Is Mobile-Only Email Design Appropriate for My Brand?


The growth of mobile email reading upended email design a decade ago and gave rise to responsive email design, which is now the dominant approach to crafting emails. “Back then, we called them mobile-first. ” What Does Mobile-Only Email Design Look Like?

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10 Top Tips For Packaging Design


The package design will serve as the silent spokesperson for your product when it hangs in a display or sits on a shelf. Design The Package For Your Brand And Your Customer. Don’t overload the packaging with too much text or a design that is too busy. Contributed post.

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Top 10 Mobile UX Design Trends in 2021


Mobile user experience will become more important than ever in 2020. A recent estimate from Statista indicates that the number of online shoppers will grow to more than 230 million by 2021; it’s vital to reflect the most recent trends in your mobile ux.

Moving Past Responsive Design to a Mobile-First Email Strategy

The Point

By now we’ve all heard the statistics that as much as two-thirds of all email is opened or read on mobile devices. But no problem – you’re using responsive design for all your email campaigns, so you’ve got that covered, right? For comparison, B2B industry standards are 27 percent opens on mobile, compared to 43 percent for B2C. For the Business Products & Services industry, average percentage of clicks on mobile is only 10%. ).

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B2B Web Design Trends You Should Expect to See More of in 2022


Start with tried-and-true design standards, and then look at the trends impacting your customers and your industry. Here are the top trends you can expect to see more of as we move into 2022, and some examples of sites embracing these design methods. Guest post by Eleanor Hecks.

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Effective email marketing design


We’re on a real roll with email-related posts–see our tips here and here from the past two monthly columns–and since good things happen in threes, we thought we’d cap the series with some email tips related to design. Mobile matters most. As I said in October , your analytics may not tell the whole story when it comes to mobile. Design is in the details. The desire to keep your coding simple likely means you’ll want to keep your design simple.

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How to Improve your Website Conversion Rate through Better UX Design


What is UX Design? It’s estimated that as many as 70% of online businesses fail simply because they didn’t conduct the necessary testing and work to boost their UX design. Their experience is affected by many factors such as loading speed, quality of content, and graphic design.

Mobile First Indexing – A Few Pointers on How to Prepare


Two months ago, Webbiquity posted an article regarding mobile-first indexing. Since then, Google has officially started their mobile-first changeover, though it is still in the trial phase and only a select few websites are the testing grounds. Because the advertising and SEO worlds are profoundly affected whenever Google makes a change, it’s worthwhile to understand the best practices of mobile websites and move towards maintaining a mobile presence.

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What is Responsive Design?


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes from Richard Hill , VP & Practice Lead, Marketing Automation at Eloqua agency partner Quarry Integrated Communications , and co-author of “The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Responsive Web Design”. Buyers have gone mobile. 73% of B2B marketers are not even measuring mobile traffic by device, according to SiriusDecisions , let alone creating optimized web experiences for smartphone and tablet visitors.

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How to Combine UX Design with SEO to Create a Better User Experience


To maximize the success of your next website launch, here’s a quick explanation of why it’s vital to combine user experience (UX) design with SEO, along with five ways SEO and UX design can come together to enhance your startup application development projects. Guest post by Juno Yates.

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4 Tips For Effective Landing Page Design


But with no real design to it, it’s unlikely to actually result in many conversions. The actual design of your landing page — that is, the content, text, layout, etc — contributes to how effective it is at fulfilling its purpose: converting visitors into eventual customers.

How to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate (11 Proven Methods)


Are you trying to increase your mobile conversion rates but not sure the best strategies for doing so? As consumers increasingly use their smartphones to access their favorite stores and content, most website owners have made an effort to make their site mobile-friendly.

How to Avoid Common Website Design Flaws


No matter if you’re starting from scratch or using a template—creating a unique design, populating your site with compelling content, and optimizing all elements—takes time and energy. Do yourself a favor and take some time to make sure you’re avoiding these common website design flaws. Use website design tools to help you find the ideal type faces and icons to meet your design objectives. There’s nothing positive to say about a confusing or illogical site design.

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4 Best Practices for Association Web Design

Marketing Insider Group

You’ll also need effective web design that provides an excellent user experience. We know that designing a great website is easier said than done, especially because you might not be a coding expert or webmaster. Ensure your website is mobile friendly.

5 Reasons Your Mobile Strategy Isn’t Working

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Whether you completely neglected to build a website for your mobile platform or there’s a lacking call to action, there are common mobile faux pas than can result in lost loyalty, brand following and even support. Advertising Behavioral Targeting Content Marketing Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Inbound Marketing Innovation Mobile Optimization Web Design Call to Action Mobile app Mobile marketing Mobile website Responsive Design

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The Complete Guide to Designing Your Next Mobile App


When it comes to designing a successful app, the key component that drives adoption is User Experience (UX). It should be at the heart of every design decision you make. The job of your mobile app designer is to make the result simple. This article will review the top considerations for designing your next mobile app. Keep these considerations in mind throughout your design process to ensure you are creating a useful and intuitive app for your customer.

Made for Mobile


We’ve all heard the old adage “the medium is the message” – and that could not be more true in today’s vast media landscape where the majority of users are browsing websites on mobile devices. Medium Title: Medium Content: The post Made for Mobile appeared first on Bluetext.

Mobile Lead Generation: 5 Proven Strategies to Grow Your List


Are you struggling with mobile lead generation, and you’re tired of leaving conversions on the table? It’s no secret that over half of online consumers shop their favorite stores using mobile devices. The Importance of Mobile Lead Generation.

Web Portal Design: How to Build Mobile Responsive Portals?


So, let us dive into the basics of web portal design. In this article, I will tell you how to build mobile-responsive portals. Portals built using the portal designer are infinitely scrollable vertically but have a fixed horizontal scroll width. On mobile: Consider an iPhone.

Graphic Design Trends for Social Media in 2021


When it comes to social networks, success requires more than quality content and a competent strategy – the “third whale” is thoughtful design. 2021 Graphic Design Trends in Social Networks. Designers come to the rescue with detailed 3D objects with high-res textures.

Behold the Ongoing B2B Mobile Marketing Disconnect


Chasing the Ever More Mobile Buyer. In their report, eMarketer shares the findings of various research done on the subject of mobile marketing and B2B marketers, which I'll get to in a second. The operative words of the title are "ever more" as in more B2B buyers, AKA human beings, are using their mobile devices more and more. That's right kids, a mobile device. What you may not know, like many marketers, is how to do mobile testing really well.

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How to Create Mobile Exit-Intent Popups That Convert


Do you struggle with visitors browsing your site on mobile devices, but leaving before taking any action? If so, you need to leverage the power of mobile exit-intent popups. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to create a mobile exit-intent campaign.

What is responsive web design and how to use it


Luckily, technology has evolved enough to propose a great way to make sure content is displayed correctly no matter what you are using: responsive web design. In the past, there were attempts at keeping a parallel mobile version for our websites. What is responsive web design?

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Top 3 Email Design Principles to Supercharge Your Impact


Since email marketing has the highest measurable ROI among all marketing channels, it's important to maximize this potential with proper email design. In this guest post by Mostafa Dastras, he discusses the most common email design principles you should use to see the most impact.

Now Available: Complete Guide to Mobile Responsive Web Design

KEO Marketing

The essential guide for marketers entitled “ Complete Guide to Mobile Responsive Web Design ” is now available from KEO Marketing. With so many people accessing online content with mobile devices, it is critical that marketers have an effective and well-planned strategy for sharing content with a mobile audience. More than half of digital traffic online now comes from mobile devices and through mobile apps. It’s here!

Responsive Web Design Becoming Important to Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing Today

Lately I have been fielding a lot of questions about responsive web design from companies that are planning an industrial website redesign. Industrial Websites Website Design & Development Industrial Marketing Mobile marketing Responsive design Responsive web design Website redesignIn case you are wondering what the heck [.]. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article.

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3 reasons to avoid Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)


I often get asked about IBM ‘s position on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). AMPs are mobile-first web pages that you submit to Google , so that it caches them for quicker load times. Those who follow the SEO field have the impression that you can’t really do SEO in the age of mobile without them. Because Google’s specs for AMP pages are designed with one goal in mind: speed.

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9 Mobile Popup Best Practices to Increase Conversions


Do you want to design a mobile popup to increase conversions across your site but not sure where to start? Adding popups to your mobile strategy is an excellent way of getting new leads and driving sales. Why Optimizing Mobile Popups Matters. 9 Mobile Popup Best Practices.

The Music of Great Design


Not to mention all native mobile apps! Leveraging her classical graphic design background with tactful coding and digital acumen, Shuman positions herself and her work at the hinge of change. She recalls the early stages of mobile marketing: Many did not think that people would be searching for Oracle products on their phones and wrote the channel off as something only for retail, but Shuman anticipated the larger shift.

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Mobile-friendly: Why Your Website Needs to be Optimized for Mobile Devices


Can you tell if your website or your company’s blog is mobile-friendly ? of all online traffic happened via mobile devices. That means people are spending more of their internet time on a mobile device than on a computer. What are the criteria for being mobile-friendly?

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Why marketers need to embrace responsive design


Ever visit a website on a mobile device, and find it virtually unreadable because it’s a desktop website and everything is too small to read on your little screen? That is a site that needs responsive design and here’s why marketers need to embrace responsive design for our websites. If you haven’t heard of responsive design before, basically, it is web design that responds to its environment. Mobile is king now. Enter responsive web design.

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3 Mobile Marketing Trends You Can't Afford To Ignore


Ok I am being quite sarcastic but that line, which I borrowed from the Forrester report The Path To Mobile Marketing Mastery , is all too true yet somehow I am not convinced the majority of marketers are aware of it. 59% of these smartphone users expect companies to make their websites mobile-friendly. Another 43% expect companies to have a mobile app. 59% feel frustrated and annoyed when they go to a website that is not mobile-friendly. Mobile DMP.

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Mobile SEO: How to Search Optimize Mobile Websites


Mobile web search is no longer of importance only to restaurants and retailers seeking to bring in more local street traffic. Consider that, according to recent findings from the Pew Research Center: • 86% of adults own a mobile phone (the percentage is even higher among business professionals), and more than half of them use their phones to access the Internet. 28% of all Internet usage is on mobile phones. • On-Page Mobile SEO Techniques. Mobile SEO Link Building.

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Mobile SEO and 6 Things You Need to Know


Did you know that there are more searches performed every day on mobile devices than desktop computers? In this post, we’re looking at the building blocks behind mobile SEO, including why it’s so important and the steps you need to take to ensure your site is optimized for mobile search.

Why You Should Consider Mobile-First Design

Blue Flame Thinking

When it comes to designing a website, it’s easy to want to jump to seeing a large, beautiful site on a computer. However, focusing too heavily on that before figuring out how it will look and function on a mobile device often means a less effective result. The phrase “mobile-first design” has been around for a while and literally means the designer creates and presents the mobile experience before moving on to what it will look like on larger devices.

New Mobile Innovations Enhance the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience


When I attend technology conferences, I get a chuckle when the presenter holds up a mobile phone and says: “These devices are changing everything.” ” That’s because mobile is so pervasive—doing nearly everything everywhere—that it’s become passé and cliché to make such statements. Mobile is big. Mobile touches different areas of the customer lifecycle—from acquisition to retention to advocacy.

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Mobile App vs Mobile Website? What’s better for you? 14 decision makers


The numbers show marketers are rushing into mobile. So, if you want to know what’s better for your business: Mobile App or Mobile Website? 96% of marketers currently use or are planning to incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing mix (Source: ANA (Association National Advertisers) ). 85% report an intent to raise their mobile budgets in the near future (ANA). Only 16% of marketers have a mobile strategy (Source: CMO Council ).

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Mobile Speed on the Move


The next time you’re in a public setting, look up, and chances are you’ll notice almost everyone around you has their eyes glued to a mobile device in hand. Aside from a frustrating user experience, poor mobile performance can hurt a website from a technical SEO perspective.

Is Your Organization Prepared For Mobile Marketing? [CHART]


In the same way the Internet transformed how we do business; mobile technology has transformed how we listen, when we search, and where (physically) we look, in a much shorter timeframe. In a recent study published by Google and Nielsen Research 416 respondents were invited to log any type of search via Nielsen Life360 survey app on their mobile or tablet, for up to 14 days where 6,303 searches were logged in 2 weeks. Do we need a mobile app?

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11 Email Design Best Practices to Grab Your Reader’s Attention


Simply put, your email marketing strategy goes a long way toward growing your business—and part of the secret to a winning strategy includes effective email design. Why does Email Design Matter? The way your email is designed can positively impact email performance.