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Case study: Social media engagement as a point of differentiation

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It’s pretty crazy out here in the marketing world. We have apps for this, tools for that … technological solutions are springing up daily, promising to solve the challenges currently faced by business owners and marketers. Engagement as differentiation.

What Is Digital Marketing?


And while we say it a lot, the way people shop and buy really has changed, meaning offline marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. So What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

The Future of Marketing: WordStream's Founder & ClassPass' CMO on Where Things Are Headed


Inbound marketing is about matching the way you market and sell with the way people actually want to shop and buy. And after reading the 2016 State of Inbound report, it became clear that inbound was beginning to change at a pace more rapid than anything we've seen before.

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2012 Content Marketing Trends for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing Today

I just finished reading an excellent research report from the good folks at Content Marketing Institute (CMI). This report is chock full of statistics and graphs about B2B content marketing. What emerging trends in content marketing for the industrial sector do you see in 2012?

How to Create a Business Card That's Actually Useful


This post originally appeared on the Insiders section of Inbound Hub. What is the one statement that most clearly defines your value and differentiates you from your competitors? For instance, for international clients, you consider printing business cards in different languages.

Thought Leadership: Marketing Engineering Services with Technical Articles

Industrial Marketing Today

Are you an in-house marketer or a consultant tasked with promoting engineering services? Then you know very well that it is fundamentally different from marketing industrial and/or manufactured products. There is very little to differentiate one from another. Fortunately, there are exceptions and some smart marketers are using technical articles to their advantage in order to establish thought leadership and rise above the competition.

7 Strategies for Using Content to Market Industrial Products

Industrial Marketing Today

It is heartening to see that content is at the center of most discussions about the state of B2B marketing today. However, industrial marketers face a challenge when it comes to producing a steady stream of fresh content to keep their target audience engaged.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


With 92% of companies now incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, it’s no longer sufficient to just “be there” on social networks. The first step to improving digital marketing results is to understand the emerging trends and best practices.

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The state of the nation on SEO, content strategy and earned media

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I’m working on an exciting new book project and as part of my research, I had the opportunity to interview Lee Odden , CEO of TopRank Marketing and the author of Optimize , one of my favorite business books of the past five years. Lee is the go-to-guy for digital marketing trends.

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10 Genius Ideas That Changed Marketing Forever


This is an excerpt from our new ebook, 100 Ideas That Changed Marketing. At the beginning of this year, we set out to create an infographic that gave a rundown of the history of marketing. That made us think of all of the other advancements that have rocked the marketing world.

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73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


As 2016 draws to a close, it's time to look forward and see what B2B marketing trends will shape the road into 2017. What trends should B2B marketers be leveraging to break through the noise and create more compelling experiences for their audiences? Marketing automation.

Pinterest vs. Google+: Which New Social Network Is Worth Marketers' Time?


We've all gotten used to the idea of using Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube for marketing -- even if the platforms aren't always as brand-friendly as they could be. Two more social networks brands need to figure out how to use for marketing. And Pinterest is no different!

What Your Traditional Marketing Education Didn't Teach You About Marketing Today


In the older days of marketing, most interview questions revolved around a marketer’s knowledge of marketing principles like “The 4 Ps” and how he or she could apply that knowledge to case questions in an interview setting. They’ll thank you, and your marketing budget will too.

Dawning of the Age of Content Marketing in the Industrial Sector

Industrial Marketing Today

Manufacturers and industrial companies have a reputation of being slow to adopt new marketing strategies and techniques. If you are a B2B marketer who deals with engineering companies, you know how difficult it is to explain the true value of content marketing to upper management and the C-suite. As a result, many industrial companies remain in the dark about the power of content for inbound marketing. Obviously it means different things to different people.

Why Marketers Should Invest in Visual Content Creation


But as Bob Dylan famously said, the times they are a changin’, and social media seems to be doing it more frequently than other marketing channels. If you think using visuals to drive engagement is a B2C marketer's game, take a look at how GE is doing it on their Facebook page.

How to Conduct Competitive Analysis to Step Up Your Content Strategy


When you ask marketers who their competitors are, they can rattle off a list quite quickly, and perhaps a few anecdotes about notable differentiators like product features, sales techniques, and site structure. YouTube.

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PowerViews with Paul Gillin: Social Media – Pick Your Spots & Focus


Today we discussed several of the latest marketing trends and the impact new technologies are making in the B2B business climate. Below, you can read highlights from our discussion or use the links to start the video from different parts of the conversation.

Ready? Set? OK Go Spread This


OK Go has taken YouTube users by storm with their original and crazy videos, which feature the pop rock band's music along with a unique visual depiction. With several videos receiving millions of views, the band has gained immense popularity through YouTube. Marketing Takeaway.

PowerViews with Jill Konrath: Changing Buyers Require Retooled Sales Reps


Below, you can read highlights from our discussion or use the links to start the video from different parts of the conversation. Click to start video at this point — Jill notes that people are finally talking about marketing and sales alignment, but progress is slow.

How to Make the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies List


The purpose of this article is to share with all the marketing professionals and business executives who read this blog what we think are some of the keys to building a hyper-growth company that has potential to make it onto the Inc. 1 - Find a Huge Market Where a Big Disruption Is Happening.