attribution. The reality is, attribution can be valuable, but it limits the true measurement of what’s working. I believe advanced attribution should be one of the last items a marketer takes on in the quest to discover the truth to what’s working.

Whisper or Shout? How Lead and Demand Generation Differ


Well, lead generation can work for niche audiences, like yacht buyers, but it’s typically used in the context of business services. When you’ve got a secret to tell someone, do you shout? No, you whisper. But when you’ve got a group announcement to make, you know a whisper won’t cut it. Whispering is intimate.

How to Use Video Throughout the Buyer's Journey

Speaker: Zach Basner, Director of Video Training and Strategy, IMPACT

Forrester Research Group reports that on average 70% of a buyer’s purchasing decision is made before engaging with a sales team. That’s staggering; and it means that we must educate and provide the best answers for our prospects at every stage of their journey. So the question is: will you choose to be an educator in your industry?

10 Work From Home Tips You Need to Be Super Productive


Are you struggling to work from home and be as productive as you were at the office? But just like any professional skill, being productive while working from home can easily be learned. The Ups and Downs of Working From Home. The Advantages of Working From Home.

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Management Strategies for Developing an Effective Remote Work Culture


We are still in the grips of a new working world, making it essential we continue to work from home if we can. Employees and teams – all of us – are keen to show they are willing and get to grips with new methods of communication and working practices.

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How co-working spaces are revolutionizing the workplace


Recently, however, companies are slowly adopting a more open and collaborative work environment through co-working spaces. Studies have shown that co-working spaces allow employees to thrive far more than traditional offices, as per Harvard Business Review. Here are 5 ways co-working spaces are revolutionizing the workplace. In this setting, professionals no longer have to tightrope-walk tenuous office politics and can focus on the more important work at hand.

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How To Manage the Working Dynamics of Teamlancing on Different Schedules


But one of the more interesting aspects of teamlancing is working with teamlancers who live and work far away. None of us shared a time zone, some of us were on the call early in the morning, some of us had popped in after a day of work, while others were still in their pajamas.

B2B vs. B2C Influencer Marketing: The Single Biggest Difference


But there is one very large difference between them. More generally speaking, the similarities and differences between B2B and B2C marketing overall were detailed previously in B2B vs. B2C Marketing: Four Myths, Six Differences, and One Key Similarity.

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The Difference Between Effectiveness and Efficiency Explained


What is the difference between effectiveness and efficiency in sales? The difference between effectiveness and efficiency can be summed up shortly, sweetly and succinctly: effectiveness is about doing things correctly, while efficiency is about doing more faster.